43 Instagram Hacks, Features & Tips You Should Use in 2024

June 21, 2024

Instagram hacks are designed to help you navigate the Instagram platform with ease and achieve better results with minimal effort.

With over 2 billion monthly active users, it can be difficult for businesses to make their mark on this intensely popular social media platform. Fortunately, the key to your success could lie in the features already available on Instagram; you just need to learn how to leverage them properly in your social media strategy.

In today’s article, we share over 40 Instagram hacks to help broaden your reach, grow your followers, and maximize your performance on the platform.

5 General Instagram Hacks

While the Instagram interface is quite straightforward and intuitive, there are some features that you may be overlooking. These general Instagram hacks aim to help improve your overall experience on the platform.

#1. Save Your Favorite Posts

Most users are aware that you can save your favorite posts on Instagram, but did you know that you can also create separate collections for your saved posts? This simple Instagram hack will allow you to organize your posts by category and make it easier to find a specific post later on.

It’s quite easy to do as well. Simply go to your profile, tap the three-line icon in the upper right corner of the screen, and click Saved. Here, you’ll find all your saved posts under the All Posts album.

To create a separate album, tap the Plus icon in the upper right corner and set the name for your new collection.

selected images on instagram
saved images on instagram

Click Next and select the posts you want to add to the album. When done, your new collection should show up next to the All Posts album.

#2. Turn On Notifications for Other Accounts

If you manage multiple social media accounts on Instagram, turning on notifications for your other profiles is a good idea. This Instagram hack will allow you to address comments and reply to messages in a timely manner.

To turn on push notifications on Instagram, you first need to have the setting enabled on your phone.

notification settings - instagram hacks
push notifications

Then, tap the three-line icon in your profile and select Settings and privacy. Under How you use Instagram, click Notifications, then select the types of notifications you want to receive, such as:

  • Posts, stories, and comments
  • Messages
  • Following and followers
  • Email notifications
  • Shopping

#3. Manage Liked Posts

Your liked posts on Instagram are one of the top ranking signals for the Instagram algorithm, meaning they will affect the content on your feed. Fortunately, you’ll be able to see all your liked posts and improve the recommended content on your feed with this Instagram hack.

Navigate to your profile and click the three-line icon in the top right corner. Tap Your activity, then select Likes, and you’ll see all the Instagram posts you have liked. You can review your liked posts, remove the likes on some of them, or move them to your Saved collection.

Instagram activity - instagram hacks
Interactions on Instagram

#4. Move Posts to the Archive

If you plan to change your profile’s aesthetic and have some old posts that don’t match your desired visual, you can move them to the archives instead of deleting them. With this Instagram hack, you don’t lose any of the likes and engagement that you received from that post.

Instagram hacks
Instagram archive

Plus, if you decide to follow a different Instagram grid layout in the future, you’ll be able to use and reshare archived posts on your profile whenever you want instead of having to post them all over again.

#5. Customize the Content on Your Feed

Aside from managing your liked posts, this Instagram hack allows you to control what content and profiles appear on your Instagram feed.

You’ll find your content preferences by tapping the three-line icon in your profile and navigating to Suggested content. Here, you can add specific keywords and phrases you don’t want to come across, as well as manage the amount of political and sensitive content on your feed.

Instagram hacks
Content preferences

If you want to mute a specific account that you follow, visit their profile, tap the Following button, and select Mute. Then, you can choose the type of content that you want to mute, such as posts, notes, and Stories.

7 Instagram Hacks for Sharing Content

With these Instagram hacks for sharing content, you can improve your post’s visibility and visual appeal and streamline your posting schedule.

#1. Hide Hashtags on Your Posts and Stories

This simple Instagram hack will help boost your content’s discoverability while maintaining its visual appeal. Using hashtags in your posts helps the algorithm rank your content, but these can be distracting for casual viewers. Plus, they can make your content look inauthentic and promotional.

By hiding the hashtags, you can enjoy their benefits for the algorithm while keeping your posts optimized for the viewer. We find that the best way to hide hashtags in your posts is by using the Instagram dots method. To do this, compose your caption as usual, then add 3-5 dots before listing your hashtags.

Instagram caption - Instagram hacks

Meanwhile, the hashtags in your Stories can be easily camouflaged by mimicking the color of your media’s background.

Instagram hacks
Editing an Instagram story

If you want to learn about the best ways to do this, check out our comprehensive guide on how to hide hashtags on Instagram posts—we show you how to conceal hashtags on not only posts but Stories and Reels as well.

#2. Turn Your Feed Into an Online Shop

This Instagram hack can be a game-changer for e-commerce businesses on the platform. To turn your Instagram feed into an online shop, simply tag your products in your posts, and when users click on a post, they’ll be instantly redirected to your website.

With over 70% of social media users using Instagram for shopping inspiration, creating a seamless shopping experience on your profile will help drive traffic to your website and convert followers into customers.

#3. Use the Right Hashtags

With the right Instagram hashtags, it’ll be easier for the algorithm to connect you with people who are genuinely interested in your content.

We find that the best strategy for this Instagram hack is to use a mix of generally popular and specific hashtags to reach a wider audience while still targeting your main demographic.

Finding the right hashtags, though, can be time-consuming. If you’re on a time crunch, consider utilizing tools that simplify this entire process, like Publer’s hashtag analysis feature.

#4. Experiment with Different Posts

While it’s important to know what works for your brand and your audience to maintain a fresh and engaging feed, we recommend diversifying your posts. From experimenting with different content formats to styles, this Instagram hack can help you attract new followers while keeping your existing audience interested.

You can try following current social media trends or testing different posting times to see if these would resonate with your audience. Afterward, be sure to analyze each post’s performance and refine your content strategy accordingly.

#5. Utilize External Editing Tools

While the Instagram app already has a great selection of editing tools, if you want to further elevate your content, you need to try this Instagram hack.

External editing tools like Adobe Lightroom or Canva offer advanced editing features to enhance the visual appeal of your photos and videos. Just be mindful of the recommended Instagram post dimensions when using an external app to keep your visuals optimized for the platform.

#6. Add Emojis to Post Captions

Since Instagram captions have a limited character count, using emojis in your posts is an effective way to express yourself clearly and add more context

Emojis also make your captions more visually appealing and can even be used to separate the caption from your hashtags for a cleaner look. Just make sure the emojis you use are contextually relevant and aligned with your branding.

Aside from these benefits, research by Ko et al. (2022) in Computers in Human Behavior found that using emojis in both user-generated and brand-related content positively affects engagement rates.

#7. Plan and Schedule Content in Advance

If you want to save time and build a consistent posting schedule on Instagram, consider this Instagram hack. Planning your content ahead of time will help you maintain a strong presence on Instagram, even during busy periods!

Using a social media scheduling tool like Publer can help you stay organized and ensure that you are publishing a healthy variety of content. It also allows you to align your content with any upcoming events or holidays, ensuring that your posts are always timely and relevant to your audience.

5 Instagram Profile Hacks & Tips

Phone showing an Instagram feed

Research by Willis and Todorov (2006) in Psychological Science revealed that it only takes 1/10 of a second for people to form a first impression of a stranger, and social media profiles are no different.

Profile visitors can make snap judgments about your brand based on the first elements they see on your profile, which is why creating a good first impression is crucial. These Instagram profile tips will help elevate your profile and allow you to stand out from the competition.

#1. Promote Other Instagram Accounts on Your Bio

The bio is one of the first things that users see when they visit your profile, so if you have other Instagram accounts, this is the perfect place to promote them. By following this Instagram hack, you can highlight them in your bio to direct traffic to these profiles.

To do this, simply tap Edit Profile and enter the usernames you want to link in your bio. Make sure to add an @ symbol before each username to make it clickable.

#2. Manage Tagged Photos

Getting tagged in photos and videos can be a great way to gain user-generated content (UGC). However, your tagged posts are visible to anyone who visits your profile, so it’s important to manage this area properly. After all, you don’t want your account to be tagged in a random post that can have negative effects and associations.

This Instagram hack involves pre-approving your tagged posts so you can maintain your profile’s branding and professionalism while keeping UGC posts. All you need to do is go to Settings and privacy, then scroll down to Tags and mentions, and select Manually approve tags.

Instagram hacks
Instagram tags and mentions

#3. Add Multiple External Links to Bio

Aside from promoting other Instagram accounts, you can also showcase your website, blog, or any other external link in your bio. This Instagram hack utilizes the platform’s built-in feature, allowing you to add up to five links in your bio.

All you need to do is click on Edit profile and tap Links. You can choose to link your Instagram to a Facebook page or add an external link. Since Instagram caters to a younger demographic, this is an excellent way to promote your Facebook page and reach a wider audience.

Profile editing - Instagram hacks
Instagram links section

#4. Pin Top-Performing Posts

If you have any posts that went viral or generated significant likes and engagement, consider pinning them to the top of your profile. This Instagram hack involves highlighting your best posts to leave a strong and positive impression on users who view your profile.

To pin a post, click on the three-dot icon in the upper right corner of the post and select Pin to your profile.

Instagram hacks
Instagram hacks

#5. Use Keywords in Your Bio

This Instagram hack involves optimizing your profile for Instagram SEO by adding relevant keywords to your bio. This is a surefire way to improve your reach and ensure your profile appears in Instagram’s search results.

Carefully consider what keywords are most relevant for your brand and add them to your profile’s bio. This will help your profile rank for these keywords and provide information to casual profile visitors.

7 Instagram Stories Hacks & Features

Posting an Instagram Story can do wonders for your brand’s success on the platform. These Instagram hacks for Stories are designed to improve your engagement rates and views and allow you to utilize Stories more effectively in your social media strategy.

#1. Utilize Instagram Notes

This Instagram hack uses one of the app’s newest features: Instagram Notes. These allow brands to share short statuses with their followers that disappear after 24 hours.

While only limited to 60 characters, Notes can be a very effective way to catch your audience’s attention. These are permanently featured at the top of the messages tab, which means there’s a high chance that your audience will see them when checking their messages.

Instagram story section

Source: Meta

Because of their visibility, notes are perfect for teasing new content, announcing updates, or posing questions to encourage engagement.

#2. Create Highlights

What makes Instagram Stories so popular is their limited availability. After all, once the 24 hours are up, there’s no way for your audience to view them again. Unless you add them to your profile’s Highlights, that is.

Instagram Highlights are located just above the posts on your profile and can be a great way to showcase products, answer Q&A’s, and highlight important client testimonials that you previously shared in your Stories.

Instagram story highlights

These are videos that you actually want your audience to be able to rewatch, as they can provide information about your brand and service and emphasize your credibility. You can even change each Highlight’s cover image to provide more context to their content and maintain your profile’s aesthetic.

#3. Add Music to Your Stories

Adding music to Instagram Stories will help you grab your audience’s attention and gain more likes and interactions.

According to Facebook, mobile users spend only 1.7 seconds on a piece of content before scrolling to the next one. While this statistic is based on their News Feed, it’s highly likely that the same principle applies to other social media feeds like Instagram.

With this Instagram hack, you immediately pique the viewer’s interest, which can help increase their watch time. To add background music to your Story, simply tap the music icon and choose a song.

Adding music to Instagram story

If you want to feature the track in your Story instead, tap the Sticker icon and select the Music sticker.

Instagram hacks

#4. Record Stories Hands-Free

Using hands-free mode to record your videos is a simple way to enhance the quality of your Instagram Stories. Normally, you use one hand to hold the phone when recording, which can limit your movement. But with this Instagram hack, you can express yourself much more effectively with gestures and props, creating a more immersive and engaging Story.

Hands-free recording

#5. Use Custom Fonts

While Instagram already has a great selection of fonts, if you really want to make your Stories stand out, consider using special fonts in your content. There are plenty of free font tools online that you can use to generate eye-catching fonts to enhance your Story’s visual appeal.

#6. Use Stories to Promote Your Instagram Posts and Reels

Make sure your audience knows every time you make a new post by promoting it in your Instagram Stories. Posts can easily get buried by the algorithm, so your followers might miss them in the feed. But by sharing your post in your Stories, you can notify your audience and encourage views and interactions.

To share a post or Reel to your Story, tap on the arrow icon at the bottom of the post and select Add to story. Then, customize your Story as usual to make it more visually appealing for viewers.

sharing a post to your stories
sharing a post to your stories

#7. Add Stickers to Your Stories

Instagram has an extensive selection of stickers that you can add to Stories to make them more fun and engaging. From questions and quizzes to links and polls, there’s no shortage of stickers to use in your Stories to encourage interactions.

In addition to increasing clicks and reactions, these stickers can help you gain important insight from your audience. For instance, if you’re launching new products, you can use poll stickers to determine which one your audience is most excited about. You can then use this information to guide your strategy and achieve a more successful launch.

Instagram Captions

Meanwhile, other stickers, like hashtags and Add Yours, can help with your Story’s discoverability. You can even create a custom location on Instagram and add it to your post using the Location sticker to improve reach and generate even more engagement.

7 Instagram Reels Hacks & Tips

Instagram Reels are already the most engaging content format on the platform, garnering up to 22% more interactions compared to traditional video posts. With these Instagram hacks for Reels, you can boost this number further and enjoy better brand visibility.

#1. Add Closed Captions

Adding captions to Instagram Reels improves your content’s accessibility for hearing-impaired audiences. But, aside from this, this Instagram hack can also help increase your reach among general social media users.

In fact, a survey by Verizon Media and Publicis Media found that around 83% of social media users watch videos with the sound off. Another 37% said that captions encouraged them to turn the sound on because it made the video more interesting.

Fortunately, you can easily add captions to your Instagram Reels directly on the app. After shooting your Reel, tap the Sticker icon on the header and select the Captions sticker to generate subtitles for your content automatically.

Instagram stickers
Instagram hacks - captions

#2. Use Instagram’s In-App Tools

Aside from filters and stickers, Instagram also has several in-app editing tools for Reels. A great feature to try is the green screen tool, which allows you to use any image as the background of your choice when shooting your Reel.

The align tool is another awesome feature that lets you create seamless transitions while filming. Reels also have a hands-free feature and a countdown timer to simplify how you shoot your content.

With this Instagram hack, all you need is a spark of creativity, and you’ll be able to create quality Reels easily.

#3. Schedule Instagram Reels

You can target the best times to post Instagram Reels and achieve better visibility and engagement on the platform with this Instagram hack.

Since video content can take more time and effort to make, scheduling your Instagram Reels in advance can help you establish a more consistent posting schedule and improve your social media presence in the long run.

To further maximize this hack’s benefit, consider creating your Reels in batches and using a complete scheduling tool like Publer to bulk-schedule your posts. With a backlog of content ready to be published, you ensure that your feed stays active even when you’re too busy to post.

#4. Create a Custom Thumbnail

While Reels are great for engagement, a blurred cover image can ruin your Instagram feed. Fortunately, you can maintain your brand’s aesthetic with this Instagram hack.

To use a custom cover for your Reel, you can choose a specific frame from the video or create a completely different image to use as your video’s thumbnail. Then, before uploading your Reel, simply select the new image as the cover.

You can use Publer’s Instagram visual planner to preview your feed beforehand and ensure that your cover aligns with your current aesthetic.

#5. Leverage Trending Music

Aside from making your content more engaging, adding music to your Instagram Reels is an effective way to improve its visibility.

Trending music on Instagram

Using trending elements in your post is an important ranking signal for the Instagram algorithm and can help your Reel appear more consistently in the Reels tab. Additionally, if a user clicks on the sound, your video will show up under it, increasing its visibility.

#6. Use Templates

Templates can speed up your content workflow and help you create quality and engaging Reels in seconds. There are two ways to go about this Instagram hack: by using someone else’s Reels as a template or by using Instagram’s native templates.

To use someone else’s Reel as your template, tap the three-dot icon in the bottom right corner of the post and select Use as template. Then, follow the instructions to customize it to your liking. Keep in mind, however, that this feature will not be available for all Reels.

Instagram hacks - templates
Instagram hacks

To use Instagram’s templates, tap on the Plus icon and select Reel. Then, tap Templates from the options at the top of the screen. Now, simply select the one you want and follow the on-screen instructions.

Adding a new reel
Reel templates

If none of these templates fit your vision, you can also use an external editing tool like Canva to create your Reels. Canva has a vast library of creative templates that are free to use and can elevate your video’s appeal.

If you use Publer to streamline your social media workflow, you’ll be happy to know that our platform has Canva integration. So, you can create your Reels and schedule them all on one platform, significantly improving your efficiency.

#7. Create Reels in Vertical Format

When creating Instagram Reels, make sure you shoot your content in a vertical format that’s optimized for mobile screens. While this Instagram hack may seem more obvious than others on this list, some creators still post Reels with a landscape orientation, which can detract from their audience’s viewing experience. 

By following the right format and Instagram Reel size, you can ensure that your published content is always of the highest quality, resulting in more engagements.

7 Instagram Tips for Growth

Instagram hacks

Knowing how to reach your target audience is key to growing your brand and online presence on Instagram. With these Instagram growth hacks, you can gain more followers and improve your discoverability on the platform.

#1. Cross-Post Content

This Instagram hack involves cross-posting your content across different social media platforms to grow your audience.

For instance, to target a different demographic, you can repost short-form video content from TikTok or YouTube Shorts as an Instagram Reel. Meanwhile, Stories can be cross-posted between Instagram and Facebook to improve reach. Twitter/X even has a new feature that allows you to share tweets directly to your Instagram Stories.

If you manage multiple social media accounts, using a social media management tool like Publer will help you cross-post easily and keep track of the content you share across different platforms.

#2. Post at the Best Times

The most effective way to reach your target audience is to post content when they are active. Posting time is an important factor for the Instagram algorithm, and by following this Instagram hack, your followers are much more likely to see your post.

Based on our observations, the best times to post on Instagram are between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. on Tuesday and Wednesday.

That said, if you want to determine the optimal times to post for your specific audience, Publer has a neat tool that tracks your post’s performance and audience activity and uses this data to determine your peak hours.

This is conveniently displayed in our Best Times to Post graph, ensuring that you always post during peak hours for maximum visibility and engagement.

Best times to post on Instagram

#3. Collaborate With Other Creators

Partnering with other creators can do wonders for your growth on Instagram. When following this Instagram hack, be sure to choose a creator with an audience that aligns with your target market to attract followers who are genuinely interested in your brand and content.

Micro-influencers, for instance, build deep and trusting relationships with their followers. By collaborating with them, you not only introduce your content to a new audience but also help foster a sense of community within your niche.

#4. Keep Your Audience Engaged

Consistent engagement is crucial for growing your Instagram following. Some engaging Instagram post ideas to try are carousels, giveaways, and seasonal posts. You can also utilize Instagram’s polls and Q&A stickers in your Stories to promote engagement.

In addition to posting high-quality content, another way to follow this Instagram hack is to interact with your audience. Make sure you respond to messages and participate in conversations in your comment section. Keeping your audience engaged will encourage them to share your content with others and boost your organic growth.

#5. Optimize Post Captions for SEO

Another excellent Instagram hack for growth is using keywords in the caption to increase your post’s discoverability. When composing your caption, make sure it’s as engaging as possible for the viewer while seamlessly incorporating relevant keywords into the content for the algorithm.

By optimizing your captions for SEO, you improve their visibility and reach audiences that are interested in your content. If you’re finding it hard to craft the perfect caption, you can use Publer’s AI Assist tool to help you generate a caption in seconds.

#6. Perform Competitor Analysis

If you’re just starting out on the platform, this Instagram hack can be a great way to refine your social media strategy and grow your followers. By performing competitor analysis, you can identify what types of content, posting frequency, and hashtags resonate with your target audience and incorporate these into your strategy.

Just be sure to maintain your branding and add your own twist to all your content instead of simply copying the rest of the competition if you want to stand out.

#7. Utilize Broadcast Channels

Instagram Creator accounts come with a unique feature that allows creators to communicate with their followers directly: the Broadcast channel. This is essentially a group chat with your followers, where you can send messages, photos, videos, and notes.

While your followers won’t be able to reply, using this channel is an excellent way to encourage engagement and help create a sense of exclusivity that can attract new followers.

5 Instagram Management Hacks & Strategies

Instagram Management Hacks & Strategies

Managing a business on a social media platform comes with its own set of challenges. But, with these Instagram hacks for business, you’ll be able to manage your account properly and supercharge your strategy on the platform.

#1. Moderate Comments

Having comments in your posts is great for audience engagement and the algorithm. However, not all the comments you receive will be positive, and with the prevalence of bots on social media, you will likely receive irrelevant comments in your posts, which can detract from your brand’s image.

To maintain a professional-looking profile and keep it free from potentially harmful speech, it’s important to know how to properly moderate comments. To do this, go to Settings and privacy and navigate to Hidden Words.

Instagram settings
Hidden words

From here, you can choose to turn off commenting completely or filter comments that use specific keywords and phrases.

#2. Switch to a Business Profile

If you’re a brand or business trying to grow your presence on the platform, then this Instagram hack is one that you definitely shouldn’t miss. With a Business profile, you can schedule Instagram posts, Reels, and Stories and access more comprehensive analytics that you can use to upgrade your strategy.

This is free to do as well. All you need to do is go to your Profile, tap Edit profile, and select Switch to professional account.

Switching to a business profile - Instagram hacks
Instagram hacks

#3. Create Templated Responses

Responding to comments in a timely manner is important for building your brand’s reputation. Fortunately, this Instagram hack can help you save time and reply to any comments more efficiently. All you need is an Instagram Business profile and the app’s Saved Reply feature.

Then, go to your profile and click on the three-line icon in the upper right corner. Select Settings and privacy, scroll down to Business tools and controls, and tap Saved Reply. Next, click on New saved reply and create your custom response.

Business profile settings
New saved reply

#4. Monitor Progress with Analytics

This Instagram hack involves analyzing your profile’s analytics to track your progress. Some important metrics to keep track of are engagement rate, follower growth, and post reach, as these will help you determine the best ways to reach your target audience.

You can then use this data to optimize your posting schedule and make more informed decisions to drive growth and engagement on your profile.

#5. Use a Social Media Management Tool

The best Instagram hack for profile management is using a social media management tool like Publer to handle every part of your social media strategy. Our platform comes with a wide range of features for scheduling your posts, monitoring performance, and creating content all in one dashboard.

With the right tool, you can save time, stay organized, and maximize your results on the platform.

Key Takeaways

  • Some of the best general Instagram hacks to try are saving your favorite posts, turning on notifications for other accounts, and moving posts to the archive.
  • From pinning top-performing posts on your profile to using keywords in your bio, these Instagram hacks can help elevate your profile.
  • Adding music and hiding hashtags can make your Instagram Stories stand out.
  • You can make your Reels more engaging and visually appealing by adding closed captions and creating a custom thumbnail.
  • Growing your Instagram account is a breeze when you cross-post content and perform competitor analysis.
  • Utilizing external editing tools and using the right hashtags are top Instagram hacks to try when sharing content.
  • You can streamline profile management by utilizing templated responses and comment moderation.

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