What Are YouTube Shorts & How to Monetize Them

March 27, 2024

YouTube Shorts are the latest newcomer in the short-form video scene. In a bid to compete with the seemingly overnight success of TikTok, YouTube launched them in 2020. Since then, it has had over 2.3 billion active users monthly. And while TikTok still reigns supreme, one edge that Shorts has is its better monetization program.

This guide helps you learn all the different ways in which you can monetize Shorts and generate revenue while building your brand. Let’s dive in!

Key Takeaways

  • YouTube Shorts are vertical short-form videos designed for easy consumption.
  • You can record and edit Shorts on the app or upload pre-made videos using your phone or PC. 
  • There are several ways to monetize Shorts, such as ad revenue-sharing, channel memberships, and YouTube Premium and Shopping.
  • Shorts are great for repurposing existing content and boosting your channel’s engagement and reach.

What Are YouTube Shorts?

YouTube Shorts are short vertical videos—usually up to 60 seconds long—targeted toward smartphone users. This is a new type of content that users can share on the YouTube platform.

People are more likely to watch a shorter video until the end than a longer one, so Shorts are great for introducing your channel to new users. So, it’s true—longer videos may be more entertaining and informative, but if you want new viewers to watch and engage with your videos, this option is the way to go.

The favorable (and very limited) YouTube Shorts length can help you catch the user’s attention and encourage them to watch the rest of your content. And once you have a solid following, you can focus on longer-form videos.

You shouldn’t be afraid to be creative when making Shorts. However, make sure you follow YouTube’s standards to maximize their impact.

How to Make YouTube Shorts

To make YouTube Shorts, you can either capture and edit the videos directly via the YouTube app on your phone or upload a pre-made video to your channel using a phone or PC.

Here’s the entire process explained in a few simple steps:

Step 1: Download and Start the YouTube App

Start by downloading the YouTube app from the Google Play Store (Android) or App Store (iOS). When done, open the app and sign in to the Google/YouTube account you want to use to make your content.

Step 2: Create a YouTube Short

To create a YouTube Short on the app, you should follow these steps:

  • Click on the plus icon in the middle of the screen.
Latest Youtube shorts from Publer
  • Access the camera on the app and use the option to shoot a Short or upload existing videos.
 How to Monetize Youtube shorts
  • If you choose to create a Short completely from scratch, you can shoot between 15 and 60 seconds of footage on the app.
  • You don’t have to use up all the time in one go. To shoot in segments, click the red button in the middle of the screen to stop recording and click it again to start.
How to Make YouTube Shorts
  • Tap Undo on the left side of the red button to remove the previous video you recorded, and tap Redo to add it back.
What Are YouTube Shorts
  • Alternatively, click Add on the left side of the screen to create a Short using existing videos. Ensure the video you choose is in portrait mode, as YouTube Shorts does not support the landscape format.
  • When you click on the video, you can choose to use it entirely or trim the footage. Repeat this process for all the clips you want to use.
  • Click Add sound at the top of the screen to add background music to your Short. You can choose from a selection of songs or sample audio from other Shorts and videos.
Create a YouTube Short
  • Select when the audio will start and how much of it will be used in the video.
Edit your Short Video
  • Click the downward arrow on the right side of the screen to access features that can improve your footage. Add some visual effects, trim or retouch the video, or adjust the lighting to your liking.
  • Click the check icon to proceed.

Step 3: Edit Your Video

Edit your Short further by adding a voice-over or a filter. You can also add music if you haven’t done that yet, add text on the screen, or select a font and format. Besides that, it’s possible to control when and where it appears on your Short by tapping the text and clicking on Timing.

Edit Youtube shorts

Adjust the length of time that the text is visible on the screen, click Done, and then check the preview of your short. If you’re happy with it, click Next.

Step 4: Upload Your Short

Upload your Short right away, or add some details like a fun and catchy caption or relevant hashtags. You can also choose its Visibility setting, tag a location, or select audience restrictions.

Click on the Pencil icon in the upper left corner to choose a different frame from the video as your Short’s thumbnail

youtube shorts monetization

If the Short features a paid product placement, you are required to disclose it to your viewers by adding a paid promotion label. Additionally, you can also choose to have comments on or off.

When done, click on Upload Short and wait for it to process.

If you already have a pre-made Short, you can also upload it using your desktop. Go to the YouTube website, tap on your profile in the upper right corner, and then click on YouTube Studio.

Pick Content from the options on the left, tap Upload Videos, select the file, and add the necessary details.

How to Monetize YouTube Shorts

Once you do it, you should connect any related videos you have on the channel or add subtitles. When done, YouTube will check whether your video violates any copyrights or if there are any issues that can affect its publishing. After setting the visibility, you can choose to publish your video immediately or at a later date.

How to Monetize YouTube Shorts

YouTube Shorts monetization can be done through the Shorts Fund or the platform’s Partner Program.

Launched in 2021, the Shorts Fund rewards creators who publish creative and original Shorts with the most engagement and views. To qualify for the fund, creators must follow YouTube’s community guidelines, upload a Short within the last 180 days, and be located in a participating country.

With YouTube’s Partner Program, creators have a number of ways to monetize their shorts, such as the following ones:

  • Ad revenue from all the ads that appear on YouTube Shorts are pooled together. 45% of this is then allocated to a “creator pool” and distributed to eligible creators based on their total views.
  • Channel memberships not only help grow your channel but also bring in revenue through membership fees. Creating quality Shorts is a great way to reel in new viewers with the potential to turn into paid members.
  • YouTube Premium payments work like ad revenues. A portion of the fees is distributed to creators based on how much premium members watch their content.
  • YouTube Shopping allows you to tag products in your Shorts, so if you are selling a product or a service, you can use Shorts to advertise them. Alternatively, you can earn money by promoting a different brand’s product in your content.

4 Benefits of YouTube Shorts

YouTube Shorts can provide great benefits for your business. Aside from the potential revenue, they are also great for:

  • Content repurposing. Having to come up with new and exciting content all the time can be difficult. With Shorts, you can create multiple videos from an already existing one.
  • Higher engagement. With their high digestibility, Shorts are better at boosting audience engagement compared to long-form videos. They’re also great for following video trends and interacting with your audience.
  • Improved discoverability. YouTube Shorts was designed to help creators boost their subscriber count. It features a dedicated tab on the app where users can easily access and discover new content. Plus, Shorts don’t expire, so they can be featured on the tab even if they were posted a long time ago.
  • Easy to make. Even if you don’t end up repurposing an old video, Shorts are still easier to make than traditional YouTube videos. You can create, edit, and publish a Short on the app within minutes.

5 Best Practices for YouTube Shorts

Here are the five best practices you should have in mind when creating your YouTube Shorts:

#1. Post Consistently

Uploading content consistently is crucial or making money on a platform like YouTube. And if you want to establish brand awareness and keep your audience hooked, publishing quality Shorts is one way to do so.

Unlike long-form videos, Shorts are much faster to make, so you won’t have any trouble coming up with new content to publish. You can use them to promote an existing video, introduce your type of content, or just ride a trend. Their versatility can help you establish a consistent posting schedule, so you can reach your target audience and bring new viewers to your channel.

#2. Create Teasers

Use Shorts as teasers for an upcoming video series or product to build anticipation by taking the most intriguing parts of your video and stitching them creatively, making a Short. You can add cliffhangers, memes, and shocking footage to increase excitement around your video.

For product teasers, you can also highlight the best features and benefits of your product. This will generate interest in the product and make viewers want to learn more about what you’re offering.

#3. Craft Unique Captions

Creating a unique and engaging caption for your Shorts is important. You can do it by providing a quick summary and adding relevant hashtags to help YouTube categorize your video better. Doing so will also help your Short reach its target audience.

The captions for Shorts are limited to 100 characters, so make it count, and avoid using clickbait captions. While these can initially get users to click and watch your Short, once they see that they have been misled, it will leave a negative impression, and they are less likely to subscribe to your content.

#4. Record in Vertical Format

Always record videos in a vertical format because, like TikTok, YouTube Shorts are created for mobile consumption. If you are stitching Youtube clips for a Short, make sure they all have a 9:16 aspect ratio and a 1920×1080 resolution for optimal quality.

Horizontal videos have blank spaces above and below the video, which can lead to an unpleasant and underwhelming viewing experience. Vertical videos, on the other hand, fill the screen, minimizing any distractions and providing a more immersive experience.

#5. Be Strategic and Straight to the Point

Be straight to the point when making your content. YouTube Shorts time limit is 60 seconds, so make sure that every second provides value to your viewer. Keep in mind that the first few seconds are the most crucial part of a Short; if you don’t reel your viewers in, they will likely scroll away.

That said, you don’t have to use the entire 60 seconds for every Short. If you have already made your point, there’s no reason to drag the video on. Instead, think of a way to end it creatively.

Final Thoughts

Creating YouTube Shorts is a fun and easy way to help your channel grow. With these handy tips, you can use Shorts to not only increase your subscribers but also generate revenue. 

Remember that you can make the most of these benefits when you schedule YouTube Shorts with Publer. If you sign up today, our platform’s wonderful features can help you create and maintain a consistent posting schedule of quality content whenever you need it!

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