Master 18 LinkedIn Post Ideas For A Relevant Feed

April 26, 2022
Master these 18 LinkedIn post ideas to maximize results for your business

LinkedIn post ideas might be challenging for users as the platform is formal enough to limit our creativity, but there’s still room to experiment. What’s unique about LinkedIn is that establishing an audience is easy. While that may seem advantageous, creating quality content to keep contacts interested can be challenging. 

LinkedIn’s distinct “professional” environment makes it easy to run out of “SFW” ideas. Fortunately, you can use a few formulas to keep your LinkedIn posts fresh.

Master 18 LinkedIn Post Ideas o keep your LinkedIn posts fresh.

LinkedIn Post Ideas To Keep Your Feed Fresh

LinkedIn has been known for “broetry.” These posts contain a series of lines, each ending with an ellipse to make you think something is interesting in the end, only to realize that they don’t have substantial information. Broetry is optimized for machines, not humans, and can get pretty annoying. Nobody intends to bore their audience to the unfollow button, but it happens. Here are some LinkedIn post ideas to keep your feed broetry-free and thrive. 

1. Give Your Team A Shoutout

A shoutout to your team members is the most worthwhile among LinkedIn post ideas. While most people know giving praise is a great way to motivate members of your organization, it’s also an efficient way to brag to potential clients or customers about team qualifications and prove expertise. 

You can share their best work, do an interview with them, or recommend them to other contacts– it’s up to you! The goal is to highlight how proud you are of your brilliant team.

2. Share Your Future Goals

Letting your audience know your vision is a fantastic method among LinkedIn post ideas to keep them engaged. Aside from keeping them excited for updates, it may also help them to set their own goals. That’s surely going to grab some attention. Be creative, and show what a visionary you are. Publicly sharing future goals may also serve as a motivation for you.

3. Share A Mistake

People love seeing “human” things, and every human makes mistakes. Why not turn those embarrassing moments to deepen connections with your audience? You can share your own experienced or perhaps, one you’ve observed. But, these LinkedIn post ideas can be tricky. Be careful not to exploit the mishaps of others for personal gain; that’s not cool. Whatever it is, the story should be focused on building a “connection” with your audience.

4. Promote Your Favorite Podcast

Are you addicted to a podcast? The best LinkedIn post ideas are those including podcasts as the latest trend for busy people who want to stay updated with latest news. Do you know that one particular cast carries you through morning commutes and keeps you company in the bathroom? Share it on your LinkedIn. Let your audience know who has been your greatest influencer lately. Even better if you tag the host!

5. Promote A Recent Book You’ve Read

Like podcasts, letting your audience know the books you’re most interested in can also help you build a more personal connection. Tell them the latest book you’ve finished; try to start a meaningful conversation. If they know the book, share and compare each other’s takeaways.

Promote A Recent Book You've Read as LinkedIn post ideas.

6. Ask A Thought-Provoking Question

There’s no more interesting LinkedIn post ideas than answering questions you’ve never thought of. Some random, hypothetical questions can easily magnetize anyone on the feed. You can ask, “What small situation do you think would have changed your life altogether had it not happened?” Be creative but also sensitive.

7. Share Your Work Playlists

After letting the podcast and book sharing sip through your audience’s mind, you can start an enriching conversation again by talking about your music taste. Share the playlist that gets you active and excited during work time!

8. Request Recommendations

Just as how you feed your audience with your favorite books, podcasts, and songs, get to know your crowd by asking them to suggest their best picks. You can post a question about their favorite movie, Youtube channel, Tiktok creator, or anything that’ll potentially start an interesting thread.

9. Participate In Trends And Challenges

To implement the best LinkedIn post ideas, you need to keep yourself updated, and you can keep your audience entertained. Internet challenges are a huge trend these days– start one on your LinkedIn. Recognize the people who take on the challenge and acknowledge those who did it successfully. Make it a fun-filled experience for everyone!

10. Promote A Fundraiser

There’s nothing more meaningful among LinkedIn post ideas than promoting a cause. Share a fundraising event or project for a sector you’ve been low-key advocating. Let your audience know “that” side of you, and use your platform to influence others towards the greater good.

Promote A Fundraiser as one of the latest trends among LinkedIn post ideas.

11. Take A Desk Picture

There’s no need to repeat that “famous saying” about photographs you may already know. Make your content more comprehensive by going visual. If your setup reflects your style or personality, a desk picture is a neat and trendy way to pull the audience’s attention and imagination. You can even ask contacts to rate your setup to increase post engagement.

12. Use A Poll

LinkedIn Polls are a great way to know more about your crowd. You can use the data you’ve gathered to create a concept about your following content, strategies, or anything that can help you grow your business. Polls always bring fast results among all LinkedIn post ideas.

13. Create A Competition

Competitions are a great way to boost your page’s reach effortlessly– plus, you can help your fellow entrepreneurs. You can host many online competitions, such as photo captions, play-to-win games, and even growth competitions for your account or company. The list is never-ending. Unlock your imagination!

14. Live Interview

Invite a client, team member, colleague, or anyone you find particularly interesting, and host an interview on LinkedIn Live. Aside from boosting your profile’s engagement, it’s also a powerful way to make a statement.

15. Celebrate Holidays

Like how you keep up with the trends, making holidays matter is awesome entertainment. Make it a theme—use creative hashtags and go all out with the pics!

Use Publer’s Holiday Calendar to keep track of the most memorable days of the week– even those you might not have heard of. Did you know that it’s World’s Laughter Day on May 1st? Don’t worry. You don’t need to memorize all 365; advanced calendars like Publer got you covered!

Celebrate Holidays with your audience. Share moments.

16. Run A Giveaway

Giveaways are best if you have no time to host competitions and need more straightforward but equally engaging activities. It’s also perfect for increasing followers, gaining wider reach, and attracting potential clients. You may try follow-to-join, like-to-join, share-to-join, mention-to-join, etc.

17. Celebrate A Business Milestone/Anniversary

Pro tip in implementing all LinkedIn post ideas is to keep it real and share your milestones. More than the celebration itself, milestones and anniversaries can also help you inspire fellow entrepreneurs. Be expressive, sincere, and encouraging.

18. Reshare Evergreen Content

Repost a top-performing post or reshare some underrated posts; maybe, this time, they’ll get their well-deserved attention from your growing audience. If you find this task a hassle, some advanced calendars offer a way to post evergreen content automatically.

Key Takeaways

Regular content creation may sometimes drain you of LinkedIn post ideas, where people are after more useful quality content. The key is to relate yourself to your target audience and make every post count. Here are our favorites from the list above:

  • Give your team a shoutout. It’s fun for people to see what you’re all about!
  • Share your future goals and plans. People love to see what’s next from their favorites!
  • Talk about failures and mistakes. It happens, and people must know that mistakes are necessary for growth. 
  • Promote what you love. People like learning about things they wouldn’t have known existed otherwise!

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