Getting Started With Linkedin Company Pages

December 05, 2022
LinkedIn company pages

Let’s discuss once again the largest professional network in the world: LinkedIn.

But this time, we will talk about getting started with LinkedIn company pages.

  • Is creating LinkedIn company pages worth it?
  • How to create LinkedIn company pages? (in 4 Easy Steps)
  • Best example company profiles (Publer, Intel, Razer Inc. Slack, Airbnb)

Let’s get started!

Is Creating a LinkedIn Company Pages Worth It?

  • Expand Your Reach: LinkedIn is great for connecting with potential clients. B2B marketers report that 80% of their social media leads come from LinkedIn, and 79% of marketers consider LinkedIn to be a “very good source of leads.”

LinkedIn company pages
  • Boost Visibility: Another component is that people can dive deeper into what’s going on with your business and can officialy contact you.
  • Connect With Quality Talent: Finding and keeping talented employees is one of the most difficult aspects of running a business. The stakes are high. Most people link their LinkedIn profile to their CV, allowing businesses to view your profile with just one click.

How to Create LinkedIn Company Pages

Here we have listed four easy steps as mentioned in the intro. Be aware that you can only follow these steps if you have already created a LinkedIn account.

How to Create LinkedIn Company Pages

If not, you should have one and switch to creating a Company Page as described below.

Step 1: Creating a Company Page

It’s simple and easy! Now go to and tap Create your page. Then you will see appearing three page types:

  • Company
  • Showcase page
  • Educational institution

Creating a Company Page

Then, select Company.

Step 2: Enter Your Company Details

Add information about your company. On the right you have the page preview, so you can see how your LinkedIn page will look like, when you add the information. Also, write your website URL.

entering you company details

Add your tagline and upload your company’s logo. You can skip this step, although we recommend you do it.

Next, tap Create Page.

Step 3: Optimize Your LinkedIn Business Page

Now it is time to optimize your LinkedIn profile and complete your page with more detail.

Add your URL, a full description with keywords, and your location. Still, you will be able to come back and edit later if you need to.

Step 4: Promote Your New LinkedIn Business Page

Now that you have finished creating your profile and optimized it with more details, you are prepared to invite your connections to follow you and grow your audience.

Examples of LinkedIn Company Pages

In other words, LinkedIn company pages are just like a website but with more features. 

A LinkedIn company page is a huge opportunity to present what your company is, what you do, and why people should follow your brand. 

If you still need to finish optimizing your LinkedIn company profile, then we got your back. We have listed 5 top company examples to inspire you so you can follow their tips.


Publer is a social media management platform that allows you to collaborate, schedule & analyze your posts on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google Business Profiles, YouTube, and WordPress from the same spot.

First off, the “About” section is the first thing a person sees when they click on your company’s profile on LinkedIn. So make sure you create an engaging about description for your Company like Publer.

Tell your story. Here is a great example of Publer.

Publer testimonial

Show your products as well. It can help your potential customers getting more information about your company.

LinkedIn company pages


Intel ─ the world leader in the design and manufacturing of essential products and technologies like self-driving vehicles and remaking the coral reefs, to things that improve daily life like blockbuster impacts and further developed shopping experiences.

Intel corporation

Their tone of voice engages the audience and their intro description is packed with keywords that users are looking for.

In addition, their LinkedIn business page’s following numbers guarantee that their content, job opportunities, and page are receiving traffic.

Razer Inc.

Razer Inc. is the leading gaming lifestyle brand in the world. The company has created the largest gamer-focused ecosystem of hardware, software, and services in the world and has a global following.

Razer Inc.

They post content about their social outreach projects, their partner brand Razer Fintech, and even partnerships with international governments.

On LinkedIn, Razer Inc. provides its audience with a better understanding of the company’s larger mission than just a gaming brand by sharing a variety of content types.


Slack enables team communication and collaboration in a single location, allowing you to complete more work, regardless of whether you run a large or small business.

Slack - LinkedIn company pages

They have a lot of content on their LinkedIn page that teaches people how to succeed with Slack. They also have a lot of case studies and experiences that other businesses have gone through and learned from.

Slack positions itself as a great software solution and a resource for effectively communicating across various industries by providing educational content on LinkedIn.


Airbnb is an online platform that allows you to rent apartments or houses from people all over the world.


They use the about section of their page to showcase the international reach of their brand and the personality and culture of the people who work there.

On its LinkedIn page, Airbnb evokes a sense of family, giving job seekers and customers alike a clear understanding of what sets it apart.

Key Takeaways 

Now you know that creating LinkedIn Company pages takes you only four easy steps. But let’s have a quick recap of what you can benefit from switching to LinkedIn company pages:

Now back at you. Are you going to try creating a LinkedIn company profile? 

Tell us in the comments if you do so. We would love to know!

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