How to Create a Powerful Social Media Report

November 21, 2022
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Reports can be extremely useful in determining whether or not your marketing strategies are working. However, social media reports can be tedious and confusing for many marketers.

Don’t let the numbers overwhelm you, we’ve narrowed down the key metrics you need to know as a marketer or influencer. After going through this article, youโ€™ll be able to take your brand to new levels with a social media report that tracks all the right metrics.

What Is a Social Media Report and Why Is It Important?

A social media report is a document that details the findings of a social media analysis. It typically includes information about the number of social media users, their demographics, and their behaviors. It may also include information about the most popular social media platforms and how they are used.

Understanding how your social media activities can improve your performance is key. By looking at the results of your KPIs, you can get a better idea of what works for your target audience and what doesn’t.

A social media report is like your compass. As you analyze your strategies, you begin to see the direction for your brand and identify what’s best for your business.

Social media reports matter because they let you:

  • Know whether your efforts will pay off
  • Set measurable goals and get a return on investment (ROI) 
  • Set the tone for your content posting and delivery
  • Give essential insights to customers
  • Plan for your next campaign strategy
  • Stay ahead of trends and opportunities

Top 7 Metrics to Include in Your Social Media Report Templates 

With so much data available, how can you be sure you are displaying the right metrics? Simply go back to your objectives to find out. Your social media metrics should match your KPIs and be valuable to those reading your reports.

Here are the top 7 metrics you should include:

New Followers

A continuous uptrend in your follower count is a good sign that your brand is getting noticed! Showing the progress of your follower growth can jazz up your reports. A spike in your followers can also be a great place to start your social selling journey and connect with more of your audience.

Overall Engagement Rates

Taking a closer look at user interactions with your brand across all platforms will give you a better idea of what content resonates with your audience and what needs improvement.

You might find that you get more engagement on Instagram than on Facebook, or vice versa, depending on the content you post and your target audience. Measuring your overall engagement rate will help you create more relevant content for each platform.

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Site and Social Media Traffic

Your social media efforts should lead to more website traffic. If you’re getting most of your web traffic from social media, it means your digital strategies are working.

Conversion Rates

The goal of every social media campaign is to increase conversion rates. The more lead conversions you get, the more data you can impress with.

Click Rates

Clicks are key! If users are clicking on your content, it means your thumbnails, titles or both are on target. You can track link clicks, ad clicks, and more to see what’s working and what’s not. A high click-through rate from your promoted content strongly indicates that you should increase your ad budget.

Post Types and Frequency

Videos are on the rise and seem to be performing better than photos when it comes to clicks and engagement. If you notice a connection between content types and engagement rates, you can propose solid content plans backed by data and trends.

Reach and Impressions

Keep track of your reach and impressions to see how well your content is performing and reach a larger audience! Reach lets you see how many potential unique viewers you have, while impressions show how many times your content appears in someone’s feed. Monitoring these metrics helps you better understand your content’s effectiveness and see where you can improve.

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Track KPIs For Your Social Media Report With Publer

If you have a Publer business account, you can view in-depth insights on your Instagram reels right from your dashboard. 

Success comes from understanding, and Publer Analytics gives you access to the information you need to get real results. 

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Step-By-Step: How to Create a Social Media Report

Now that you know why it’s important to track reports and what metrics are worth noting, your next step is to figure out how to create one. Here’s a step-by-step guide to personalizing your social media report.

Find Out Who Your Audience Is 

To whom are you sending your next report? Once you know the recipient, you can better understand which metrics and data deserve a spot in your presentation. When your report is meant to be seen by the higher-ups, it needs to be as concise and goal-oriented as possible.

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Choose Metrics That Matter 

Don’t get so caught up in the big data that you lose sight of what’s truly important for your business. Keep your eye on your social media KPIs and target audience. That way you’ll know which stats are worth showcasing.

Collect Your Data 

Your report should be bursting with data-driven results! Social data can come from different sources, depending on your marketing efforts. Make sure to allocate some time for data gathering so your results are accurate and relevant to your business.

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Analyze Your Data

What do the numbers say about your business? Are there any patterns or trends that you can interpret? Use the data to explain where there is progress and where thereโ€™s room for improvement.

Show The Results

When you’re done collecting your data, present it in an engaging way that your target audience will understand at a glance. You can create stunning infographics through Canva or visualize your data through Excel’s advanced visualization features.

Key Takeaways

It’s not enough to be on social media if you want your business to succeed โ€” you must also understand what the numbers mean. With the right metrics, you can create a social media report that will help you see whether your current efforts are enough or if you need to take your strategy up a notch.

So don’t be afraid to get social media reporting! It’s not as complicated as it seems. When social media reporting is part of your post-campaign routine, you can: 

  • Stay ahead of your competitors with data-driven insights
  • Understand what your audience wants and needs
  • Get a glimpse of trends to look out for
  • Determine which strategy works
  • Set your target KPIs based on the results

What metrics are you using to measure your brand’s social media success? Let us know in the comments below.

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