Make Clients Part of Your Social Media Approval Process

March 06, 2023
Make Clients Part of Your Social Media Approval Process

Guess what? We’re back again with yet another major update, this time a dedicated role for Clients and more privileges for the Admin role.

We know that collaborating with your team members, who might be located in different time zones, is already hard enough. With the new improvements, we wanted to focus on creating a smoother workflow experience for all members.

Creating a dedicated role for the Client and adding more privileges to Admins will help agencies, marketers, and teams work together more efficiently.

We were able to bring together 5 main improvements that we will cover in detail in this article:

  • Clients will have a dedicated view where they can see the content for the assigned social accounts.
  • Clients will be an integral part of the social media post-approval process.
  • Posts can be declined with a comment and then changed by the member to be sent for re-approval
  • The Editor’s posts can go through two approval hierarchies and be approved by Admins and Clients.
  • Admins will be able to add and remove social accounts, too – just like Clients.

Introducing Clients! 

The Client role is the newest member role to be added to Publer! But how can you add Clients, what is this role, and how does it work within Publer?

Clients are a dedicated role for outside members, who might want to join your Publer Workspace so that they can collaborate with you in the social media management, content creation and approval process.

You can add Clients as additional members to any of your Publer Workspaces, just like when adding other members, like Admins or Editors. Adding a Client is a pretty straightforward process — you simply need to go to the Members panel, click on “Invite Member,” and then enter their email.

You can add your Client to your Publer Workspace with read-only access and enable “Should approve posts” for the assigned social accounts so they can approve or decline content before it is scheduled.

What is The Client Read-Only Mode?

The read-only mode is a dedicated view for Clients on Publer. In this mode, the Client will only be able to see and approve posts, if you give them that option.

In this dedicated space, the Client will see only the essential parts of Publer, such as the Posts, Calendar, and Analytics tab in the navigation bar, instead of seeing all the parts of the workspace, such as Content, RSS Feeds, etc.

A Client who has read-only mode can also approve posts as long as you specify that option. That means, they will be able to see the posts that other members have created in the Posts and Calendar tab, and they will also have the option to Decline the posts and leave a message or to Approve them.

Keep in mind the Client will not be able to publish posts, unless you give them access to edit, create or delete posts. If you give Clients access to create, edit, or delete posts and to add social accounts, then the Client would have the full access mode.

What is The Client Full Access Mode?

Clients can have more privileges, such as creating, editing, and deleting content, and also adding/removing social accounts.

Granting Clients full access also grants them access to other areas of Publer Workspace like Create, Content, and RSS Feed tabs. Additionally, allowing Clients to manage social accounts enables them to add their personal social accounts at any time, with the ability to delete them in the future.

The Client role streamlines the post approval workflow for marketing agencies, solopreneurs, and social media managers.

Depending on your preferences, Clients can have full or limited access to Publer, which can be specified at the Members panel.

How Can I Make The Best Out of the Client Role in Publer?

There are a few ways the Client role can be utilized in Publer to help you or any marketers in the social media management, content creation, and approval process.

As you know, Clients will be able to see, approve, or decline the posts, if you give them the option to manage the approval workflow.

Clients Can Approve or Decline Posts

If you want your Client’s approval on specific posts for a social account, you can assign them to that account and specify that the posts of that account “Should be approved by the Client.” They will be able to see and approve or decline the posts that the other members have created.

Social Media Content Approval Process, Post Approval Workflow, Approval, Decline Posts, Workspaces
Social Media Content Approval Process

Clients will have the option to decline the post if they see that it needs to be revised or changed. For example, if it needs to be scheduled for a different date, they can decline the post and leave a comment for the user about why the post was declined.

After the member has revised the post and sent it for re-approval, Clients will be able to approve the post or decline it again in case there are more changes needed.

In the following product update, we will introduce internal notes, which will allow Clients and other members to leave notes on posts to create an even smoother communication process between all team members.

Content Approval Hierarchies

It is also important to note that with the new Client role, you can now have another level of approval, referred to as the external approval for your posts.

Previously, a member’s posts could be approved internally from an Admin or the Owner, but now they can also get approved by a Client, thus creating the two hierarchies of approval.

Essentially, an Editor’s posts can be approved by the Admin or Owner (first round of approval, internal approval), and they can also be approved by the Client (second round of approval or external approval).

Internal approval, External Approval - Social Media Content Approval
Internal and External Approval

If the Admin approves the post, but the Client does not, then the post will not be scheduled and vice versa. In the Members panel, you can specify if you want an Admin to approve posts or not, similar to how you can specify it for the Client role.

However, it’s worth noting that this is entirely optional. You can choose to have only Admin approval required, only Client approval required, both, or neither. Learn more by checking out our post approval access levels guide.

As you can see, Clients are an integral part of the social media approval process and can make the process of managing the approval workflow much easier.

Admins Now Have More Privileges Than Before!

Delegating tasks to team members is essential and Publer’s latest update will help Workspace Owners to do exactly that!

With the new improvements, Admins will be able to add social accounts to a Publer Workspace. At any point in the future, the Admin can remove the social accounts that they have personally added.

You no longer need to involve the Workspace Owner and ask them to add the social accounts and then assign them to other members.

The Admin can take care of this, add and remove social accounts and streamline this whole process.

This update will be particularly useful for social media managers looking to delegate tasks and entrust Admins with setting up the Workspace in Publer.

Make the Most Out of the New Changes!

Go ahead, log in to your Publer account, and test out all these new features. We’re certain that you will love them.

Oh, and please don’t forget to share any feedback or suggestions you have on Publer’s feedback page here.

We cannot wait for you to try them, and let us know what you think.

Which of these features do you find to be the most helpful and why? Let us know how you will use the new Admin privileges and the Client role in the comments below.

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