How To Start A YouTube Channel & Boost Your Following FAST!

October 20, 2022
how to start a youtube channel

If you’re only going to read one article this year about how to get started and grow a YouTube channel, then you are in the right place.

Because we’re going to cover everything you need to know.

Now, there is no doubt that YouTube is one of the best ways to express your creativity, but you’ve got to have the right mindset and strategies to grow a channel from zero views to thousands.

In this article, I will reveal a step-by-step tutorial on how to start a YouYube channel from scratch and optimize it for future success.

Let’s do this.

How To Start a YouTube Channel: Before You Begin

Now you may feel fired up and ready to just go on YouTube and create your channel. But the first thing you must do is figure out what you want to create videos on.

It’s not enough to say: I want to be a really successful YouTuber! You need to figure out what you are actually going to share on your channel and find your niche.

how to start a youtube channel

So before you start singing up for a new YouTube channel, keep these things in mind:

Find Your Voice: You need to have strong answers to these questions what is your channel about and what are the topics and stories you want to tell? This is a good question to think deeply about, not just whether there is an audience for it but what are your skills and strengths that will keep you fascinated and curious. Who is your channel for?

Establish Your Brand: Make sure you have a good Avatar that’s either a picture of your face or a picture of your logo for your brand. Have prepared a strong channel name and a good cover image so people recognize your brand in seconds.

Plan Your Production: Next one: you know what your YouTube business plan is. Too many people don’t think this through. They think about just starting the channel and how I get views. Ask yourself these questions: how am I going to make money from this? What is the long-term plan for my YouTube channel?

Understand Community Guidelines: Make sure you have carefully read the YouTube copyright and community guidelines before. YouTube remains a fair and secure platform for all creators. Ensure your posts adhere to YouTube guidelines and reach your audience by reading these policies.

How To Start A YouTube Channel: Step-by-Step Guide 

Let’s assume you’re a complete beginner and you don’t even have a YouTube account. These are the steps you need to follow.

  1. Sign in to YouTube
  2. Click your icon (picture) in the top right corner.
  3. Click on “Create a Channel”
  4. Create a custom name for your channel
  5. Add details to the “about” section
  6. Add a cover photo and profile picture
  7. Upload your first video

Pro Tip #1: It’s best to choose the business option as it gives you the most flexibility and future-proof your YouTube channel.

Pro Tip #2: When it comes to channel names: keep it simple. Make it memorable, and easy to spell. Try to make it unique because if your channel name is generic, you’ll be much harder to find. Whatever name you decide on, you can change it later.

how to start a youtube channel

Right now, your channel won’t have anything on it. So again, go to your profile picture and navigate to the YouTube studio. This is the back end of your YouTube channel, where you can do loads of stuff, including switching between light and dark desktop modes.

So head over to the basic info tab, where you can change your channel name if you want to and add a brief description of your channel.

Tips For Growing Your Youtube Channel

But now comes the hard part, getting views, earning subscribers, and building a community.

That’s going to take a little longer to explain.

But if you are passionate and committed to this YouTube journey, follow these nine powerful tips that most new YouTube creators miss that will help you grow your YouTube channel from zero to 1000 subscribers much faster.

Target The Right Keywords

Anyone visiting your channel on the YouTube mobile app will see the first couple of lines of your channel description.

Don’t talk about yourself. Talk about the value you’re going to provide for the viewer.

And with the rest of the description, flesh it out with keywords that may help your channel rank in search and discovery.

Create Scroll-Stopping Thumbnails

Next is the thumbnail strategy. This one is super important. You could have the world’s best video.

If no one clicks it, no one’s going to see it. So you need to get their clicks, which means you need to have an attractive, engaging, attention-grabbing thumbnail so that it gets clicked.

For example, you can use bright colors, graphic elements, and big, bold text. Have my face on there pointing, smiling. Again, to grab people’s attention. 

But the best case scenario with your thumbnail images is having people quickly being able to know what your video is about just from looking at the thumbnail image without even needing to read the title of the video.

Post At The Right Time

Scheduling your posts ahead means saving your time and performing better. There are best times to post, and for that, we have an article for you, so don’t just post your video when you are feeling it, but follow the rules of the best time and get the best out of it. 

With Publer, you can easily schedule all your videos through a simple and intuitive interface available on desktop and mobile. 

Simply log in to Publer and select the YouTube account where you want to schedule your videos.

Once you’ve uploaded your content, select the date, and there you have it.

Publer features

Promote (and Cross-promote) Your Playlists

If you are cross-promoting your playlists, YouTube will rank your channel higher the longer users engage with your content. 

Social Media: So if you have a following on Facebook, Twitter, or any of these other platforms of the right people that are interested in that video topic, then yes, by all means, share it out and try to get them over to watch your video.

Having the wrong people come over and watch your video to help you out can actually slow down your channel growth because you’re confusing YouTube at that point. 

Email List: Sharing your new videos with your email list. That’s not only going to help you grow your YouTube channel. It’s also going to help you build that know, like, and trust, deepen that relationship, and deepen that conversation with your most loyal fans and followers.

Blog: Add your YouTube video to your blog or create a hyperlink.

Quora: You can even use Quora and reply to users’ inquiries with some text and a link to your more in-depth YouTube video, so people who are interested will click on your video.

Engage With Your Audience

Engage as much as possible. Remember, every viewer on the other end is a real person.

The more you can connect and engage with them, the deeper the relationship you’ll build with them. The more they want to come back and consume more of your content, the faster your channel grows.

So when you release a new video, your goal should be in the first 24 to 48 hours to get as many of the right people on your video as possible, but also to engage and interact with them as much as possible as well.

Collaborate With Other Channels 

Find additional channels for collaboration. It might seem impossible at first, but don’t be afraid to contact larger YouTubers to inquire about a possible partnership. 

It not only helps you make better content, but it also lets you show your channel to new people, which is perfect for both viewers and creators.

Be Consistent

Always push to be implementing, learn, tweak, and evolve. By adopting a growth mindset, you will have much faster success on YouTube.

YouTube is not an overnight thing. It is a long game. So by taking the approach of what you can improve on every single time, that’s going to stack up. 

That 1% improvement on each little task over time will add up, and you will see results. You will see growth much, much faster. Publer is a great platform to help you be consistent. 

Publer is a great platform to help you be consistent. Make sure you get Publer because you will easily create, curate, and automate all upcoming YouTube video posts using relevant formatting tools, getting hashtag suggestions, and ranking higher.

publer facebook

Leverage The Power Of CTAs 

Don’t forget to include your Call To Action. You want the right people to be interested in your content, watch it right the way through, and come back and watch more of your content.

So this would mean promoting by any means necessary. In your video content, if you’re able to, ask them to leave a comment down below. Encourage them to get involved in the comments or give the video a thumbs up.

All of this can help as well. And then it’s your goal again to try and respond to and interact with as many of the good comments as you can.

Check Your Metrics 

If you are not looking at your YouTube Analytics regularly, then you are doing it wrong. 

Always have a look at these metrics and you will keep on track.

  • Video Views
  • Video Subscribers
  • Average View Duration
  • Real-Time Analytics
  • New Viewers vs. Returning Viewers
  • Traffic Source Types

Key Takeaways 

Starting a YouTube channel only takes less than a minute, but the challenge begins when you have to create content and be consistent.

  • It only takes seven steps to fully create your YouTube channel.
  • Publer will help you be consistent by scheduling your videos ahead of time and make you save time and perform better on YouTube.
  • Engage with your audience, so your videos perform way better

Now you know how to start a Youtube Channel. Was this article helpful? Which strategies are you going to use?

We would love to hear from you. Share your experience with us in the comments.

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