LinkedIn for Business: 6 Powerful Ways to Build Your Brand

December 19, 2022
linkedin for business

How To Use Linkedin For Business

LinkedIn is a powerful professional tool designed to offer your brand visibility within the right network. With more than 58 million registered companies, the app is an excellent resource for businesses and professionals. 

If you’re contemplating generating leads and tapping into LinkedIn’s market, it’s crucial to understand how to maximize the app. 40% of B2B marketers say LinkedIn is their most effective channel for bringing high-quality leads. This is why LinkedIn Business has become a global choice for companies looking to expand their reach.

In this guide, we’ll share six powerful ways to build your brand on LinkedIn for Business and how to maximize this platform’s power.

6 Ways to Boost Engagement, Productivity, and Your Network

Although LinkedIn is a lead-generating tool, you need a refined strategy to get followers on the platform. Below are some of the best ways to boost engagement and increase your network.

linkedin for business

LinkedIn Profiles vs. LinkedIn Pages: Knowing How to Leverage Both

If you want to create a more personal presence on LinkedIn, it’s crucial to build your profile to stand out. LinkedIn profiles allow you to share your professional story in a compelling way. Additionally, profiles offer the ability to connect with other LinkedIn users to have personal interactions.

To interact with other users privately, you must first send a connection request. The same applies if anyone wants to connect with you. Although they can see your profile, they must send a request first. 

Using LinkedIn’s business page and profile feature can help you build your brand. After creating a business page for your company, list that experience on your profile by making yourself an employee of your business page. 

This allows people to see your business page once they visit your profile. Following this format is a great way to build better connections and expand reach. 

Optimize LinkedIn Posts

Optimizing your LinkedIn posts is a crucial way to play to the algorithm and maximize the platform. Here are some great ways to optimize and boost your reach on LinkedIn:

  • Use keywords in your posts and mention the audience you are trying to reach. 
  • Use images to communicate your ideas, as viewers can easily digest visual content. Including a relevant image in your post increases the likelihood of users recalling your brand or content by 65%.
  • Avoid long posts. While the LinkedIn audience is one of the most receptive to long-form content, keep in mind that they are also busy professionals. 
  • Respond to comments within two hours or as soon as possible. You should also help your followers with additional resources if they need them. 
  • Use strong headlines and catchy phrases.
  • Include a call to action at the end of your posts. You can gently nudge them to visit your website. 
  • Tag and mention relevant businesses and people. Their audience can always find you this way. 
  • Include your main message right away. 

Stay Consistent

Although you don’t need to post on LinkedIn all the time, consider posting consistently and pay attention to the posting hours. You can either post once a day or at regular intervals, but make sure your network knows they can count on you to post regularly.

You can use a social media management tool like Publer to achieve this seamlessly.

First, decide on the following:

  • What will you post 
  • How often will you post 

With Publer, you can easily schedule content, curate all your LinkedIn posts, and visualize your content before posting.

The tool also suggests the best hours to post, gives you content suggestions, and lets you customize all your features, making it seamless to stay on top of your LinkedIn game.

publer on linkedin

Don’t Forget Hashtags

Hashtags may seem old school, but they work if you use them adequately. Using hashtags can help remind your followers of your niche while tapping into a new audience.

However, the trick is to keep it moderate. LinkedIn suggests you use three hashtags. This keeps your content professional and ensures the tags are relevant to your post and industry. 

You can start by doing hashtag research to see how many people follow each hashtag. 

Track Your LinkedIn Analytics

You can’t create a LinkedIn business page without setting specific goals. For most brands, they have at least one of these goals:

  • lead generation
  • recruitment opportunities
  • connecting with followers 
  • establishing connections 
  • building credibility

LinkedIn’s analytics feature lets you know if you’re on track to hit your goals. With a premium account, you can do even more. You’ll be able to track the following:

  • Your most engaging content
  • Your audience demographic
  • Your source of traffic for each page segment

This can help you focus your resources where they’ll offer optimal value and make the changes you need to grow your page faster.

Create a LinkedIn Group for Your Target Audience

If you’re looking to become a thought leader in your field, LinkedIn Groups are a great way to build your authority and engage with others in your industry.

A LinkedIn group allows you to:

  • gather your target audience in one place
  • share your thoughts and events with them
  • observe their interactions as part of your market research
  • connect with people you would otherwise not have easy access to 

When creating your group, make sure you give in a niche name and assign appropriate visual branding. This makes it easier for your target audience to find and join the group. 


Key Takeaways 

If you’re looking to build your business and achieve more reach, LinkedIn is a great platform to achieve that goal. You can connect with your target audience and create a profile that represents your company adequately.

  • Encourage employees to add your official account as their place of work. 
  • Run monthly LinkedIn outreach campaigns to get leads. 
  • Use Publer to schedule posts and stay consistent.

Did you find this article useful? Share your thoughts about building your brand on LinkedIn in the comments.

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