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Grow Your Brand With These Top 15 Key Metrics To Track Using Instagram Analytics

December 28, 2022
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If you have been posting to your Instagram page but haven’t seen the engagement you wanted, Instagram Analytics can help you understand what’s happening and what you can do about it.

Want to know how many users are viewing your content? Check your Reach. Unsure how many people are actually clicking like and share? View your Engagement.

Numbers don’t lie, and looking at your post and account performances can help you improve your strategy and get the desired outcomes.

In this article, we’ll go over the key metrics you can use to track and generate results for your business.

What are Instagram Analytics and why are they so important for growth?

Instagram analytics lets you monitor key metrics that will show how your brand is doing. This provides valuable insights into your audience and helps you adjust your strategy for maximum effectiveness.

Setting clear goals is essential to making the most of Instagram Analytics, and by taking advantage of the data provided, you can ensure your content aligns with your brand and create relevant campaigns to encourage engagement from your audiences.

15 Important Instagram Analytics to Track

Instagram Analytics can provide you with all the data you need so you can focus on what matters to your brand. To help you make the most of the platform, here are 15 key metrics to keep track of:

Instagram Analytics: Account

  • Engagement rate is the percentage of total engagement relative to your total reach. It measures the amount of interaction your content gets from your followers.
  • Follower growth rate measures how fast you’re earning or losing followers. On average, the ideal monthly follower growth rate is 0.67%.
  • Website referral traffic refers to the number of visitors to your website from Instagram. 
  • Ideal times to post identifies the best posting schedules for Reels, Stories, and posts.
  • Audience demographics are not part of the key metrics, but they are an important factor in ensuring that the content you post is tailored to the interests of your followers.

Instagram Analytics: Stories

  • Story engagement rate calculates how many people engage with your stories in relation to your total reach.
  • Completion rate shows how many people viewed your Story until the end, indicating the rapport you’ve built with your followers.

Instagram Analytics: Reels

  • Reel shares count the total users who have shared your Reel. 
  • Reel interactions gather audience insights, including the total likes, comments, shares, and saves.
  • Drop-off rate measures how many users don’t finish watching your Reel. 
  • Views vs. TikTok compares total Reel views to a relevant TikTok video.

Instagram Analytics: Feed Post

  • Post engagement rate gives you an idea of how your followers responded to a particular post, measured as a percentage.
  • Post comment rate tracks the number of comments you receive in relation to the number of reach you have. 
  • Impressions identify the overall number of times your posts were shown to users.
  • Reach determines how many people have seen your posts. Posting engaging content is the key to expanding your reach.

How to Access Your Instagram Analytics on Mobile

Tracking Instagram Analytics on mobile is ideal if you need to scan relevant data for your brand quickly. You can’t generate it into a report, but it’s still helpful to see how well your content is performing.

Here’s how you can open Instagram Analytics on mobile:

  1. From the Instagram app, go to your profile and tap Professional dashboard. 
  2. Look for Account Insights from the dashboard and click See All. You can check your content overview, accounts reached, total engagement and followers, and total shared posts. 
  3. From the top menu, select a specific timeframe to view results. Click the right arrow next to each category to know more about each metric.

How to Access Your Instagram Analytics on Desktop

Tracking Instagram Analytics on desktop lets you get the most out of your data and track your growth rate. You can compare results and create custom reports to showcase your campaign goals. Accessing Instagram analytics on your desktop involves selecting “View Insights” on your post to view total user interactions such as likes, comments, saves, direct message shares, and profile visits.

For more data, go to Meta Business Suite and select Insights. From the overview screen, go to the Content section under the left menu and uncheck the Facebook options to get Instagram-specific metrics.

How to View and Generate Instagram Analytics Reports With Publer 

publer analytics

Image Source: Publer

Using a reliable third-party tool like Publer can help you get a better grasp of the data you gather on Instagram. Publer is a social media tool that helps manage your content and gain insight into their performance.

With this tool, you can get customized reports to put your data to good use. Here’s how to view and generate reports using Publer:

  • Go to Analytics and choose Instagram to see your account insights. 
  • Select a custom time range to access performance metrics. The default range is for the past seven days. 
  • You can get real-time analytics which refreshes every 24 hours. To manually refresh data, click Sync Insights.

Publer lets you track statistics like Reach, Post Engagement, and Best Times to Post. You can also easily view the total engagement by hovering over the progress bars on Post Insights.

Plus, you can get automated reports sent depending on the frequency of time you prefer. To update the schedule of the automated reports: 

  • Go to Settings and click Notifications. 
  • Choose the frequency to be weekly, monthly, or never by scrolling down to Analytics. 

Each report gets sent to your assigned email for easy reference. If you have multiple accounts, Publer lets you access mini-reports for each social account. You can also download the reports manually if you don’t want to receive automated ones. 

Key Takeaways

Instagram analytics can provide you with a great amount of data to help you understand your followers, and advanced tools such as Publer can help you analyze the most important metrics for your business in greater detail.

  • Increase engagement
  • Increase views for Reels and Stories
  • Grow follower count 
  • Expand reach and impressions
  • Convert clicks into website visits
  • Convert leads into actual customers 

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