Instagram Creator Accounts: Everything You Need To Know

May 27, 2022
instagram creator accounts

Instagram creator accounts were launched to address the concerns and needs of small businesses and content creators on the platform. If you’re a business or content creator on Instagram, you can switch to a Creator Account to access detailed analytics and total control over your inbox. 

Once you switch, you’ll be able to see insights on your posts, stories, and IGTV videos. You can also see how people discover your content and which of your posts are performing well. Switching to a Creator Account will also give you access to new features like the ability to add links to your Instagram Stories. You’ll also gain access to a new suite of tools to manage your messages and comments.

Still wondering if you should switch to a Creator Account?

Wondering whether it’s worth it?

If you’re serious about growing your brand on Instagram, then the answer is probably a resounding yes.

What is an Instagram Creator Account?

Instagram introduced the Business Account type in 2014, giving businesses additional access to tools like insights, profile action buttons, and improved direct-message functionality. But still, many brands and influencers have persisted in requesting greater audience data and in-depth analytics.

Instagram responded by introducing the Creator Account. Initially, Instagram only offered the Creator Account option to accounts with 10,000 or more followers but now it’s open to everyone, no matter your follower count.

Who Are Instagram Creator Accounts For?

Instagram’s creator profiles were likely made in an attempt to cater directly to influencers. Instagram itself specifies that the Creator Account is “best for public figures, content producers, artists, and influencers.” From this, we can extrapolate 2 key insights:

  • The platform aims to attract more influencers. Instagram is the medium of choice for 87.1% of influencers. Instagram acknowledges the importance of influencers on its platform and wants to provide even more options to entice and encourage them to share content there.
  • The platform seeks to distinguish between businesses and influencers. The creator profiles offer features and resources tailored to influencers who aren’t confined to traditional business models. They are explicitly acknowledging that the two have distinct social management needs. It’s very probable that the Creator Account was introduced as a means to internally differentiate influencers from businesses.

Overall, the new Instagram creator account feature should allow influencers to better engage with their followers, explore their follower analytics, and test new ideas.

Instagram Creator Account Features

If you want to engage your followers and efficiently manage your posts and messages, switching to a creator account will be helpful. Instagram now has many new features to help creators. Let’s look at some of the most sought-after features of a Creator Account.

Growth Data 

Instagram creator accounts provide you with a comprehensive look at your followers by providing you with the following data:

  • The number of followers and unfollows per day. Unlike users with only a business account, who can only see the weekly unfollow and follow count, this new feature benefits influencers since they can now see which videos have a positive or negative effect daily.
  • Detailed demographic data (like age, location, and more). This feature, also available in business accounts, allows creators to see who their followers are and tailor their content to them.
  • Dashboard for Instagram creators. With the recent launch of “Creator Studio,” you’ll have a one-stop place to manage your posts, gain insights, and check messages on Instagram.

Extra Labels 

If you have a business account, you will have the same profile category as your Facebook page. With an Instagram Creator account, this opens up more possibilities for brand positioning. For example, if you are a hair salon owner, your Creator Account could display this label, just like on Facebook.

Shoppable Posts 

Shopping on Instagram is not new at all, but having a Creator Account makes this an even better experience for influencers and creators. Instagram creators can now include featured products in their organic posts and stories, a feature that has been in heavy demand for years.

When someone clicks a product tag on your post or a product sticker in your story, they’ll be transported to a product description screen where they can complete their purchase.

Before this feature was available, influencers and artists had extremely limited ecommerce functions. Influencers used to have to update their link in bio every time they promoted a new product. Those days are over with Creator Accounts accessible to everyone!

Contact Options 

In addition to getting more control over who messages you, with a creator account, you will also have more control over how people contact you. Creator profiles can specify their preferred contact method (including phone, text, and email) and have more control over what they add as a CTA on their pages.

Influencers and creators will also be able to filter out “cold” messages, allowing them to dedicate more time to interacting with brands they prefer to work with. In practice, this acts as a great spam filter, reducing the clutter of a full inbox.

Simplified Messaging 

Everyday, influencers receive dozens to thousands of messages from brands for collaborations and fans who simply want to say “Hi.” And having a business or personal account only features a single primary inbox for all your DMs and a message request folder for DMs from people you don’t follow.

Influencers with Instagram Creator Accounts, on the other hand, have access to three inbox folders:

  • Primary – Messages that you wish to receive and be notified of.
  • General – Messages that you don’t want notifications for.
  • Request – Messages from people who you don’t follow on Instagram.

You can move messages between folders at any time. This will allow Creator Account users to prioritise messages from friends, family, and other people they would actually like to hear from.

Instagram & IGTV Scheduling 

Instagram Creator Studio also includes publishing tools for Instagram feed posts and IGTV. This provides creators with a centralised space to regulate their presence and content on Facebook and Instagram.

The publication process for Instagram posts and IGTV videos differs slightly. When you click “Create Post” in the top-left corner of the page, you are given the option of posting an Instagram Feed or an IGTV video.

Ready To Make The Switch? 

Is your account gaining traction but not achieving the success and popularity you desire? Maybe you’re not rising as quickly as you could be. Perhaps you’re not reaching the right people or working on the right content. 

Then it’s time to switch to a Creator Account. When you sign up for a Creator Account, you’ll gain access to new possibilities, including engagement and demographic analytics, more accessible shopping options, organized inbox messages, simplified messaging, and Instagram and IGTV scheduling. You will also gain access to tools for tracking your account’s growth. Sure, it is worth the switch!

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