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Unveiling An Exciting 2023 Roadmap – Here’s What’s Next for Publer!

January 12, 2023
Here's What's Next for Publer

It was the first week of January. We got to the office, wished each other (and Publer) a successful year, and sat at a big meeting table. A table that was surprisingly too big for the room but too small for all of us there.

We had some planning to do. We had to figure out what 2023 holds for Publer.

And so we did.

We spent hours and days discussing your feedback, current features, and new & exciting updates we can’t wait to work on!

✨ Introducing The 2023 Publer Roadmap ✨

We first noticed during our brainstorming that we grew way too much last year to have a single Roadmap this 2023. Our Publer App went from planning to developing, to beta, and inside App Store/Google Play in one year! So we had to plan its own separate journey on the roadmap.

But let’s talk Web for a second!

Publer’s 2023 Web Roadmap

Publer Roadmap - 2023 - Web

This year we are bringing your most requested features to life and elevating your most loved ones to further improve the Publer experience.

Starting the year right, we are bringing AI out to play!

Multiple AI content creation opportunities will soon be available right inside your post-composer. And we’re not talking about simple text. πŸ˜‰

Next, we plan on making collaboration between members of a Workspace even better!

Clients will soon be able to see, interact, and approve your content instantly, making things easier for the whole team! Communication between your workspace will also become much easier with internal notes.

Besides internal Workspace changes, we want to make Publer a safer platform with Two-Factor Authentication. This will be an excellent opportunity for us to start evolving Publer for larger companies and agencies that use it.

And the addition of Ads Support & White-Label option will surely be a step in the right direction.

We’re also expanding the range of social media channels we support! Future Mastodon, Reddit & Tumblr integrations will certainly be welcomed by our #PublerNation community.

Analytics will be a big focus this 2023.

With so many channels and content published, getting lost between the numbers is easy. That’s why we want to make Publer Analytics a place where you can make sense of everything you’re doing right or wrong on your social media.

But not just that. We want you to catch opportunities and look out for the competition, making solid steps toward better social media management.

And lastly, we want to build a new Home to welcome you inside Publer. A place where at a glance, you can clearly understand what is going on with your socials.

A future revamp is also on the way for our Calendar and Posts.

With so many big plans and features we are planning for 2023, we aim to make Publer the perfect tool for all Social Media Managers, Agencies, Companies, and Creators.

Big emphasis on Creators. (Yes, something big is coming.)

Publer’s 2023 Mobile Roadmap

Publer Roadmap - 2023 - Mobile

This year our mobile App will take its best form and become a must-have for all Publer users!

We’re not saying this just because. Besides new features, we plan on bringing to the App features you know and love from Web – in a more portable format.

First, we’re making it easier for you to log in or sign up at Publer through Social Logins. Paired with Two-Factor Authentication, the App will have plenty of secure options for you to get in.

A Calendar View feature is on its way! As well as Recycled and Recurring posts will soon be supported.

We’ll focus on better collaborations between workspace members, even on mobile! You will be able to add new members and leave internal notes on posts.

And with an intensive period for our mobile development team, we plan on supporting Push Notifications, the new Mastodon, Reddit & Tumblr integrations, Improved Analytics, a built-in mobile photo editor, and a handy Unsplash integration.

Publer Home will also be available on your smartphone screen. Together with the ability to preview your mobile schedules in real time.

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves

We know. A lot is happening this year. But we will handle it. In the meantime, you can enjoy all the cool features Publer offers today and expect awesome updates to come!

If you’d like to participate in further development of Publer and its features, please leave feedback here. Feedback helps us prioritize and implement features our users request inside Publer.

Have a successful 2023 ahead! We are hopeful 2023 will be full of opportunities and success.

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