6 Unforgettable LinkedIn Headline Examples

April 27, 2022
6 Unforgettable LinkedIn Headline Examples That Get Attention

As the number one social network for business professionals, LinkedIn can bring in a lot of traffic. Your headline is one of the most noticeable aspects of your LinkedIn profile, and it’s important to get the most out of it with these LinkedIn headline examples!

It’s not just about having an exciting resume; it’s also essential to make sure that your headline on LinkedIn reflects who you are and what skillset or expertise you have.

If you’re looking for a job, it’s critical to make sure that your LinkedIn headline stands out and differentiates you from all the other candidates. Your LinkedIn profile is essentially a public resume, so make certain people can find you based on what they’re looking for! These LinkedIn headline examples will surely help you with that!

Stand out in recruitment process with these LinkedIn Headline Examples

Search Strategy: What Are LinkedIn Keywords?

Your headline influences your profile’s potential to appear in searches and get attention. LinkedIn returns results it thinks are the most relevant. Thus, it’s vital to keep an eye on latest trends and try different LinkedIn headline examples. How does LinkedIn decide what’s more important and what should be shown? One of the significant factors is keywords.

Keywords on LinkedIn assist users in finding what they’re looking for by retrieving profiles with specific search terms integrated into their headline or description. If someone searches on LinkedIn using terms related to jobs appropriate for recruiters’ needs (i e: Digital Marketing), the LinkedIn algorithm shows them top-ranked people who fit the criteria near or at the top of the search results. In most of LinkedIn headline examples is recommended to include keywords of the industry.

Choosing The Right Keywords For LinkedIn

  • Choose Jobs You’re Interested In: Head straight to LinkedIn’s Job Board, and select “search for a new job.” Apply filters like experience, job type, company, etc., to narrow down job opportunities.
  • Select Titles for Your Target Roles: While browsing a job posting, create an Excel spreadsheet in a separate tab. When you find a job you’re into, copy the title and paste it into your Google Spreadsheet.
  • Use the Most Common Keywords: Identity which words and phrases frequently appear in relevant, high-traffic headlines. Those are the terms recruiters will use to find new prospects. 

Choosing The Right Keywords For LinkedIn headlines

Tips & LinkedIn Headlines Examples

When employers look at your LinkedIn profile, the headline you choose will be one of the first things they see. As a result, making an excellent first impression is paramount! Follow these tips and LinkedIn headline examples to write a headline that will catch people’s attention and entice them to learn more about you.

Make Your Introduction Personal And Approachable

Personalize your introduction. Write a headline that catches readers’ attention and makes them curious about who you are and your company. All LinkedIn headline examples suggest customizing that one sentence description as much as possible.

Make an effort to appear approachable so potential employers will want to reach out. Avoid generic terms like “professional” or “hard worker” in your cover letter. This can appear like empty lip service and show that you are more concerned with formality than your personal and professional objectives.

Sell Benefits, Not Features

Again, generic language like “professional” and “team player” might not get you the response you’d hoped for. Why? Well, because these are candidate features, not benefits.  When writing a headline for LinkedIn, focus on what you can offer recruiters and employers and how they will benefit from having you on their team. Use keywords that highlight your skills and experience, and make it easy for them to see what value you can bring to their company. 

Go Easy On Buzzwords And Jargon

Maintain an uncomplicated and straightforward approach by using fewer buzzwords and jargon. Too much of it may turn off potential employers.

Note: Buzzwords/jargon are not the same as keywords. They are often slang or colloquial terms used in conversation across a singular sector, like “shop talk.”

Using less jargon may make you appear more natural and credible. Non-industry readers may be confused if you use too much industry-specific vocabulary. Make you more approachable to recruiters from different industries. 

Ask Questions To Encourage Engagement

Make your headline interactive by asking questions. When you pose questions in your headline, it shows you are open to conversation and want to initiate one. It’s a great way to make an excellent first impression and encourage employers to learn more about you.

Be Bold And Project Confidence

Your LinkedIn headline should radiate confidence to make an unforgettable first impression on potential employers. Your initial impression lasts a few seconds, so make it count! Assertiveness and self-assurance are what make the difference. So, use emphatic language when promoting yourself and your abilities. 

Tips & LinkedIn Headlines Examples

6 LinkedIn Headline Examples

A LinkedIn headline is a 220-character or less at the top of a LinkedIn user’s name that describes what they do. In search results, this short description shows beside the user’s name. It should persuade readers to click on the user’s profile to discover more about their background and experience.

The “Expert”

Creating content based on your area of expertise allows you to stand out while boosting your image and credibility. 

Look at one of these LinkedIn headline examples:

 “20-years of expertise in community and social media management, brand development, and content marketing strategy.”

The SEO Specialist

Are you a search engine optimization specialist (SEO) that uses digital analytics and marketing skills to transform a company’s online presence? Getting found is the only way to get traffic. But not just any traffic will do. You want to traffic in your niche and be interested in what you offer. Show the world how good you are with this SEO specialist Linkedin header!

LinkedIn headline examples:

“Freelance SEO, WordPress developer, digital marketer, and funnel optimization specialist. I help businesses grow their online presence and boost revenue through effective marketing strategies and lead funnel marketing.”

The CTA Supporter

The CTA and the sale are connected. The CTA supporters can, for example, direct the reader to buy a product or service from the company. A CTA immediately follows the marketing message effectively.

For example:

“CEO at ImaginaryAwesomeCo. I help people with their social media and community management. Follow for your daily dose of social media marketing tips and tricks!”

The Rockstar

Perhaps you’re more bold and experimental? Attitude can often make or break a rockstar. You can use your mindset to drive your perspective if you believe that you can make a difference as these LinkedIn headline examples.

For example:

“Serial Entrepreneur Obsessed With SEO and Content Ops for Tech Companies [Open to Offers] ” 

The Minimalist

If short, sweet, and to the point reflects who you are, a minimalist headline might be your most authentic option.Actually minimalist ones are the most favored among various LinkedIn headline examples. Being a minimalist means intentionally promoting your values and removing everything that hinders them. 

For Example:

“Freelance SEO | WordPress Developer | Digital Marketer | Funnel Optimization Specialist”

Key Takeaways

With a well-crafted headline, you can increase your chances of being found by recruiters and employers on LinkedIn. Remember, people don’t want it to feel like a resume, even if it is. They want to feel like a person, and ideally an interesting one. That is, after all, what we’re looking for when we read profiles online.

Do not hesitate to try different texts according to various LinkedIn headline examples.

So how do you write a LinkedIn headline that’s both personal and appealing?

  • Focus on your expertise and what you can do
  • Make use of the most frequently used keywords
  • Avoid jargon and buzzwords
  • Make a bold statement and exude confidence
  • Be you!

Ready to try the most successful LinkedIn headline examples?

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