The LinkedIn Algorithm – Must Read Facts

Facts about Linkedin Algorithm

Being successful on the most professional platform requires a good understanding of the LinkedIn algorithm. A completed profile with a well-built network is the smartest and the most efficient method to boost your personal career chances or enhance your brand’s views among professionals.

We must highlight that:

Mastering the LinkedIn algorithm in 2022 is easier than you think.

As soon as we sign in, the most relevant posts that gained tons of reactions and comments from our connections will appear first on our LinkedIn feed.

There’s also an option that lets us choose whether we want to sort posts by Top (the ones that have just been shared) or by Relevance (what most interests us).

But, how does LinkedIn know what we’re looking for?                                        

Thanks to its Algorithm!

LinkedIn shows us what might seem relevant based on where we comment, whom we follow, spend the most time, etc.

If you are not way too active on LinkedIn and wonder how the most critical posts show up in your feed, you’ve left a mark once in a while.

LinkedIn makes no difference from other social media platforms. Engagement is the key to digital success. We want our posts to be exposed, reach potential clients, and get as many engagements as possible.

What is the LinkedIn algorithm? Coding on screen.

You don’t need to be an Expert to Beat the LinkedIn Algorithm.

If you have no idea what an algorithm means, let us simplify this complex yet precise process.

An algorithm is a set of programmed calculations and problem-solving operations rules targeted to a specific goal. It functioned on a large scale according to the needed inputs and desired outcomes.

The Linkedin algorithm specifies the general overview and the relevant posts of millions of users’ feeds. Thus, it must be as exact as possible, as it calculates and manages billions of posts per day.

LinkedIn algorithm guide on how it works.

Thanks to its algorithm accurateness, LinkedIn users obtain an attractive, accurate, and user-friendly feed. Nevertheless, its functionality isn’t limited to a simple social media platform.

LinkedIn is the most favored platform to connect with experts and give a professional boost to any company. Therefore, once you know how the LinkedIn algorithm works, you can benefit from maximizing your marketing payoffs in 2022.

The Process of the LinkedIn algorithm 

As the world’s most considerable professional social network with 500 million active users, the Linkedin algorithm is implemented to reduce spam and inappropriate content. So, pay attention!

Before your content gets posted, your update, photo, text, whatever it might be before your content gets posted. There are three specific categories, spam, low-quality, and clear.

#1: Scanning

Aim at providing clear content and avoiding spam. After scanning your post’s credibility, the LinkedIn algorithm defines its relevance for specific users. 

#2: Testing

Initially, the bots will show your post to a small group of users. If they don’t select “Hide” or “Report as Spam,” the testing phase is successful.

The process of the LinkedIn algorithm.

It’s best if you don’t over-post, avoid offensive or racist content, and post only relevant content to your profile. Moreover, you should be consistent with the desired niche of your brand or personal profile.

#3: Scoring

Every user’s reaction to your post impacts the Linkedin algorithm. Indeed, the more likes, comments, and shares it obtains, the better the post’s engagement and visibility.

How to Beat LinkedIn Algorithm in 2022

If attractive images are the key to Instagram, then LinkedIn is better at promoting texts. Thus, the primary focus of any LinkedIn user is to write valuable, innovative, and top-quality content.

Find The Best Time To Post.

A social media platform is basically software. So, if you expect some magic from them, you need to find their unique hexes.

Conduct deep research on your target audience and existing clientele. Once you find out what’s relevant to your potential clients and their timing online, you have two significant clues about posting your content. 

Social media scheduling tools like Publer are the to-go address if you need to find the best time to schedule and post your content. 

For instance, posting on Fridays at 1:30 PM is one of our best content efforts. Check below one of the posts that properly showcase the huge engagement Publer gets on LinkedIn at that exact time.

3. Hashtags.

Is it necessary to add your location after a #?

Yes! It’s vital!

It’s even better to add what you are doing, eating, and up to three details after this decisive symbol # in the bottom line of your content. Still hesitating to add those # in your post?

Still, be detailed about the topic of your discussion. You don’t want to attract the audience looking for fitness exercises to a text dedicated to what’s the weather like in your country.

Hashtags are helpful to reach potential clients, not simply add numbers to post reactions.

4. Comments > Likes > Shares

This is the best strategy to start engaging with others’ posts. Comments have the fastest results.
So, the more you interact, the more frequently will your name appear in many users’ feeds.

Pay attention to other specialists in your interested field. This will bring you positive feedback and a high engagement with the right audience.

5. Videos

LinkedIn is considered the social media platform to expand your professional network. Therefore, videos must be up to 1 minute long with subtitles and a unique formal tone of voice.

For example, avoid entertaining videos on LinkedIn. If it’s not a product description, a staff introduction, or happy hours from your team, you should probably schedule that video on other platforms like Youtube.

Embrace the power of LinkedIn and use it to your advantage. There are over 500 million users (half of which are monthly active users).

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