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Best Social Media to Post on in 2024: Analysis of 500K+ Accounts

April 17, 2024
Social Media Engagement Rates

Social media engagement rates are the holy grail in the world of relevant metrics. That’s why Publer has analyzed more than half a million (500k+) social media accounts to extract quantitative data and provide invaluable insight into the latest trends and affairs.

We’re going to present these findings to help you better understand how your business’s social media strategy fares in the current environment. While these comparisons aren’t an exact science, as every use case is different, you will get a good general idea of what works and what to focus on to reach your goals more quickly.

2023 Social Media Engagement Rates: In-Depth Analysis

Let’s start with a concise overview of Publer’s findings:

2023 Social Media Engagement Rates: In-Depth Analysis

Now let’s see what we can conclude based on these social media statistics.

#1. LinkedIn Double-Digit Engagement Rates Make It the New King

LinkedIn Engagement Rates

With an engagement rate of an astounding 10.8%, LinkedIn is definitely the social network to be on in 2024. That’s almost double the engagement rate of Instagram and nearly five times more than what you can expect from Twitter/X.

#2. Facebook Still Dominates as the Most Active Social Network

Facebook Engagement Rate

Facebook might be behind LinkedIn in engagement rate, but it’s still the leader in social media reach and engagements.

#3. Pinterest Might Not Be Worth Your Time

Pinterest Might Not Be Worth Your Time

Pinterest’s engagements almost match its post count. A nearly 1:1 post-to-engagement ratio makes it one of the worst-performing platforms to publish on. For comparison, LinkedIn has a post-to-engagement ratio of around 1:25.

#4. TikToks Give More Bang for Your Buck Than YouTube Shorts

What’s the Best Social Media to Post on in 2024?

TikTok has fewer posts than YouTube, but it has almost five times the engagement and reach. While you should definitely still use YouTube shorts, TikToks are likely to yield much better metrics.

#5. LinkedIn Has a Lot of Potential for Growth

Publer's social media engagement rates analysis

LinkedIn users have posted less than half as many posts as Instagram users. The total number of new posts on the platform is also lower than that of Facebook and Twitter/X, making its growth potential huge.

#6. Twitter/X Offers a Fraction of LinkedIn’s Engagement Rate

Twitter has the worst social media engagement rate

Twitter/X has the worst social media engagement rate on the list. Elon Musk’s rebranding move might’ve cost the platform anywhere between $4B and $20B in value, but it didn’t do much to increase its 2.11% engagement rate.

#7. TikTok Is the Champion of Reach

Publer's Tiktok analysis

TikTok features the fewest posts on the list, but the highest engagements and reach per post. The platform is ahead of everyone but Instagram and Facebook in these metrics while having a fraction of their content bandwidth.

What’s the Best Social Media to Post on in 2024?

The best social media site to post on in 2024 is LinkedIn. With its fantastic engagement rate of 10.8%, this platform is an engagement powerhouse. It’s the perfect social network for everything from personal and professional everyday interaction and idea-sharing to networking and business development.

Another potent social media site to consider is TikTok. With just 138K posts, this network saw 73.6M engagements, beating every other platform but Facebook and Instagram. That, coupled with a reach of 1.70B, makes TikTok a go-to platform for growth.

5 Expert Tips for Elevating Your Social Media Strategy

Let’s check out expert tips that will help you improve your social media strategy, regardless of your platform of choice.

#1. Provide Value

Avoid posting for the sake of it, and try to provide as much value as possible with each upload. Entertaining or educating your audience is one of the best ways to increase engagement.

#2. Optimize for Every Platform

Different social media platforms are designed with diverse content in mind. While Twitter/X is famous for its bite-sized text posts, TikTok is all about short-form videos. That’s why, when posting on different platforms, you should repurpose your content and turn it into an optimal format—engagement interaction posts.

#3. Follow the Trends

social media trends to follow

Taking advantage of current trends is almost guaranteed to improve your social media engagement rates. That’s why you should keep an eye on the latest happenings and be prepared to adapt and modify your strategy to accommodate the trends.

#4. Engage with the Audience

The social aspect is the cornerstone of social media platforms. That’s why you should engage with your audience through questions, pools, comments, and other methods, as that will boost your presence and improve all the valuable metrics.

#5. Leverage Storytelling

Storytelling is essential to grabbing the attention of the audience and convincing them to interact with your content. All your posts should feature captivating stories, whether they are short tweets or long-form videos.

Put Your Social Media Strategy on Autopilot with Publer

Put Your Social Media Strategy on Autopilot with Publer

Publer can do the heavy lifting for you and automate your social media strategies. That way, you’ll spend less time doing repetitive tasks and more time focusing on what matters.

For instance, our Bulk Scheduling feature allows you to upload up to 500 content pieces simultaneously. Our platform will then publish the content according to the schedule that you established, freeing up valuable time you can then spend on other endeavors.

On the other hand, if you’d like to leverage the potential of artificial intelligence powered by GPT-4, you have to try out our AI Assist. You can use it to generate images, complete text, create blog posts, and even reply to comments.

Ultimately, we offer a robust all-in-one solution, allowing you to do everything from content creation and distribution to analysis and workspace collaboration, all on a single website.

Final Words

Social media engagement rates are essential for any professional or business that wants to thrive on these platforms. At Publer, we recognize their importance, which is why we analyzed more than 10 million posts to give you rock-solid data to go off.
While 2024 is shaping up to be the year of LinkedIn and TikTok, don’t forget about the veterans like Facebook and Instagram. The information we provided will help you adjust your strategies, expand to different platforms, or migrate altogether.

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