The Marketers Guide: How To Get More Likes On Instagram 

December 07, 2022
how to get more likes on instagram

You clicked on this article because you want to know how to get more likes on Instagram. 

And that’s exactly what you are going to learn today.

You will also learn how the Instagram algorithm works and why Instagram likes are still more important for your business or brand than ever. 

We will give you some great tips on how to win likes and engagement packed with relatable examples.

Make sure to read until the end because we are going to share some Instagram tips and tricks that you shouldn’t miss.

Are Instagram Likes Still Important?

Simply, yes! Instagram likes are important. The main reason is that the Instagram algorithm prioritizes accounts with higher engagement.

This means more likes and comments you receive, more people will see your posts.

Even though you can hide Instagram likes in your feed, which means other people can’t see, the Instagram algorithm still continues to work like it always has. 

How To Get More Likes On Instagram Without Buying Them: 12 Smart Strategies

Sometimes is hard to create viral content, that can hit a lot of likes. Not every time we share content that works. But by following some rules and being consistent you can really make your brand stand out. 

Follow these strategies, and make people double-tap your posts!

Include Popular and Local Hashtags

Using local hashtags is an awesome strategy to reach potential customers closer to you.

There is a great chance you can connect with people near you or accounts who are actually interested in your content.

Reels, Reels, and More Reels

Everyone enjoys Reels! The short-form video content has taken over social media which will get you far more visibility and better reach.

how to get more likes on instagram

Including Reels in your content strategy may help you go viral if you are posting the right content. 

Pro Tip: Stay on top of trends and post them earlier. Have fun with reels, add some viral music, and experiment with plenty of ideas.

Have a Consistent Post Schedule

Whatever you’re posting about, you need to be uploading consistently! I know it sounds hard to post manually on Instagram every day. But you do not have to worry about that if you got Publer. 

Scheduling posts with Publer

You can use Publer and post not only on Instagram but you can also easily schedule and manage your posts for Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google Business, YouTube, WordPress & Telegram. Is that easy! 

But since we are talking about Instagram, here is an example of how you can schedule Reels on Instagram: 

how to get more likes on instagram

Another important strategy that we are going to talk about right after is Instagram Stories. So here is how you can easily schedule Instagram Stories with Publer:

scheduling Instagram stories with Publer

Get Creative With Instagram Stories

As we discussed just before, Instagram Stories are also very important and easy to create. Stories are 24-hour content until you decide to put them to your highlights, as illustrated in the image below. 

We suggest you add your post to your story to drive engagement. But don’t just post straight away. Instead, you want to spark a bit of interest from your audience.

You can do that by explaining your post, adding Gifs, putting a sticker related to your topic or using an emoji. Just make it more fun! 

Simply encourage your audience to engage with your story!

Take Your Photos to a New Level

Make content that grabs attention. Use filters and take pictures of high quality. Maintain a consistent style.

Pro Tip: Make sure there isn’t too much going on in the background when taking pictures with your smartphone’s camera in order to get the most out of it.

Stick with the filter that makes your photos stand out the most. Using the same filter on all of your photos enhances your visual identity and makes it easier for your followers to identify your photos in their crowded feeds.

Leverage User-Generated Content

User-generated content (UGC) is content made by people beyond the business. It’s made by people who love your brand. 

This is one of the advantages you should be posting now on your social media. So, do so and repost their content, giving them credit.

Create an “Enter-To-Win” Contest or Giveaway

Running a giveaway is one of the best ways of getting more likes on Instagram.

Creating a contest or giveaway

To do so, give your supporters clear and exact what they must do. If members need to find various ways to enter, ensure to make the guidelines as straightforward as it can be expected.

Include Your Location to Posts

We suggest you consider adding a location to your post (Reels, Stories). You can likewise add your area with an Instagram Story sticker also. This assists your accounts with popping in the feeds of those close by or in that precise area.

Including location to posts

People searching for content close to them will probably find your posts, and you will have an opportunity to get more likes.

Make Captions Compelling

Well, the second idea for you is to make sure that you structure your post so that it’s designed to get more engagement. What do we mean by this? 

A mistake many people are still making is writing long-form captions that people don’t get through. People don’t read the whole thing. So if you want to increase engagement on that post, instead of writing a long caption that people might not read.

Do Competitor Research

Similarly, as you ought to know who your ideal interest group is, you really want to be aware and who your competitors are. This may assist you in creating a new strategy.

Look at what they’re posting, and look at what people enjoy liking or commenting on. Adjust that content to match your own style.

Tag Friends and Relevant Users

Tag your friends, brands, or influencers on your Instagram feed. The tagged photo will show up in others people feeds or stories. This will allow your content to appear to different crowds. 

Again, more offers, and more likes, implies greater engagement.

Grow Your Following With BTS Content

Backstage content is always thrilling. Everyone is curious what’s happening in the back of these sparkling videos. And that’s how you are going to win more followers and likes. 

how to get more likes on instagram

You can share the BTS content through Instagram Stories, feed, Reels, and IG Live, however lengthy you’d like.

Key Takeaways 

Let’s quickly remind the most important strategies you should use, and make those people double-tap your content!

  • Instagram likes are important because more likes and comments you receive, more people will see your posts.
  • Use local hashtags and reach potential customers closer to you.
  • Easily schedule and manage you Instagram posts, reels and stoires with Publer.
  • Add your post to your story to drive engagement.
  • Maintain a consistent style so people recognize your brand.
  • Do competitor research.

What strategy are you struggling with? Did today’s article help you? Tell us in the comments!

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