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Top 15 Incredible Instagram Post Ideas

August 11, 2022
Top 15 Instagram Post Ideas For Your Brand 

If you’re looking to maximize Instagram for your brand, you need to understand how to leverage posts to build a presence. It can be difficult to come up with fresh, engaging content that will resonate with your audience, especially if you’re new to the platform or your products aren’t getting much traffic yet.

The best Instagram post ideas are curated based on what your audience wants to see. For businesses, this can be a great way to connect with current and potential customers. 

In this article, we’ll guide you to inspiration that will allow you to create high-quality content that fits your brand’s image and makes it easier to engage with your customers.

Social Media Holiday Calendar

Social media holidays are a new(ish) social media content strategy that brands use to make their audience participate in a cause that’s important to them. Social media holidays aren’t always serious; it’s just picking a day to be part of something with your online community. Our Instagram post ideas will surely help you with that!

Brands often ask their audiences to celebrate, educate, engage, raise a glass, or promote something using a uniform hashtag. There are new holidays every months and they can be quirky or serious. It’s an overall great way for brands to make audiences take part and invite new holiday consumers to their pages. 

Check out Publer’s Holiday Calendar for October 2022!

Check out Publer's Holiday Calendar for October 2022

Here are some benefits of social media calendars and hashtag holidays:

Brand Awareness

A social media calendar is a great way to promote your brand. You can use a unique or uniform hashtag to reach your regular viewers and unintended Instagram users. 

For example, during the May Small Business Week, small business owners could attract consumers who love to shop with small businesses, using hashtags like #blackowned, #smallbusiness, #mysmallbusiness, etc.


Social media holidays are perfect for increasing engagement, especially if your page has been in a slump for a while. The popular hashtags for a holiday will trend on that holiday, and the algorithm will collect all the posts related to it.

It’s more likely that people will stumble across your page just by checking out the hashtag, and once they check out a brand’s post using that hashtag, their Instagram Feed will automatically suggest similar pages. This makes it easier to find your page. 

For example, gyms usually use the New Year holidays to trend #NewYearNewMe and showcase resolutions. This helps many people feel motivated and engage with the post to join a challenge or share their resolution with the gym. They can then repost on Instagram Story and gain followers.  

Be A Part of The Conversation

Be part of important topics and make your voice heard on social media holidays by representing your brand to contribute to meaningful topics. 

This can inspire people and make the brand more memorable. For example, companies can celebrate Stress Awareness Day and ask employees to discuss how they cope with stress or what the company can do to help reduce stress.In 2021, New York City Council members celebrated #NationalComingOutDay to show their support for the LGBTQ+ community and foster conversations. 

Scheduling Instagram Posts

In January 2018, Instagram announced Business Profiles could schedule posts ahead of time. You can’t do this on Instagram directly. Instead, you can use third-party sites like Hootsuite and Creator Studio. 

There can be plenty of holidays to celebrate, so it can be hard for a content manager to keep up. Many have adopted a hands-free approach by scheduling posts. This helps free up your schedule and enhances your social media strategy

Scheduling Instagram Posts is Important 

Benefits from scheduling your post: 

Saves Time

Scheduling your post gives you time to work on other tasks. Scheduling allows you to set a bunch of posts up at once. This way, you don’t have to make time every day to publish your posts. 

You can also use your creative juices to create the right content and set it up at once. This is efficient and fast. But if you have to put up posts even when ideas aren’t flowing, you will likely waste a lot of time each day. 

Once you understand when your audiences come online, you can schedule your content to come up accordingly. Scheduling your posts makes content management and publishing seamless since the app will put the content out based on the outline you’ve created. This makes it convenient to track your posts and keep your page orderly.

Builds Consistency

Scheduling is one of the best ways to build consistency, which is important because it helps you keep your brand in your audience’s mind. The algorithm also favors pages with more consistent posts. 

When you schedule your posts, you can apply the same filter, build a color scheme, and paint a bigger picture for your page. These make your page more attractive to users and make it easier for them to interact. 

You can also avoid forgetting to post on busier days and meet your Instagram goals. 

Creates Balance

Scheduling your posts helps you see the overall picture at once and make necessary changes. You can analyze and critique your page from a follower’s angle. 

Scheduling posts helps you notice if you are posting content that is too similar or using the same colors and tones. You can rearrange your posts and give your page a balanced and better outlook. 

15 Instagram Post Ideas 

Promote Product Features by posting online

1. Promote Product Features

You can post about your products on your page, but do it moderately so that you don’t tire out your followers quickly. Share a peculiar feature of your product and highlight how it can benefit a specific section of your audience. 

Make sure you have great pictures and videos, as capturing your product at its best is important. You can hire a product photographer if you can afford to.

2. Share Offers and Promotions

You can share product offers from your brand. If there are special sales or discounts on good items on your website, you can advertise this by creating a colorful flier. 

Instagram allows pages with over 10,000 followers to put their website links directly on stories and posts, but you can link your website in your bio if you are still growing your page. 

15 Instagram Post Ideas 

3. Experiment With Thought Leadership

Don’t be afraid to put a voice or personality behind your brand, especially on new trending Instagram post ideas. Think about an idea or knowledge that can benefit your audience and share it with them. 

You can subtly connect your expertise or knowledge of a topic to your brand. Support this with videos, images, and sounds.

Many people share long-form thoughts on Instagram Reels or Stories and save them under a Highlight topic for users to return to.

4. Organize Contests and Giveaways

Everyone loves freebies, so you can explore this culture to gain more followers among many other Instagram post ideas. Contests allow people to engage with your brand on a large scale, which boosts brand awareness, introduces new users and drives up engagement. 

In return, you can promote a new product or a product that’s not getting enough traffic by sending it to winners. This is also free publicity for your brand. 

5. Tap Into User-Generated Content 

You don’t always have to create posts yourself. You can post content by your users, which can be as testimonials, video and image reviews, etc. New Instagram post ideas suggest also interacting and supporting your audience’s posts.

User-generated content has a 4.5% higher conversion rate than brand-generated content.  12% of online shoppers also said user-generated content reinforced their purchase decisions. AirBnBs and clothing brands use this type of content often.

This means you have more to gain with little to no effort, but ensure you get permission to repost or reshare your users’ stories first. 

6. Share Charity or Communal Work 

Sharing your charity or communal work allows people to see a human angle to your business. People who also align with these values will feel closer to your brand and more comfortable engaging with your posts. 

Besides, you can’t always post about your business. Showing that you are in touch with your local community, especially ones affiliated with your brand’s values, convinces customers they are patronizing a good brand. Communal Work is on top of trendy Instagram post ideas.

Share Your Charity or Communal Work  online

7. Post Short DIY Clips and Captions

Everyone loves to feel handy and learn a new skill. You can share a rough template for making your product or something directly connected to the service you offer. 

For example, a company that sells yarn can share a Reel on how to make a scarf in five easy steps. DIY is an interesting topic among engaging Instagram post ideas.

You don’t have to post something elaborate, but a time-lapse video can have people asking questions and engaging with your brand in the comments. 

8. Share “Behind the Scenes” Moments

Don’t be afraid to share behind-the-scenes images and clips with your followers. Social selling is about making your users feel connected to your brand. Be humble even with the simplest Instagram post ideas.

Sharing behind-the-scenes moments builds anticipation for your products ahead of the launch. Some things you can share include filtered raw-making of a product, preparations for launch, or even the factory where it all takes place.

9. Work With Influencers

Influencers are now a major part of how brands promote their products. Influencers have a large following on Instagram and are known by a certain user stereotype. In all Instagram post ideas you will need influencers.

So, for example, your company makes toothbrushes, you can send your new products to a popular Instagram dentist to try them. 

This person will charge a fee to review your products and share them with their followers. It helps you to gain a new set of followers and content you can repost for your old audience. 

Instagram influencers and enthusiasts are usually paid depending on the number of followers they have, per content specifications, or both. 

10. Share Inspiring Quotes

Quotes are one of the easiest content forms and Instagram post ideas. You can post general quotes like Monday Motivation and align them with your industry. 

You can put them in graphics form using designer tools like Canva.

11. Post Before and After Images 

If your product or service is something that has an immediate effect, you can intrigue your audience with before and after images as original and authentic Instagram post ideas.

For example, makeup brands, artists, and skincare brands post models before and after using their products.

Fitness coaches also post progress shots of clients following their routine. 

Post online many before and after Images 

12. Don’t Shy Away From Memes

Memes are relatable, and funny text forms, images, or videos that are popular on the internet and on Instagram post ideas. Memes get to everyone and are great for making your audience engage with you. 

You can find ready-to-use templates on the internet and create memes specific to your audience. 

13. “Make “Ask Me a Question” Posts

You can create a post to encourage your followers to ask you questions. This usually drives more engagement for personal brands than mega businesses and it’s highly recommended among easy to do Instagram post ideas.

It also helps you determine your followers’ wants and gives you content ideas for the following weeks. 

14. “This or That” Posts

You can share two pictures in one graphic and ask people to pick which one they prefer. This is a fantastic way listed in these Instagram post ideas to engage your audience and discover which of your products are more popular. 

15. Share How You Pack an Order 

Pack An Order With Me is a form of video content for you to show the care and love you put into each customer’s order. This is best for small business owners who pack clients’ orders themselves. 

Since you are already doing it, you might as well record and share it. 

Share online how you pack an order 

Key Takeaways 

Instagram post ideas are unlimited. You can post anything, so explore with memes, videos, your products, and trends. Schedule your posts, and use social media holidays and hashtags to help random users find your page. 

  • Use analytics to find out which of your content forms is doing well.
  • Check out the competition to find what’s driving their engagement.
  • Ensure your content form doesn’t stray far from your brand persona. 
  • Leverage Instagram Story to share more of your brand activities.  

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