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May 12, 2022

Are you planning on growing your followers base and need new Giveaway ideas? We’ve got plenty!

First of all, it is important to focus your attention on the strategy to be implemented. If you don’t follow what we call the best practices of a giveaway, your efforts could be thwarted and your initiative could even prove counterproductive.

What are these best practices when implementing these Giveaway Ideas?

Let’s take a look at them together!

As a primary step, make sure to write a clear and detailed description. While preparing it pay attention to:

  • The rules
  • What people need to do to be eligible to participate
  • Any restrictions for certain categories of users
  • What is the prize
  • The deadline
  • The date you will announce the winner
  • Clearly state: if you follow these rules, you will fall within the Instagram guidelines dedicated to this type of business.

If you start studying how others develop these Giveaways, you can be sure that you will not fail in the preparation of yours.

What do your followers want to receive?

Another key thing is to make sure you offer relevant rewards to attendees. If you focus on prizes that can have significant value for whoever wins them, you could make your initiative go viral and dramatically increase the audience to whom news of your brand will reach.

If, on the other hand, the products you offer are not of interest to your audience, the contest is an initiative that, in the long run, could bring you negative, rather than positive, effects. You risk making your brand irrelevant in the eyes of the public.

Also, attendees may stop following you immediately afterwards and not let the news spread among their friends, which is what you want to happen. Choose the right rewards, invest a few more resources in these Giveaway Ideas, and you will see that you will get really satisfying results.

If you don’t have a lot of money to invest in it, you can always try to partner with a brand that produces the prizes you would like to give away. Make sure you guarantee the brand, in the proposal, adequate advertising and high visibility by inserting the name of the brand in the description of the competition.

The last point you need to pay attention to, is how to announce the giveaway. Usually, the most effective way is to publish a post that quickly and intuitively defines the terms of the competition.

Take a look at our Giveaway Ideas

Gift Card

Gift cards also offer an easy way to reward customers and increase future business.

Coupon code

If you run an e-commerce store, you can offer a simple coupon code to give the winner (s) a percentage off their next purchase. This also makes it easier for you to organize a contest with multiple winners.

Free gift with purchase

You can encourage future purchases by offering an extra gift to accompany the customer’s next purchase. Offer a code to the winners, allowing them to show to the cashier to receive the prize, or give them printable certificates that they can present to you in the store.

A new product as Giveaway Idea?!

The most direct type of giveaway is simply to offer one of your products for free. Bonus points if you just posted a new one and can use a giveaway to create some buzz.

Product discount

If you offer larger products or a variety of different items, you may also be offering a significant amount discount on the winner’s next purchase.

Personalised product

You can make your prize even more personal to the winner by offering customized products. For example, if you have a fashion brand, you can offer monogrammed items or even allow customers to choose their own colors and other style elements.

Giveaway Ideas

One year worth of products

If you have a restaurant or similar business where people could visit or shop forever, you could offer a year’s worth of products to the winner. This could be something like one pizza a week or a coffee a day all year round.

Free service

Service-based businesses can also run successful giveaways. If you have an auto repair shop, you can give a free oil change. If you are a hairdresser, you can give a free cut and color. If you are a home hardware company, offer a new mailbox.

Updated service

Offer an upgrade to people who purchase entry-level services. So instead of simply offering a free haircut, you could offer free makeup services to contest the winners who purchase hair services.

Partner products can make a great Giveaway option

You can give away products that don’t come from your business, but from other companies you work with. For example, if you have a local children’s clothing store, you can partner with a local toy store that shares roughly the same target audience and gift some of their products to broaden the audience of both companies.

Partner products can make a great Giveaway option

Travel and rewards package

You could also offer a vacation in addition to some products. For example, if you own a sporting goods store, you could put together a package of hiking and rock climbing equipment and then offer a trip to the mountains.

Dinner and a movie

Offer small-scale experiences. Dinner and movie gift cards are a great option for many, especially local businesses.

Spa packages are amongst the favourite Giveaway awards

And everyone loves a great relaxing spa experience. So you could gift a treatment or gift card to a local spa or salon as part of a giveaway.

Local experiences

You could also gift other fun local experiences to attract customers to your area. Examples could include tickets to concerts, sporting events, museum tickets, admission to trade fairs or similar attractions.

Product Naming Rights

Sometimes all it takes is to offer fans public recognition. For example, you could host a product naming giveaway. Then you can recognize the person offering the best suggestion by recognizing the person on your page and using their choice of name.

Free advertising

For B2B companies, you can also give away free advertising as a reward. Feature the winning business or entrepreneur on your website, blog, or in a newsletter.

free advertising giveaway Ideas

Model opportunity

You can offer your followers the opportunity to be featured in your ads or social media posts. To do this, you can invite the winner to a photo/video session or ask people to submit photos and then include your favorites in your marketing materials.

VIP treatment

Give your customers a special experience. For example, if you own a restaurant, you can gift a personalized meal and let the winners sit at a special “chef’s table” near the kitchen.

Product testing opportunities

If you’re dating a new product line, you might be using these giveaways as a way to find product testers. Offer new products before they are available for purchase as an exclusive opportunity. And give the participants the opportunity to offer their contribution.

Beta invites

Likewise, if your business creates software or online platforms, you can offer invitations for beta testers if you have a significant following who would like the opportunity.

In summary: The most important things to keep in mind when projecting your Giveaway

When preparing these types of contests, simply having Giveaway Ideas may not be enough. First of all you should clearly determine your goals. Secondly, you should choose a platform and a prize relevant to your brand. Design the contest and choose whether to use proprietary content or user generated content. Remember to promote your giveaway everywhere and always choose a worthy prize. If you want to learn more on how to organise a giveaway, on this article Tips To Organizing A Successful Giveaway we unfold all the Do’s and Don’ts, and go into detail about each rule, from our own experience. Happy reading!

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