Publer vs. Buffer – Which is best for social media managers?

April 21, 2022
Compare social media management tools publer and buffer

 The World has virtually diminished its size more than ever. Social media platforms are everywhere. Social media management tools are more beneficial than ever. Every person on Earth will be using at least one of them in 2022.

Social media platforms have digitally taken over humanity. It’s no surprise that platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter are now among some of our most popular forms for daily activities, or managing successful businesses internationally. 

The Power Of Social Media Management Tools

Based on Statista Data, social media platforms will continue to expand their influence. 

The latest predictions show 3.96 billion social media users worldwide in 2022, a 4.8 percent increase from a year ago. It’s foreseen that in 2025 there will be 4.4 billion users registered and using social media platforms.

Considering the undeniable power of social media platforms, it is vital for any business, regardless of its size or industry, to be present on social media channels. 

social media platforms and online marketing
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Social media platforms allow marketers to reach new audiences and keep up-to-date on the latest tendencies. With 3.96 billion users worldwide as of 2022, there’s no limit to how far this type of advertising will go.

It can be tough to constantly update your content to the latest trends when juggling multiple social media accounts. The content marketing strategy might get challenging with limited options on each native platform.

So, do you aspire to manage all your social media accounts from one dashboard? 

The life-changing idea came from software developers who designed web and mobile applications for managing all posts across multiple platforms.

Let’s take Publer vs. Buffer in this article. Both have significant similarities and differences, which might be of extreme interest to you!

Why Publer vs. Buffer?

comparison between Publer and Buffer as top social media management tools.

Working with social media management software is the most valuable tool to users worldwide. We’ve provided a general overview of the similarities and differences between Publer and Buffer, known as two top performers in 2021, and the best budget options. 

Overview of Both Social Media Management Tools

With an open-concept design, both Publer and Buffer have succeeded in making the process of building your social media marketing strategy easy and intuitive for you. 


Whether newbies or social media experts, both software provide a welcoming and easy-to-navigate dashboard to save time and enjoy the scheduling experience

Publer's dashboard in creating a new post.

Once you have created your account, add your social media accounts and easily create your first drafts or posts. Once it’s in the scheduled phase on Publer or queue on Buffer, you can always edit the post’s time or content.

These social media management software allow users to see their posts on a calendar, drag posts around, shift between pages, and schedule campaigns.

Compared to Publer’s design, you might find Buffer’s dashboard boring.

Buffer's dashboard in creating a new post.

A more objective comparison stands in the design of Buffer to separate some functionalities. We can mention the analytics integration and the engagement option directly in comments through publishing. 

On the other hand, Publer supports both analytics and engagement features from its dashboard. 

Drawbacks of Both Social Media Management Tools 

Publer and Buffer offer easy-to-understand analytics to all of your social media platforms. This is how you can improve your marketing performance in real-time. 

Both Publer and Buffer can’t integrate Google Analytics for monthly reports. Moreover, Buffer limits the analysis between months to allow comparisons between previous days. 

Buffer's analytics view.

This is not a limitation on Publer’s side, as it offers UTM parameters to track campaigns and create monthly analyses.

Publer's analytics view.

These two social media management systems have one last mutual weak point for data analysis.

Buffer’s capability of accurate reports is limited to up to ten channels, while Publer doesn’t limit its users in this regard. 

To their benefit, the customer support on both software is beneficial to resolving all kinds of technical problems.

Summary of Social Media Management Tools

Both Publer and Buffer have a simple layout, attractive design, easy posting guide, and provide analytics. Their services are relatively affordable in the global market. 

Summary of Social Media Management Tools.

Publer and Buffer are great options for social media scheduling and posting strategies, but they each have advantages. Still, they hold some limitations in their analytical accuracy.

Publer’s Ace in Buffer’s Weak Points:

Although Publer doesn’t integrate Google Analytics, you can use its analytical data with peace of mind. If Buffer faces some analytic bugs that often create inaccuracy, Publer has this solved. 

Publer supports a vast analytical and content search option to its users, which Buffer is currently limiting for the moment. 

Content search option with Publer. Best social media management tools have this feature.

Moreover, with Buffer, you can face some limited package-purchase options, while Publer has a friendlier approach in not putting such boundaries for its users. 

A noteworthy difference is the upgrading method. With Publer you can switch to another package, and while you upgrade it, you can pay the price difference. Publer is here to help you save time and money too. 

While working with Buffer, you can expect different pricing for different features, while Publer charges its prices for packages and not specific functions. 

Publer's affordable plans and pricing among social media management tools.

Publer is the only SMMS that currently supports scheduling posts on all social media platforms including Telegram

Its superhero’s powers include scheduling in Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Linkedin, Google Business Profiles, YouTube, and WordPress sites.

Publer supports all channels as one of top social media management tools.

One of the most popular options from Publer is the ability to edit their content with the built-in photo editor about images and texts. Both Publer and Buffer support the association with Canva. Still, Publer offers Vista Create, too, and it’s practical to directly create or edit your media.

Similarities of Social Media Management Tools

1: Customize Your Business Workflows

Most users in these social media management systems need to manage more than one social channel and probably need more to add than one user.

Both Publer and Buffer are excellent options to create custom workflows for a team of multiple people managing social media accounts. 

Social media management tools for social channels.

Still, it’s more economical to add team members and social channels with Publer. Counting on your business size and potential growth, you need to calculate some costs.

With this type of access, you can easily coordinate and prioritize work for each user. Plus, your posts will have multiple checks and reviews from team members before publication. 

2: Shorten Any Type of Link 

Publer and Buffer support the most wanted option from businesses. The easy access to link shorteners is vital to providing trustworthy links to clients. 

A shorter link is more likely to obtain a higher click-through rate, so they are helpful. 

Shorten links with Publer's URL settings.

Publer offers the link shortening option directly from its dashboard while creating a post. 

3: View the Calendar and Post in Several Social Media Profiles

Creating, editing, scheduling, and posting are the core elements of social media management software. Publer and Buffer are designed to let you schedule posts in advance. 

However, the steps might be slightly different in both dashboards. Still, they’re pretty easy to complete and view on the content calendar. 

Buffer's calendar view.

Once you schedule your posts for different social media platforms, you can view them on the calendar and easily edit them by simply clicking and dragging the blocks. 

Publer’s calendar seems a little bit more colorful than the simple design of Buffer. This is up to the user’s preference, so we’d instead focus on the incredible functionality on both sides. 

Publer's calendar view.

4: Easily Interact With Social Media Comments

Publer’s superhero gives you a hand with its easy-to-use and specific comment management interface. 

Both platforms make it easy to reply to messages and add emojis in your interaction with clients in the comments. Still, Publer is way too advantageous in these specific but practical features.

With Buffer, you can schedule your first comment after posting on an Instagram profile, while Publer allows the first and second follow-up comments for all social networks. 

Only for Twitter, you might add up to 15 follow-up comments, known as threads.

Publer's option to follow-up comments.

Both SMMS offer tagging options. It’s crucial to pay attention to the correct IG Handle (@accountname). The account will be tagged automatically once the post is published.

5: Create a Link in Bio

Both platforms enable the creation of links in bio pages that you can add to your social media description.


Publer's option about Link in Bio for Instagram Accounts.

Buffer calls them landing pages, while Publer refers to them as Link in Bio Pages. Publer allows customization and more likely buttons to invite customers.

Differences of Best Social Media Management Tools

Team Management

Publer and Buffer provide fantastic systems for their users to manage their Workspaces. Still, if you have a large social media team, you need to calculate the extra costs. 

Publer and Buffer might justify the additional costs by allowing users to access individual channels for different team members. This is vital for larger teams. 


Big enterprises need to set up workflows where their users can create new posts and approve drafts. Although these businesses need to pay to add team members, some calculations must get done. 

Both these SMMS compete decently. Still, Publer eases its user’s experience with more affordable costs than Buffer. 

Buffer's management dashboard for business team.

Customer Support

As weird and understandable as it may sound, you can reach out to Buffer through social media as their primary way of contact. 

Their customer support works great with chats and tickets for technical issues. Still, Publer’s support provides an instant reach with a direct chat and an assistant to solve your problems. 

Publer's instant chat with customer support

Both Publer and Buffer have established a beneficial help center with detailed information and video tutorials to understand their functionalities on your own.

Instagram Stories

Buffer allows its users to schedule and post Instagram stories. Among many beneficial updates for Publer, this is the latest one forthcoming in the nearest future. 

Automated PublishingYes Yes
Campaign ManagementYesYes
Collaboration ToolsYesYes
Content ManagementYesYes
Multi-Account ManagementYesYes
Post SchedulingYesYes
Reporting & AnalyticsYesLimited
ROI TrackingYesYes
Social Media IntegrationYesYes
Customer SupportYesYes
Instagram StoriesNo Yes
Follow Up CommentsYesLimited
Built-in Photo EditorYesNo
Publer vs. Buffer – General Overview
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