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November 17, 2022
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Have you noticed the TikTok-like feature on Instagram called Reels?  It’s quickly becoming one of the most popular ways to consume content on the platform. Reels generate about 67% more engagement than regular videos, and brands are taking notice.

But is publishing Reels content enough? The answer is no. You also need to monitor your Instagram Reels’ metrics to understand how your Reels perform. This will help you understand what your audience wants and how they engage with your content.

Of course, anyone can quickly see the number of likes and views your videos have garnered, but that’s not enough, especially if you want to monetize Instagram. You need deeper insights.

In this article, we’ll discuss the Instagram Reel insights you should keep track of and how you can use these metrics to boost engagement.

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Instagram Reel Insights: Metrics You Should Be Tracking

Instagram has released Live video insights and Reels analytics to help brands and people understand how their content performs under these features, which can also help content creators earn money on the platform. You can access data and stats to compare your engagement in a well-rounded manner.

So, what stats can you track using Instagram Reels analytics? Here are the key metrics you can view:

Plays: The number of times your Reel was played.

Likes: The number of individual accounts have liked your post.

Shares: The number of users have shared your post, either to their Story or other Instagram users. 

Plays: The number of times people played your Reels. 

Comments: The number of comments your post received. 

Saves: The number of users who have saved your post. 

Accounts Reached: The number of individual accounts that viewed your post at least once. 

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Advantages of Tracking Instagram Reel Insights

Instagram Reels Insights can transform how you use videos to interact with your followers. Most people pay more attention to video content, and knowing exactly how to explore that will push your brand ahead. 

Here are some key advantages of tracking your Instagram Reels insights:

  • Provides a clear view of what’s working and what’s not. 
  • You can test filters, trends, visual styles, etc., with immediate feedback from Insights. 
  • You can check out different Reels lengths to decide which length drives better engagement with your content and audience. 
  • Learn the best time to post on your Instagram.
  • Discover which content format your audience resonates with. 

With data-driven choices, you can see an immediate increase in your brand engagement.

How to View Instagram Reel Insights

Instagram allows you to view insights on boosted and organic Reels under the Insights category, but you’ll need a business or creator account.

If you don’t have a professional account, don’t worry! Switching to a professional account is easy, and you don’t even need to be verified on Instagram yet. Just go to Settings and change your account type.

Viewing Instagram Reel Insights for Individual Reels

Here’s how to check the analytics for a specific Reel on Instagram:

  • Go to your profile page.
  • Click on the Reels tab on your profile.
  • Select the Reel whose metrics you want to view. 
  • Tap’ View Insights’ below the Reel. 

From here, you’ll be able to see the number of likes, comments, saves, shares, etc., on that post. 

Accessing Basic Insights for Your Instagram Reels

When you’re checking out a single Reel, it’s easy to get caught up in whether the metrics for that day were affected by pure luck or circumstances. But when you step back and check the overview, you can get a better sense of what’s going on.

Overview lets you see what’s working and what has changed with time. You can access this by doing the following:

  • Go to your Instagram profile page.
  • Click on the Insights button. This will show you an overview of all the Reels insights. 
  • You can adjust the overview to cover 7, 14, or 30 days. 

How to View Instagram Reel Insights With Publer 

If you’re only using the in-app analytics available on Instagram, you might be missing out on the feedback you need to propel your brand further and faster. 

Great news, Publer is here to save the day. 

Publer Analytics - Instagram Reel Insights

If you have a Publer business account, you can view in-depth insights on your Instagram reels right from your dashboard. 

Success comes from understanding, and Publer Analytics gives you access to the information you need to get real results. 

Find out more about using Publer to schedule in our guide for tracking and managing your Instagram Reels.

4 Tips to Boost Engagement with Instagram Reels

Now that you’re a pro at using Instagram Reels insights, we’ll share some tips on how to get more people to see and engage with your Reels.

Hop On Trends

The Reels feature is a great way to get on board with the latest video trends. You can make your videos more engaging and fun by replicating popular formats.

For example, you can add audio or transitions to make your Reels stand out. The algorithm will also help get your Reels in front of users who are already interested in the trend.

Use On-Screen Captions 

You might be surprised to learn that many people watch Reels on mute and miss out on vital information. But don’t worry; there’s a way to get around this.

Did you know you can add captions to your Reels? Just click the sticker button in the top corner after you’ve recorded and click ‘Captions.’ This is a great way to ensure that your more-educational Reels are understood by everyone.

Use Popular Audios/ Music

With Reels, you can use trending songs or voiceovers by other creators that have gone viral. The songs are usually the same ones that have trended on TikTok.

Still, it works well. You can find trending audio by scrolling and browsing videos on the Reels tab. The right videos will usually have a little arrow beside them where you can save the audio till you need it.

Use Hashtags

Instagram users often visit the explore page to find content daily, and hashtags help the algorithm in placing you under the right Users’ explore options.

Find and use hashtags relevant to your niche and watch as the algorithm helps new users discover your Reels. 

Key Takeaways 

Instagram Reels insights from Publer are key to becoming Insta-famous! By understanding which metrics to pay attention to, you can make strategic decisions about your content that will help you attract new followers. 

  • Monitor both specific Reels metrics and overview at least once in two weeks.  
  • Use insights to discover the best time to post on your page. 
  • Be consistent with your posts to gain better chances with the algorithm.

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