13 Ideas for Posting on Instagram: Stories, In-Feed and Reels

June 23, 2023
Ideas for Posting on Instagram

Instagram remains a highly popular platform for customer engagement, making it crucial to have compelling ideas for posting on Instagram. Even among Gen Z, Instagram retains its appeal and outshines other platforms like TikTok, according to research.

With 90% of Instagram users following at least one business, brands have a unique opportunity to foster existing customer relationships and attract new ones.

This article will explore fresh Instagram content ideas for your account and encourage continued active engagement from your audience.

We will also cover:

  • How to create engaging content on Instagram in 3 simple steps.
  • 10+ ideas for posting on Instagram for in-feed, stories, and reels.
  • Track your post success with analytics.
  • Key takeaways.

Read on to learn more and get inspired!

Create Engaging Ideas for Posting on Instagram in 3 Steps

According to Instagram, here are some of the tips and tricks to keep in mind while creating content on Instagram.

Step 1. When creating Instagram reels, use entertaining, original videos and engage your audience. Moreover, use these tricks below: 

  • Use transitions and effects.
  • Use text in your videos.
  • Use engaging and trending audio.

Pro Tip 1: Elevate your video creation process with Publer app integrations such as Canva or VistaCreate (Crello) to seamlessly design your videos. Once complete, conveniently schedule your videos directly within the Publer tool.

Step 2. Craft an engaging caption that effectively summarizes the essence of your post once your content is prepared.

  • Start with the most essential information.
  • Maintain a consistent and personalized tone.
  • Keep the copy concise and focused.
  • Drive action with straightforward and direct text.

Pro Tip 2: Use the power of the artificial intelligence AI Assist from Publer to automatically generate engaging content for your audience.

Step 3. Add helpful hashtags to increase your visibility and enable customers to discover and explore your business.

  • Tag partners to engage them in the conversation.
  • Include your location to facilitate customer finding.
  • Experiment with product tags to simplify the purchasing process.

Pro Tip 3: Simplify the process of using relevant hashtags for your Instagram posts with Publer and save valuable time by eliminating the need for manual hashtag research.

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13 Instagram Content Ideas to Try Out!

Handling an Instagram brand account can be challenging as it requires a constant balancing act of posting at optimal times, spontaneous engagement, and continuous innovation to outsmart the algorithm. 

While it’s important to stick with what works for you, introducing new types of Instagram posts and Stories can provide a boost of inspiration and refresh your overall strategy.

Below, we give you some fresh post ideas to try for your Instagram brand account. Try some of these yourself and see how they perform.

Instagram Story Ideas

The potential ad audience on Instagram Stories is huge with million of users, so that’s a great chance to promote your products. Also, a study shows that 25% of Gen Z and Millennials use stories to find new products and services.

Let’s start with some examples:

#1 Instagram story content idea: Remote work. Here’s an example from Mailerlite on Instagram.

instagram story idea

#2 Instagram story content idea: Create a quiz by clicking on a poll on Instagram. Save this Grammarly example for later:

instagram stories

#3 Instagram story content idea: Share an in-feed post to your story.

Get to know more story ideas on Publer Instagram story highlights. Click on Story ideas and get 11 more examples to engage your audience.

Instagram In-Feed Post Ideas

Next, Instagram in-feed posts. Feed ads have a higher click-through rate (CTR) than Stories ads. It ranges between 0.22% and 0.88%.

Summer is coming, and everyone loves easy content. Here’s a cool example from Publer about summer essentials for a social media manager.

Customer reviews are always appreciated. Save this Jasper idea for your next posts.

Another post can be about updates for your products and services. Here’s a great example of “coming soon” making the audience engage and giving a feeling of FOMO.

Note: TikTok direct posting is available on Publer.

Here’s a great and creative example of Shopify on Instagram to engage even more. It received almost 200 comments.

Here’s an informative post from Semrush, but also aesthetically pleasing, so it makes you swipe to know more.

Instagram Reels Ideas

Now let’s get started with reels. The audience tends to enjoy even more video content rather than images. The potential ad audience on Instagram Reels is 758.5 million users. So below, we will share some examples you can save for later.

Here’s a new feature explained in an easy way from Figma on Instagram Reels.

Mailchimp shares their podcasts into a reel. That’s a great content idea to save for later.

A “how to” tutorial turned into a Reel. Aesthetically pleasing and informative from Canva.

A short informative video content always works well. Here’s an example from Publer, explaining why you need a social media scheduling tool.

Here’s a video dialogue from Amazon, made in a funny way.

Track Your Instagram Post Success with Analytics

Using Publer for free, you can conveniently schedule up to 15 Instagram posts daily, improve the text of your posts with AI assist, and add relevant hashtags.

Before scheduling, take advantage of the analytics feature on Publer to identify your optimal posting times. 

By monitoring post performance and engagement, you can gain valuable insights and apply successful strategies to future content. 

Still, ideas are valuable, but experiencing them yourself allows for a more enriching understanding of your brand’s audience.

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