How To Make Money On YouTube: 9 Foolproof Strategies

November 28, 2022
how to make money on YouTube

If you already have a YouTube channel, now it’s time to learn how to get the most out of YouTube features and increase your revenue.

In past articles, we have talked about how to start a YouTube channel a step-by-step guide for beginners. But even if you haven’t started a YouTube channel yet, this article might change your mind. 

Because today we am going to show you how to earn money on YouTube and reach unimaginable success on the platform.

Let’s get started.

How To Make Money On YouTube 

how to make money on YouTube

How To Make Money On YouTube with Sponsorship

First thing first: Sponsorships. You’ve probably already heard of these. There are companies that sponsor creators’ content. 

The idea is quite simple, you promote a service or a product of a company on one of your videos and in return, the company pays you for it.

Of course, if you are new to YouTube, sponsoring will be more difficult. In general, it requires a YouTube channel with a good subscriber base, lots of views per video, and a brand identity to attract sponsors, even though some creators can get sponsorships very early in their YouTube journey.

So if you are still unsure about contacting them, it’s time to go ahead and start interacting with them on social media. And anytime you make a video that happens to mention their product anyway, tweet and let them know that you’ve made that video.

Same thing with LinkedIn. Make sure that you are putting any of that content on LinkedIn, that you’re following and connecting with all of the people that work at the companies that you want to work with in the future.

And by doing this, as your influence grows, you will have their attention and they will probably consider you in the future.

How To Make Money On YouTube with Affiliate Marketing 

So when it comes to making money from your YouTube channel, idea number two for generating passive income is to become an affiliate marketer.

If you’re not familiar with this concept, affiliate marketing is where you sign up for an affiliate program. Start by searching the type of content that you make and then just put the words “affiliate program” after it.

You will get a unique tracking ID, and people click on that link and go make a purchase. For every purchase, you get a commission.

Pro Tip: Make sure that the thing that you are bringing attention to is a great fit for your audience because if you don’t, then people aren’t going to click it. Nobody’s going to buy anything, and it’s going to be a waste of your time.

How To Make Money On YouTube with YouTube Partnerships

Brands are spending their typically large advertising budgets on influencers who have already won the trust of their audiences by engaging in sponsorships and influencer marketing.

If you can negotiate the right deals, this opens up a huge opportunity for you as a creator.

If the brand is a good fit, you may be able to negotiate a better deal based on your leverage, which includes:

  • Your audience’s demographics 
  • The quality of your content
  • How unique and profitable is your niche

For example, you can add your channel to a variety of influencer marketplaces to get discovered by large and small brands.

how to make money on YouTube

How To Make Money On YouTube with Merchandise 

Next on this list is merchandise. Now, a lot of content creators are timid about offering merchandise because they think nobody will buy it or that it’s not worth the effort.

For example, you can create a digital product like an ebook or a download or an app, etc. So once you create it, then you can sell it multiple times.

how to make money on YouTube

Still, it’s very easy to create an eBook, but it’s a different game trying to get people to actually buy your eBook, your icon set, your app, or your website themes. 

And because the market around is so competitive, you have to be really good to get people to buy your stuff. So, the way to get people to pay you money for something is by identifying a problem they have and solving that problem.

Pro Tip: Grab the link to your store, and then just drop that in your video description, let everybody know that you have a link in your description to your store.

How To Make Money On YouTube with Crowdfunding 

You will first need to sign up for a crowdfunding platform. For a variety of choices, check out YouTube’s list of approved crowdfunding sites. 

Keep in mind that while some platforms are ideal for raising funds for one-time projects, others assist you in managing long-term fundraising. Regardless of your preference, ensure that your selected platform meets your requirements.

Then, you need to spread the word about your campaign after you sign up for an account. You can use your YouTube videos to explain your project or brand’s history. If you keep your supporters informed about your fundraising progress, you can increase interest, excitement, and suspense.

Moreover, you can post on your social media marketing strategies to increase awareness even more. Post about your mission on your Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts, and incorporate connections to both your YouTube recordings and crowdfunding page. 

How To Make Money On YouTube with Fan Funding 

Fan funding is another way to make money on YouTube. It specifically raises funds from your audience.

You can do that by joining a dedicated platform for fan funding which gives content creators the tools they need to get regular, long-term support from their fans.

Or you can also use YouTube’s built-in features to raise funds directly from fans through YouTube. You must first become a YouTube Partner before you can do this. Then, you can make money as a Partner by selling channel memberships that appear as a Join button right below your YouTube videos.

Fans can provide ongoing support in exchange for perks like custom badges, emojis,, and exclusive content by clicking this button.

How To Make Money On YouTube with Media Licencing 

Regarding YouTube content creators, depending on the type of content you make, it’s also possible that people will pay you to license your content.

That means that they will give you a certain amount of money to be able to use your content in places like TV shows, commercials, or anything that people need your type of content for.

how to make money on YouTube

You can get paid to license your content if you make a popular viral video. If your videos go viral, morning shows, online news sites, and other creators may inquire about your rights to use them.

How To Make Money On YouTube with YouTube Advertising 

YouTube Premium is a paid membership service that lets fans watch and support their favorite content creators without having to deal with advertisements.

For YouTube Premium, creators are paid based on how many members watch their content. Think of the money you make from YouTube Premium subscribers as an additional source of income apart from the money you make from ads.

Although it is simple to set up, advertising as a YouTube Partner is not the most profitable revenue stream you can create for yourself.

While advertising is a common method for creators to generate passive income, YouTube’s parent company, Google, retains approximately 45% of ad revenue. In a nutshell, YouTubers should look into other ways to make money to support their creative work.

How To Make Money On YouTube with Music

A content ID could help you increase your revenue if you want to learn how to make money by singing on YouTube or making your own music. In addition, to begin earning, you do not need to be a member of the YouTube Partner Program.

But, what is a Content ID?

A tracking device for audio files known as a Content ID can help YouTube recognize your music when it appears in other videos. This permits you to produce promotion income from any video content that contains your protected sound accounts. You won’t be able to make money from sharing remixes, compilations, mashups, or other audiovisual works because your content must be original.

Use a digital distributor to upload your music and select monetization (you can also apply for a Content ID on your own, but this can be more complicated). 

After that, YouTube will look for videos that use your music. An advertisement will be placed on a video that is discovered using your music. You will receive a share of the advertising revenue as the artist.

In addition to your own music, you might want to think about creating soundtracks that people might want to use in their videos. This will probably be used more often and bring in more money for you.

Key Takeaways 

Get the most out of opportunities on YouTube with these foolproof strategies.

  • It’s time to go ahead and start interacting with your future sponsors on social media.
  • Once you create a digital product like an ebook or a download or an app, etc, then you can sell it multiple times and have passive income.
  • Make sure that the thing that you are bringing attention to is a great fit for your audience because if you don’t, then people aren’t going to click it. 
  • Use YouTube’s built-in features to raise funds directly from fans through YouTube.
  • If you can sing or create music, then you can make money through your protected sound accounts.

Tell us in the comments which strategy you are going to use first.

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