How to Calculate Engagement Rate on Instagram + 15 Tips

July 05, 2024
instagram engagement calculator

Knowing how to calculate the engagement rate on Instagram can help you assess the effectiveness of your current social media strategy and allow you to make changes to improve your results.

If you’re curious about your particular rates, we have provided a free Instagram engagement rate calculator in this post. We’ll also offer expert tips to help enhance your current engagement levels and solidify your presence on the platform.

Let’s dive right in!

What is Instagram Engagement?

Instagram engagement refers to all the interactions that your post receives, such as:

  • Likes
  • Comments
  • Shares
  • Saves
  • Clicks

You can assess a post’s engagement levels using an Instagram engagement rate calculator or by using a scheduling tool to calculate them automatically. While other metrics like reach and impressions are also important, the engagement rate (ER) is a key indicator of success and should be one of the cornerstones of your social media strategy.

A high engagement rate means that your content is resonating well with your audience, which is a great ranking signal for the Instagram algorithm. High engagement rates can also lead to better customer retention, brand loyalty, and follower-to-customer conversions.

How to Calculate the Engagement Rate on Instagram With a Dedicated Tool

An Instagram engagement rate calculator uses the engagement metrics we discussed above to measure how engaging a post is. While these metrics can vary for different social media platforms, Instagram mainly focuses on those interactions, plus profile visits, direct messages, and the use of dedicated hashtags.

Here is the best Instagram engagement rate calculator you can use to determine your current ER.

To calculate the engagement rate on Instagram and evaluate the post’s performance, a typical calculator uses the following formula:

  • Total number of engagements/number of followers * 100 = engagement rate of a post

Meanwhile, to determine the average engagement rate of multiple posts, you simply add the ERs of each post and then divide it by the total number of posts.

  • Engagement rate for Post 1 + Engagement rate for Post 2 + … ÷ number of posts = average engagement rate

Aside from this tool, another way to calculate your engagement rate on Instagram is by utilizing a social media scheduling tool like Publer.

When you schedule social media posts with our platform, we automatically compute the engagement rates for your social media profiles. You can find this data, along with other important metrics like link clicks, detailed post insights, and click-through rates, on our analytics tab.

Publer Instagram Analytics

15 Tips on How to Increase Instagram Engagement

If your current Instagram engagement is down or you simply want to achieve higher rates, here are 15 tried and tested ways to improve your engagement levels.

#1. Incorporate Reels into Your Strategy

If your current Instagram engagement is down or you simply want to achieve higher rates, here are 15 tried and tested ways to improve your engagement levels.

#1. Incorporate Reels into Your Strategy

Utilizing Reels in your content strategy is a surefire way to boost your Instagram ER. According to Statista, Instagram Reels are more likely to be liked, commented on, and saved than regular Instagram posts. With their versatility, short length, and easily digestible content, the popularity of short-form video content like Reels isn’t surprising.

But how do you incorporate Instagram Reels into your strategy for the best results?

For one, it’s important to know the best times to post Reels on Instagram for maximum visibility. After all, if no one sees your content, it won’t really have any effect on your engagement rates.

Another way to boost ER is to try a variety of Instagram post ideas. From jumping on viral social media trends to making popular tutorials and how-to videos, there are several ways to use Reels to appeal to your target audience and encourage interactions.

After trying out different post ideas, calculate your engagement rate on Instagram and compare the performance of each post to determine which content is best for your audience.

Comparing posts' performance

Ketnipz’s Instagram Reel content not only generates significant views but also allows the artist to showcase their work in a different medium.

#2. Utilize Instagram SEO

While the algorithm is largely responsible for how your content appears on the platform, you shouldn’t overlook Instagram SEO. Optimizing your captions with the right hashtags and relevant keywords will help your content show up on search results. And since people who search for these keywords are already looking for your specific content, this will lead to higher Instagram engagement rates.

Fortunately, this is quite easy to do with the right tools. Publer, for instance, has a convenient hashtag analysis tool that you can use to determine the best hashtags to use in your posts. Meanwhile, our AI Assist feature can help you craft captivating captions in seconds.

#3. Understand Your Audience’s Preferences

Aside from using tools to optimize your captions, the best way to find relevant keywords and hashtags is by getting to know your target audience.

  • What’s their main demographic?
  • How and when do they use the app?
  • What types of content will they likely be interested in?

You can find information about your audience and other important metrics on the Instagram analytics tab. Publer’s analytics feature goes into more detail on these metrics and even tracks profile and video views.

By tailoring your content to align with your audience’s interests, you can create more engaging posts. Make sure you frequently calculate your engagement rate on Instagram to keep track of your levels and adjust your strategy accordingly.

#4. Post at the Right Time

We can’t stress enough the importance of the right posting time. When you post on social media isn’t just a key ranking signal for the algorithm; it also directly affects how much engagement your post will receive.

Publishing content during your audience’s peak hours increases the chances of them actually seeing and engaging with it. We found that the overall best time to post on Instagram for maximum engagement is between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, but you don’t have to follow these times strictly.

In fact, you can find your own unique peak hours by experimenting with different posting times and calculating the Instagram engagement rate for each one or by leveraging our Best Times to Post feature.

Best time to post on Instagram

#5. Use a Scheduling Tool

Using a scheduling tool like Publer in your social media strategy is necessary if you want to reach a wider audience and achieve better Instagram engagement rates. With our platform, you can easily schedule Instagram posts during peak hours to engage your target audience.

If you don’t know how to calculate the engagement rate on Instagram, you can use our comprehensive analytics tool to track your engagement and gain valuable insights into your audience’s activity on the platform.

In addition, scheduling tools allow you to plan content in advance. Frequency is important for the Instagram algorithm, and by planning your content ahead of time, you can maintain a steady posting schedule even during busy periods. With Publer, you can even create and schedule posts in bulk, further improving your efficiency.

#6. Create Quality Content

When it comes to social media content, quality often trumps quantity. It doesn’t matter how often you post in a day; if the content you publish is blurry, uninteresting, or generally low quality, you won’t be able to improve your ER.

You don’t need an Instagram engagement rate calculator to tell you that high-quality visuals get more likes on Instagram. These posts tend to stand out in the feed and immediately appeal to viewers. Plus, people can usually tell if you’ve invested time and effort in creating a post or are simply recycling others’ content.

When uploading to Instagram, keep the recommended post dimensions in mind to ensure that you always publish content of the best quality.

instagram engagement rate calculator

Crumbl Cookies’ Instagram posts always feature their delectable desserts of stunning quality complemented by eye-catching colors.

#7. Maintain Branding

If you want to boost your Instagram engagement rates, it’s important to maintain your branding across all your content. Social media users are more likely to interact with content that’s familiar to them, and by ensuring consistent branding in your Instagram posts, you help build brand recall and trust between you and your audience.

Your branding should be evident in all your content, from your color and font choice to the overall style of the post. Other ways to reinforce branding are by using branded hashtags and maintaining the same tone of voice in your captions.

instagram engagement rate calculator

Chamberlain Coffee is an excellent example of an easily recognizable and highly consistent brand.

#8. Engage Your Audience

What better way to encourage engagement than by actually interacting with your audience? Don’t forget to like or respond to comments on your posts or even start the conversation by posting an open-ended question in your comments.

Doing so will show your followers that you value their interaction, which can lead to more comments and, ultimately, higher Instagram ER. You can also create posts with engaging Instagram captions, thought-provoking visuals, or polls to involve your audience in your content.

Afterward, calculate your engagement rate on Instagram and compare the engagement levels of posts where you interacted with your audience and those where you did not to see if it made a considerable difference.

#9. Use Location Tags

Using location tags or geotags in your Instagram posts is an effective way to increase Instagram engagement organically. In fact, simply tagging the location in your Instagram posts will help improve engagement by 79%.

While this number won’t always be consistent, you’ll definitely see a considerable difference when you calculate your engagement rate on Instagram. Moreover, geotagging can make your posts more discoverable for users who are searching for content from a specific location.

Additionally, using location tags can increase your relevance during local events and holidays while optimizing your content for local SEO. If you’re scheduling posts with Publer, you can easily tag the locations in your posts before posting so you don’t miss out on any of its benefits.

Using Instagram geotags example from Glace

Glace is a mobile ice cream truck that sets up shop on New York’s Upper East Side, and they make full use of Instagram geotags in their content.

#10. Make Engaging Stories

Aside from Reels, Stories are arguably one of the best ways to increase your Instagram engagement rates. Plus, Instagram has a lot of features that can help you make your Stories even more engaging, such as interactive stickers, polls, and music.

A survey by the Policy Institute and Centre for Attention Studies at King’s College London found that most people believe that their attention spans have grown significantly shorter over time.

This is why it’s important that you hook your audience within the first few seconds when making Stories. Otherwise, you risk having them scroll away from your content. Here are some great Instagram Story ideas to try for your next post to generate significant engagement.

#11. Leverage User-Generated Content

Brands shouldn’t overlook the power of user-generated content (UGC) in their social media strategies. According to the Interactive Advertising Bureau, UGC is one of the best drivers of engagement on social media, which makes it essential for improving your Instagram engagement rates.

By sharing UGC on your feed, you can generate significant interactions and encourage more users to share their content featuring your products. Plus, it makes your followers feel seen and recognized, which can foster brand loyalty.

Consider making a dedicated or branded hashtag that users can add to their posts so you can easily find all related UGC on a certain topic. Once you start posting UGC, you can calculate your engagement rate on Instagram to see how effective this content type is at reaching your audience.

Creating a branded hashtag like "Apple"

Apple’s Instagram is full of UGC from their recurring #ShotonIphone series.

#12. Ensure Variety in Your Content

Even if you’ve already cracked the code on the best content format and topics for your audience, it’s still important to have variety in your posts. Mix up your posts once in a while with Instagram carousels, Reels, and single-image posts to keep your feed interesting to viewers.

Utilizing different content types in your strategy not only keeps your audience engaged but also allows you to cater to followers with different preferences. By knowing how to calculate engagement rates on Instagram, you can rank each format’s popularity and enhance your posting strategy.

Using variety in your content - instagram engagement rate calculator

Publer’s Instagram feed maintains our signature branding while ensuring a healthy variety of content.

#13. Cross-Post on Different Platforms

Cross-posting your content is a must if you want to increase your Instagram ER. If you manage multiple social media accounts, your followers on one platform might not know that you are actually on Instagram, which translates to missed opportunities for engagement.

By cross-posting, you introduce your content to a wider audience, meaning better Instagram engagement and improved discoverability. With Publer, you can easily cross-post content across all your social media profiles. Our platform has a unified content calendar that allows you to see all posts so you don’t end up sharing the same content multiple times.

Instagram Calendar View

#14. Host a Live Stream

Going live on Instagram is a great way to engage your followers. During a live stream, you can encourage followers to ask questions, get feedback on your content, and generally connect with your audience. Moreover, according to a survey by Livestream and New York Magazine, 82% of respondents prefer live videos to regular social media posts.

If you’re planning to host a Q&A with followers or launch a new product, consider scheduling your Instagram live to inform your audience in advance and achieve a higher viewer count.

#15. Optimize Your Profile

While creating quality content is important to keep your existing audience engaged, don’t forget to optimize your profile as well to attract new followers. Instagram engagement groups, or a group of people dedicated to engaging with each other’s posts, may help you achieve higher engagement, but these results are only temporary.

On the other hand, having more followers can lead to higher Instagram engagement over time, so try to put more effort into planning your feed. Some ways to do this are by maintaining the same aesthetic across all your posts and optimizing the thumbnails on Reels.

Instagram feed of YSL

Saint Laurent promotes their brand perfectly while maintaining its appeal to casual profile viewers.

What’s a Good Instagram Engagement Rate?

A good Instagram engagement rate is between 1% and 3%, but this can still vary depending on your industry and number of followers.

For instance, according to Statista, the average engagement rate for Instagram accounts with 10,000 to 100,000 followers was 6.89%, while accounts with over five million followers had an average of 2.61%.

Meanwhile, influencer accounts with a follower count between 1,000 and 10,000 had an average engagement rate of 2.19%.

As we mentioned earlier, using a scheduling tool can help you monitor your engagement levels more easily. Another method you can try is installing an Instagram engagement rate calculator extension so you can automatically check your ER directly on the platform.

If you recently calculated your engagement rate on Instagram and found that your numbers fall below the average, consider following the strategies we shared above to help improve your performance.

Key Takeaways

  • Instagram engagement is the level of interaction that people have with your content.
  • To calculate your engagement rate on Instagram, you can use a special calculator or a social media scheduling tool like Publer.
  • If you want to improve your Instagram engagement rates, you can try incorporating Reels into your strategy, using a social media scheduling tool, using location tags in your posts, and cross-posting content on different platforms.
  • A good Instagram engagement rate is usually between 1% and 3%, but this can change depending on the industry.

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