How To Become a YouTuber in 10 Easy Steps

October 06, 2022
how to become a youtuber

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a YouTuber? It’s a great way to share your expertise with the world and build a following within your niche. But it takes a lot of hard work and planning to make it a successful career. With over 2.4 billion users, YouTube is the second largest website in the world and the perfect platform to launch your career.

In this article, we’ll talk about what exactly a YouTuber does, how they monetize content, and how you can become one, too.

What Is A YouTuber, Anyway?

how to become a youtuber

A YouTuber is someone who creates a channel and posts content on YouTube. The key is to produce original content and grow their channel to build a community.

Whether you’re looking to raise awareness for an important cause or achieve some measure of fame, YouTube provides a platform for anyone with something to say. So whatever your reasons for becoming a YouTuber may be, know that you’ll join a community of passionate people about making their voices heard.

Do YouTubers Make Money?

Do YouTubers make money? Yes, they do! YouTube is an income-generating platform that expands opportunities for content creators. While earning big money on YouTube takes a while, there are plenty of ways to grow your channel and monetize your influence on the platform.

  • As a YouTube Partner, you can earn a cut of the advertising revenue Google collects when ads are placed on your videos. Using AdSense, you can control how many ads are run and make anywhere from one to three cents per view.
  • Collaborating with brands helps you create sponsored content, get free products or commissions, and promote brands. Tutorials on how to use products are one example of how you can incorporate brands into your videos.
  • Earn money by promoting your products or services directly on your channel. Growing your community opens opportunities to sell, such as offering subscriptions to your channel through YouTube memberships or announcing your own product line.

How To Become a YouTuber in 10 Steps


Getting started on YouTube can be challenging, but the right tools and guidance can help you become a successful YouTuber. Here are 10 steps to help you get started:

Choose A Niche 

Choose a topic you’re passionate about and build a community of viewers who share your interests. There are endless possibilities for what you can talk about on your channel; the key is to produce videos that offer value to your viewers and make them want to subscribe to your channel.

A good example is Nathan Gotch, founder of Gotch SEO Training Academy. He’s grown his YouTube account to over 60,000 subscribers by only focusing on SEO content.

Identify Your Brand 

Aside from finding your niche, your content must have branding that viewers can associate with you. Start with an intro and outro, and create a logo for your channel. You can be a YouTube personality talking as yourself or make a persona and an alias if you prefer to be anonymous. 

Define Your Goals and KPIs

What are your goals? When do you want to achieve them? These are some important questions to keep in mind to lead your YouTuber journey in the right direction. Set SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Timely) goals that fit well with your strategy.

Get The Gear 

To become a YouTuber, you’ll need a good camera, lighting, and microphone. While high-grade equipment is ideal, a quality mobile telephone can do the trick. When shooting, find a quiet, well-lit place with a ring light to add softness and minimize shadows. To complete the look, place a nice room decor for added aesthetic.

Start Practicing 

The more you practice recording yourself, the more comfortable and confident you’ll sound. It might feel weird talking to yourself in front of a camera at first, but try to think of it like you’re just talking to a friend.

Edit Like A Pro, Or hire one…

As a YouTuber, it’s important to have quality content to keep viewers engaged. Watching tutorials to improve your editing skills is a great way to start. There are plenty of free editing tools available online, but if you have the means, hire a pro to create the perfect thumbnail and guarantee top-notch videos for your channel.

Create A Content Schedule 

Develop a content calendar to keep track of your videos and proposed topics in one place. Planning your content allows you to strategize the best time to post your videos, and social media management tools like Publer can help monitor your content performance and improve content strategy.

Engage Your Community 

As a YouTuber, you need to find a way to connect with your subscribers and build a strong community that will support you along the way. Engaging with your community will earn their trust and make them more likely to believe in the brands you endorse.

You can also keep your viewers engaged through 15 to 60-second videos that are easy to consume called YouTube Shorts.

Get To Know SEO 

Identify and learn the best practices to grow your channel. Remember that YouTube is a search engine; the platform’s algorithm drives viewers to your videos when you optimize them.

By knowing your SEO, you can discover: 

  • What video titles attract more viewers
  • How to increase engagement 
  • What tags optimize your video
  • What thumbnails appeal to viewers
  • How to get more views 

​These metrics can help generate more views and subscribers. Learn about what works and what doesn’t to grow your channel.

Cross Promote Your Content 

The best way to promote your channel is to advertise it on your social media platforms. If you’ve already established a social media presence on platforms like Facebook or Instagram, use it to drive your followers to watch your videos.

You can also advertise your content by setting up a website. Use simple builder programs like Wix or WordPress to boost your credibility and promote your content to new subscribers.

Key Takeaways 

Learning the ropes about YouTube can help you get started on your journey to becoming a YouTuber, but it’s important to find out what motivates you to keep going — it’s not all about earning money.

Once you know what drives you, becoming a YouTuber will be that much easier.

  • Know your niche and personal branding
  • Identify goals that are attainable
  • Find how you can monetize your channel
  • Optimize content to maximize engagement 
  • Cross-promote your channel
  • Practice making quality content

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