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Unlock Data-Driven Decisions: Publer’s Redesigned Mobile Analytics

February 15, 2024
social media analytics

Why Did We Update Our Social Media Analytics? The Power of Data

In today’s world of trends and virality, the true hero of social media often gets lost: data. Too often, content creation gets all the attention, while data analysis and decision-driven strategies get left by the wayside. We create, we hope, and when results fall short, we blame the “algorithm” for our lack of direction.

Here at Publer, we believe it’s time to break free from this trap. It’s time to embrace data-driven decisions and unlock the true potential of your social media efforts. That’s why we’ve reimagined Publer Analytics, not just as a dashboard, but as a data-driven powerhouse designed to empower you with the insights you need to develop and ace your social media game.

Data isn’t just numbers; it’s a story. It tells you what resonates with your audience, what fuels engagement, and what ultimately drives meaningful results. By understanding your data, you can:

  • Identify what’s working: No more blind spots. See which content formats, campaigns, and posting times deliver the most consistent impact.
  • Pinpoint areas for improvement: Isolate underperforming strategies and adjust your approach with laser focus.
  • Track progress over time: Measure your growth trajectory, celebrate milestones, and stay motivated as you witness your brand’s social media journey unfold.
  • Make informed decisions: Ditch the guesswork and replace it with confidence. Backed by data, you can strategize effectively, optimize campaigns, and achieve real social media dominance.

This isn’t just about vanity metrics or shiny dashboards. It’s about empowering you with the knowledge to shape your social media strategy. It’s about transforming data into action, insights into growth, and ultimately, success.

We haven’t just upgraded the Publer Analytics tab; we’ve redefined the way you experience social media analytics. With improved features, mobile accessibility, and a dedication to providing actionable insights, we’re putting the power of data directly in your hands.

We’ll dive deep into all the new features shortly, but get ready for the game-changer: 

Publer Analytics is now mobile

Yes, you read that right. Access every metric or report, anywhere, anytime, straight from your Publer app. No more being chained to your desk. No more excuses to not look at your data.

Updated Design For Data-Driven Decision Making

social media analytics

Find what matters in a heartbeat. Thanks to the new compact UI, we were able to add more information & insights to your Analytics dashboard; insights which can be quickly examined and then downloaded into a presentation-ready social media report.

Improved Post Insights Tab

Post insights tab

Personalize your bird’s-eye view of your posts with information you want to see first. Customize the data columns and sort all your posts based on their performance.

And if you want to dive deeper into the insights, click on the post and learn more about its activity and progress.

Filter Your Analytics View

Analytics view

Hone in on your data by filtering your view based on selected social accounts, time, or Workspace members. This way you can know exactly what is working, when, and where. No more playing the guessing game and basing your strategy on one variable.

Compare to Previous Periods

Compare Periods between Social Media Analytics

In the new version of Publer Analytics, not only can you track your chosen period’s performance, but you can also measure the previous one. This allows for insightful comparisons, giving you a complete view of your performance over time.

But things don’t have to be too complicated. Changes are noted in simple color-coded values: green = you’re doing good; red = you might need to check your efforts. If you need to know more, just hove on top of the percentage!

Track Members’ Activity

social media analytics

This one’s for the teams. Dive deeper into individual and Workspace performance with the all-new Analytics section. Track published posts, measure results, and foster friendly competition – all in one place! Through a simple filter, you can select individual members of the Workspace, identify strengths, recognize top contributors, and adapt your strategy for success. Let’s turn teamwork into an analytics-powered friendly race!

Explore Additional Metrics: Post CTR & Engagement Rate

Explore additional metrics to Publer's social media analytics

Have your insights make sense by checking your posts’ effectiveness through Engagement & Click-through rates. These simple metrics are crucial to the social media world and are often used as KPIs in marketing strategies. They basically determine if your type of content is performing well with the audience it reaches. The higher the engagement and click-through rate, the better your posts are performing!

  • Reach Rate: What social media networks don’t want you to know: Understand your post reach – relative to your account’s followers.
  • Engagement Rate: See if your content truly resonates with your audience – Leverage engaging content & refine your strategy.
  • Click-Through Rate: Track link clicks for posts or Link in Bio, understand what drives results & maximize ROI.

New Hashtag Insights

New hashtag analysis

When it comes to tracking social media success, there are too many variables that you need to keep track of, and things can get overwhelming quickly. 

Hashtags are one of the top growth tools that need constant monitoring, and the new Hashtag Insights section on your Analytics dashboard does just that. Through simple metrics, it shows you the best-performing hashtags that you used in the past, based on the results of the posts containing the hashtag.

But there is more to come:

We’re currently working on a fully-fledged Hashtag Analytics section that is currently in Beta and exclusive to our active Ambassadors. If you would like to gain access first to this and other upcoming Publer updates, make sure you join our Publer Ambassador Program and help spread the word!

Export Your Analytics in CSV Format

Export Analytics to PDF, Export analytics to CSV

PDFs are great. They can be downloaded quickly and shared even faster. But one thing they lack is data editing possibilities. If you want to process your insights in more detail in another application, and you just want the raw data, you can now export your analytics as a CSV file.

So don’t be limited by format choices. Gain complete control over your social media insights with both PDF and CSV formats:

  • Stunning PDF Reports: Generate presentation-ready reports packed with clear, digestible data visualizations.
  • Powerful CSV Exports: Access raw data in a fully editable format for advanced analysis, custom calculations, and data manipulation.

Publer Analytics Goes Mobile

mobile social media analytics

It’s 2024. You cannot rely solely on your desktop for social media management anymore. With most of your work done remotely and on the move, you must keep track of your data without relying on a plug.

That’s why we’re taking the Publer App to another level! Publer Analytics finally makes its debut on the app making your life so much easier, even through the smaller screen. Thanks to our amazing design and development teams, we’ve managed to put every functionality you’ll find on desktop even on mobile. And the best part? The UI is so simple and clean, that it’s hard to miss crucial information about your socials.

With just a tap of a button, you’ll also be able to export your reports in PDF or CSV format. As I said, all desktop functionality is brought to mobile!

Get Publer on your Smartphone today!

Stay on Top of Your Game with Data in Your Pocket!

As you might know by now, Publer and all its features are in constant development and great things are in the works, especially for Publer Analytics.

In case you cannot wait for the next big update, we do roll out Beta launches exclusive to our active Publer Ambassadors. So by helping spread the word about Publer, you’ll have exclusive access to our newest features not yet available to the public.

Sign up for our Publer Ambassador Program and let’s build great things together!

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