Using LinkedIn Hashtags On Your Posts And Why You Should

April 01, 2023
LinkedIn hashtags

If you are looking to expand your professional network and grow your business or professional career on LinkedIn, then using hashtags is a game changer.

LinkedIn hashtags can help you connect with industry leaders, discover your content from people interested in your field, and improve engagement rates.

In this blog, we will explore the benefits of using LinkedIn hashtags not only in your posts and provide some tips for how to use them effectively.

What Are LinkedIn Hashtags?

LinkedIn hashtags are a combination of letters or numbers without spaces, followed by the hashtag (#) sign, just like any other social media platform.

LinkedIn hashtags act as labels for your content, bringing in more views, clicks, and connections.

Here is an image of how to search hashtags on LinkedIn. Go to the search bar on the top, and for example, write #InfluencerMarketing or any other hashtag you are interested in.

linkedin hashtags

Then, click on a hashtag to see all posts on LinkedIn that share that particular hashtag.

Why Bother Using LinkedIn Hashtags?

Let’s dive into more detail, what are some of the main benefits of using LinkedIn hashtags? 

Find Your Audience

First things first: You can find out what your audience wants when following hashtags on topics of interest. Have a look at what hashtags your competitors are using.

Following hashtags is for free and easy way to get the most important information about your audience and keep your competitive research fresh.

Get Your Posts Noticed 

Most people use LinkedIn to connect with their colleagues or find their next job. LinkedIn hashtags are the best way to get your content noticed, whether you are building a personal network, gaining followers for your business page, or recruiting talent.

A great idea is to create posts with trending LinkedIn hashtags, as your content can get a lot of views when it goes viral. However, be careful when following trends. Make sure it aligns with your brand and content strategy and makes sense to publish. If not, skip it and wait for hot trends that match your brand.

How To Create LinkedIn Hashtags

As we mentioned in the intro, you can use LinkedIn hashtags not only on your posts but also on your LinkedIn articles and company page and add up to 5 hashtags to your profile.

Adding A LinkedIn Hashtag To A Post

Click Create Post at the top of your LinkedIn homepage and start typing your post. Then click Add hashtag in the LinkedIn Post Editor. You can also enter it in an easier way by typing the sign # before your word.

Here’s an example of Publer LinkedIn post.

Adding A LinkedIn Hashtag To A Post

You can also use Publer to create individual posts or bulk scheduling to manage your content on LinkedIn. On Publer, you also have a hashtag generator and AI Assist to help you write the best content for your brand and post it at the best times.

Adding A LinkedIn Hashtag To An Article

On the home page, click Write Articles. Write the hashtag as text in your article, and it becomes a clickable hashtag when you publish it. 

Here’s an example of Publer.

LinkedIn hashtags

If you want to read Publer articles on LinkedIn, have a look here.

Adding A LinkedIn Hashtag To A Company Page

Adding hashtags on your pages can help you organize them. This allows the algorithm to surface your content to LinkedIn users who follow and search for those hashtags.

On your LinkedIn business page, click Hashtags. Then, pick up to three that describe what you do or post, and don’t forget to pick the hashtags your audience is searching for.

On LinkedIn, you can find and follow hashtags related to topics that interest you. Start typing the topic you want in the search bar at the top of the page, as mentioned above.

Then, select a hashtag from the list of suggestions. Then click the Follow button at the top of the page to add hashtag topics to your list. Just like in the image below, click “Follow.”

Linkedin hashtags

Now that you follow the hashtag, you can manage the hashtag you follow on your LinkedIn homepage. You can click at the three dots on the left of the hashtags, then click Manage your hashtags, as in the image below.

Managing your hashtags

Or you can go at the bottom left, on your LinkedIn homepage where you can find your “Recent” searches and activity, “Groups,” and “Hashtags you follow.”

In the “Groups” and “Followed” sections, LinkedIn displays up to three results with options to see more:

  1. You can click “Show more” to expand the list and display more of the groups or hashtags you are following.
  2. Click “Followed Hashtags” to show the complete list of hashtags you follow.
  3. At the bottom of this menu, you will find “Discover more.” Click on the button to reveal more interesting hashtags.
  4. If you want to follow new hashtags, then click the “Follow” link.

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Key Takeaways 

Using hashtags on your LinkedIn posts can significantly increase your visibility, connect you with like-minded professionals, and improve engagement rates. 

  • You can easily go to the search bar on the top and write a hashtag you are interested in.
  • Remember to mix popular and niche hashtags, keep them relevant to your industry, and monitor your analytics to see what works best.
  • Using relevant and specific hashtags, you can target your desired audience and showcase your expertise.
  • Using LinkedIn hashtags is the best way to get your content noticed.
  • With LinkedIn hashtags, you can find out what topics your audience is interested in.
  • You can use hashtags on your posts, LinkedIn articles, company pages, and your profile.

Now back at you! Do you follow any hashtags on LinkedIn? If yes, which ones do you follow? We would like to know.

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