How to Use LinkedIn Sales Navigator to Grow Your Business

July 28, 2022
linkedin sales navigator

Looking for a way to grow your business? LinkedIn is a great resource to make some headway. With over 800 million users and counting, LinkedIn has become a go-to platform not only for professionals to find new jobs and build their personal brands but also for businesses to further their companies’ success.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator can help you get clients, generate leads and sales, increase revenue, and allow you to stay up-to-date with prospects. This resource has several features that can help you grow your business faster. 

In this article, we’ll look at how you can use LinkedIn Sales Navigator as part of your business operations and share top tips on how to make a LinkedIn Sales Navigator subscription worth the money. Let’s dive in below. 

What Is LinkedIn Sales Navigator?

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a paid sales solution to help business owners discover leads and manage pipelines. It’s a tool that allows sales professionals to tap into LinkedIn’s extensive network to find prospects and manage business relationships. 

While the regular LinkedIn platform offers 1000+ searches and 40+ search filters monthly for job-seekers, professionals, and recruiters, the Sales Navigator provides unlimited access to sales representatives and marketers. The robust LinkedIn B2B Database can help you find, contact, and close sales.

Benefits Of LinkedIn Sales Navigator

It would help to consider getting Sales Navigator if you constantly hit the 40+ search filters per month bar on LinkedIn. Hitting this limit means you are constantly searching for prospects, and the Sales Navigator is the most effective resource for this. So, here are some benefits the LinkedIn Sales Navigator can offer your business:

  • You get unlimited target audience searches using advanced features.
  • You can filter your leads to get specific information.
  • You will get notified of prospects’ activities. You’ll get updated on management changes, new features, role and job changes, etc.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Tier Breakdown 

Sales Navigator has three tiers: Professional, Team, and Enterprise. Each has different features and costs. They are now known as Core, Advanced, and Advanced Plus.

Professional: Professional or Core allows you to use advanced searches and create custom lists with tags for smooth pipeline management. Professional is the most affordable Sales Navigator Option with 50 InMail Messages and a 10,000 saved leads limit per month. It costs $79.99 monthly. 

Team: Team or Advanced offers all the benefits of Professional and gives you access to TeamLink. You can also track engagement, share content, and make embedded profile integrations. Team costs $108.33 monthly. 

Enterprise: Enterprise or Advanced Plus gives you access to ROI reporting and advanced CRM integrations. It also has level features for employee data integration and security. LinkedIn assesses the cost based on your company specifics. 

LinkedIn Sales Navigator: Lead Generation Features 

Sales Navigator is non-negotiable for businesses seeking to reach prospects, widen their target market, and increase revenue. It offers several unique and exciting features for growing enterprises. We will run through our favorite features below. 

linkedin advanced sales

Keep Track Of Your Prospects

You can avoid sending cold emails with Sales Navigator and stay up-to-date with prospects’ activities. The ‘Spotlight Category’ allows you to detect role and job changes. You also receive alerts when your prospects share experiences or when they are featured in the news or online articles. 

This gives you meaningful post ideas and helps you start specific conversations to create instant connections. There’s also a ‘Share Experiences With You’ filter to help you find prospects with similar interests. You’ll also find an ‘Interested In’ filter to determine which prospects you can help and how to help them. 

Upgrade Your Profile

A Sales Navigator account has some profile features to help you stand out. You get to use a larger and better profile picture and background photo. This allows you to use impressive images that will linger in prospects’ and clients’ minds. 

You should also amp your headline for a better business impression. 

Lead Alerts

You can handpick your searches or prospects and save them into labeled lists in your checkbox. You can add tags and notes to your lists for progressive tracking. You can also visit lead links, company profiles, and message leads directly. 

Navigation Sales has a ‘Lead Recommendations’ feature that suggests relevant leads based on your search history, saved leads, sales preferences, and profile views.

You can update your settings to allow the ‘Sales Preferences’ feature. This will enable you to make recommendations to leads based on industry, region, function, and management roles. 

Team Link 

The Team Link connection is a Sales Navigator Team feature that helps you get leads by relying on mutual connections.  You can turn on ‘Team Link’ to see leads who share a first or second-degree connection with you and other members of your team. 

You can also use this for companies by finding employees in a company you are interested in who are connected to your team members. 

team linkedin sales navigator

View Similar

The View Similar feature is a great way to unlock new leads for your business. This feature allows you to find up to 100 leads in a single search. It also allows you to use the same template to approach multiple leads. 

To unlock this feature, search your target market in the search bar. Then select a lead and click on ‘View Similar.’

The best way to optimize this is to create a custom outreach message using the keywords and filters peculiar to each target audience. This makes contacting all the leads from each ‘View Similar’ search more efficient. 

Advanced Search

Beyond the unlimited number of searches monthly, the Sales Navigator advanced search is its most prominent feature.  There are up to 20+ search filters to help you perform Boolean searches. You can use the keywords below when searching for profiles, companies, and organizations.

  • Company type (e.g., private, public, non-profit)
  • Geographic location (by region or state)
  • Years of experience
  • Years of experience
  • Number of followers
  • Group membership
  • Job opportunities
  • Company name
  • Company size
  • Industry
  • Job title
  • School

This allows you to broaden or narrow your search as much as possible, with 5000+ results. You can mark searches and reach prospects via email or directly on LinkedIn. 


The most basic Sales Navigator subscription provides access to InMail. InMail is a LinkedIn-only resource that shares similarities with emails. You can gain an edge over other sales reps since your prospects’ emails are probably congested with other sales content. You can get better client retention and sales conversion rates using LinkedIn’s InMail. 

Key Takeaways 

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a game changer for any business. At its core, it is a people search platform geared towards professionals. With the platform, you can unlock new prospects, get sales insights, and access out-of-network collections. Sales Navigator helps you see engagement in your article contents. You should:

  • Start with a free month trial to see if it’s for you.
  • Choose the best subscription plan for you and your team.
  • Explore features like Advanced Searches, Shared Experiences, and InMail marketing to record growth. 

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