How to Go Live on Instagram: Tips To Engage Your Audience 

October 27, 2022
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How to Go Live on Instagram

Instagram Live was launched in 2016 and has since become one of the platform’s most popular content types. Many brands have tapped into this feature to extend their reach and humanize their business.

After all, 54% of consumers are eager to see more live content from brands they love. This makes the feature a great option for brands and a good opportunity for any creator seeking to monetize Instagram.  

However, we know it can be pretty daunting to go Live. There are no edits, and your content is unfiltered. But don’t worry, you can do it without sweat or tears.

In this article, we’ll guide you on how to go live on Instagram and what you ought to do to ace your very first Live.

How to Go Live on Instagram in Two Simple Steps

How to Go Live on Instagram in Two Simple Steps

Going Live is easier than you think. Unlike a regular post, you don’t have to worry about captions or the right Instagram video size. You also don’t need to get verified on Instagram before you can go live.

All you need is a topic to discuss, your phone, and an Instagram account. Follow the steps below to go Live.

Tap the Plus Icon: From your Instagram feed or profile, find the plus icon. It’s usually on the top right side of your screen. You’ll discover Reel, Post, Story, and Live options. 

Click on Live: Once you tap Live, your screen will pull up to the Live page with your camera on selfie mode. 

Once you tap on the recording button in the bottom middle of the screen, you can start. Instagram will check your connection for a few seconds before your Live starts. 

Then voila! Your first Instagram Live is on. 

Preview Your Livestream in Practice Mode

Thankfully, you don’t have to start your first real Live clueless. Instagram allows you to practice on your own before you engage your audience. 

You can select the eye icon before you click on the record button. This is the last of the three icons on your left.

Then toggle from public to practice and click “Set audience.” You can do anything in this mode, play with the features and rehearse without worrying about anyone. 

Instagram Live Interactive Features

Some features can make your Instagram Lives even cooler. If you’ve never gone Live before, Instagram will give you prompts to use these features. Here are some of them. 

Add a Title: This feature gives your session a tag. This way, your audience can see what you’ll discuss as they join in. Also, you can keep tabs on your live sessions if you save them.

Add a Guest: This feature allows you to add another person to your live video. When you add a guest, your audience will view both of you on a split screen.  

Send: This feature lets you send your live video link directly to a follower while broadcasting. 

Change Camera: You can switch your camera from selfie to regular mode. The default is the selfie camera, which is helpful if you have something to show your audience. 

Share a Photo or Video: You can share a photo or video from your gallery with your audience during the live broadcast. 

Face Filters: Instagram has several filters you can use to make your live videos much more fun. You can use them to entertain your audience, especially if you don’t want your live sessions to be too formal. 

Add a Comment: You can add a comment while broadcasting or turn off comments entirely if people are arguing. This can be useful if you have trolls on your page. 

How to Appoint Mods and Set Comment Filters

Instagram allows you to moderate your comments as you wish. This is a great feature for creator accounts

You can filter out words you’d rather not see when broadcasting in Settings. 

Here’s how to do this:

  • Go to Instagram Settings and scroll down to Privacy.
  • Select Hidden Words
  • Toggle on Hide Comments
  • Go to Manage Custom Words and Phrases
  • Add words you want to filter

You can add as many words as you want and make several other adjustments to review your comments in this section. 

Best Time to Go Live on Instagram

The best time to go live on Instagram is subjective. You need to use your Analytics to gauge when your audience is usually online. This will win you more engagements. 

However, if your followers are globally spread and you can’t decide on a particular time, you may have to settle for whatever time is most convenient. 

Generally, you stand a better chance if you target the best time to post your Instagram Reels or any other content type. 

Ways to Promote Your Instagram Live Event

It’s essential to prepare your audience for your first live session. Give your followers plenty of time to tune in so they anticipate the session.

Here are some ways to promote your Live event:

  • Make a teaser post to share that you’ll be going live as a post. 
  • Create a fun flier about an upcoming live session. 
  • Engage your followers by creating a question post in your Story. You can ask them to vote on what hours they want you to hold your live session. You can also ask what topic would interest them more. 
  • Share your live event on your other social media platforms. 

Ways to Promote Your Live Event

Can You Go Live on Instagram From a Desktop PC?

It’s easier to use most of Instagram’s features, including Live, on your mobile phone. However, you can always find a way if you want to go Live on your desktop PC too. 

For this, you’ll need a third-party app to stream. Still, this violates Instagram’s terms and conditions. It’s unadvisable, especially for a first-time user. 

Key Takeaways 

Instagram Live is a great way to promote your brand and show your audience a more quirky side of yourself. So, don’t hesitate to host Live sessions, and remember:

  • Use the practice mode to improve before interacting with a real audience. 
  • Explore several features. For example, you can add a guest or create an Instagram room and bring in three more people. 
  • Study your Analytics to find the best time to go live.

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