How to Repost on Instagram: The 2 Easiest Methods

November 04, 2022
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How To Repost On Instagram

Instagram is one of the most effective social media platforms for brands and businesses today. The photo and video-sharing app allows you to reach out to new customers and followers, and ultimately, earn money along the way.

One of the best ways to capitalize on Instagram’s huge user base is to repost content from other users. According to one study, 55% of consumers across all age groups trust user-generated content (UGC) more than any other content type. Another report showed that 93% of consumers say online reviews influence their purchasing decisions.

However, unlike Twitter and Facebook, Instagram doesn’t have a custom feature for reposting content. Luckily, there are ways around it. In this article, we’ll show you how to repost on Instagram to gain more followers.

Benefits of Reposting on Instagram

Benefits of Reposting on IG

Instagram is the fourth most popular social media platform, and many brands find their target audience on the app. Moreover, about 59% of U.S. adults use Instagram daily, which is why many brands use the platform for social selling.

These brands create content their audience can engage with, and this strategy helps them grow their followers and improve their brand image. But how does reposting come into the picture?

Reposting provides a user-generated angle to content. Users already know brands would say anything to sell. But what if someone who shares their needs highlights a positive experience with your product?

Customers trust these reviews more and as a result, may feel more confident to make a purchase. Plus, it will also help increase your engagement on Instagram.

Here are some of the critical ways reposting benefits you: 

  • Reposting is positive content that will lead to conversion. Yet, it doesn’t require much effort to create. 
  • It saves you time and helps you produce different content for your followers. 
  • It’s a great way to acknowledge your users and help them feel like a part of your brand community. 
  • Reposting is a valuable content type that builds trust with followers. It can help win over people who are hesitant to purchase your products.
  • Reposting helps monitor your brand mentions, hashtags, and tags if done correctly. You can share a customized hashtag for your followers when posting an experience with your products. 
  • It helps to build inspiration for your next content. 

Step-By-Step: How to Repost on Instagram

There are several ways to repost. You can either take screenshots or repost content using third-party applications.

Step-By-Step: How to Repost on Instagram

Reposting on Instagram Using Screenshots

  1. Take a screenshot of the post you want to share.
  2. Tap the camera button on Instagram and click on the screenshot in your roll.
  3. Consider the grid layout and resize the image. Remove the person’s details so the picture is the only thing in view.
  4. Add a caption and tag the original owner of the post. You can @ their username for this. 

Reposting on Instagram Using a Third-Party App

It’s impossible to repost videos on Instagram with the screenshot method. So, if you want to repost a video, you may need to download a third-party app. You can use Repost: For Instagram to do this. 

  1. Identify a photo or video you want to repost on Instagram. 
  2. Click the three dots on the top right of the video/picture. Next, copy the URL to your clipboard. 
  3. Open Repost: For Instagram and the post will automatically appear on the page. 
  4. Edit how you want the repost icon to appear. Tap the arrow on the right of the video. 
  5. You can also add an attribution mark directly on the image.
  6. Choose whether to post on your Feed, Story, or as a message. 
  7. Edit the caption as you like and share the post. 

Reposting on Instagram Best Practices

While reposting is great, it can go awry if you don’t pay attention to a few things. Following the best practices below will help you gain more followers and also ensure you don’t become Instagram famous for the wrong reason. 

Credit your source when sharing posts

Get Permission First

If you find a post about your brand that you want to share, make sure you have the full rights to do so. People who share a post have full rights over their content, so you can’t dismiss them when reposting. Ignoring the importance of copyright infringement can lead to some serious tussles.

It’s best to send them a message. You can:

  • Send a direct message to request their permission through an Instagram DM.
  • Check their bio for an email address. Some bios add this, so if you are lucky, they can respond to you through email. This creates a formal clearance for you to go ahead. 

Always try to include a thoughtful reason for wanting to repost their content in your message. This puts most people at ease to give permission. 

Be Sure to Credit Your Source

Remember, just because you have permission to post someone else’s content doesn’t mean you don’t have to give them credit. Always make sure to tag the original creator in your post.

The best way to do this is to include their username directly linked to their account in your caption. It’s also best to have the credit line early in the caption, so they don’t get truncated in the last few lines.

Examples you can use to credit someone:

  • Photo credit: @username
  • Repost from: @username
  • Shared by: @username
  • Thank you, @username, for sharing. 

Avoid Editing Reshares

When reposting pictures or videos, it’s best to leave them untouched. If you have to cut some parts or blur anything, ensure you obtain clear permission from the content creator before doing so. 

Failing to practice these simple steps doesn’t always lead to trouble. However, it can become a big deal in some cases. For example, getting your account reported will reduce your chances of getting verified on Instagram.

Key Takeaways 

Reposting on Instagram is one of the finest ways to maximize user-generated content. This can increase your Instagram followers and lead to higher conversion rates. 

Reposting Instagram content helps:

  • Encourage your users to share content highlighting their experience with your products with a branded hashtag. 
  • Look out for reposts that fit with your overall theme and brand image. 
  • Repost content from businesses that share your audience, but you don’t consider competitors

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