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Bulk Schedule on Publer

November 17, 2016

Is it possible to bulk schedule on Publer?

How do you schedule your social media posts? Do you create one post, schedule it, create the next post, schedule it, and so on? What if we told you that instead of scheduling your posts one by one, you can schedule them all (up to 500 posts) at once.

Bulk Schedule on Publer
Bulk schedule on Publer

The Multi-Post Form

The multi-post form is the core of Publer’s bulk scheduler. This is where all your posts will be loaded (regardless if added manually or using any of the tools that are explained further down).

Click Bulk, add your media to the dashboard and select the desired social accounts. That was it! No need to go through multiple popups, multiple clicks, or multiple page reloads.

AutoScheduling in Bulk

Here’s where Publer’s bulk scheduler starts getting better. You can AutoSchedule in Bulk!

Tools that help you Bulk Schedule on Publer

In order to make it easier for you to create posts we have added three tools that will make your admin life much easier.

bulk schedule on publer

You can use a CSV file to load your posts. You can import links from RSS feeds and last but not least, you can upload multiple photos & videos at once, either from your local machine or from external URLs.

Use the green links above to learn more about each tool!

Some Info

Your logo (if any) will be automatically added to each photo, video and link thumbnail (if you want to mark it as Default). To learn more, dive into this about Watermarking guide.

watermarked photo

You can select a different Album other than the “default” one for each uploaded photo or even create new Albums as shown below.

selecting an album

When the selected Album is the Timeline Photos (the Wall), your post will be a multi-photo post, otherwise, you’re simply scheduling multiple photos to an existing Album.

Keep in mind that photos to Albums other than the Timeline photos / the Wall will be posted without any specific order.

When having more than one photo per post, or when choosing to create a new Album, you will be given the option to also specify a caption for each photo.


Does This Come With The Free Version?

This Superpower comes with both paid versions of Publer (Argentum and Aurum), but you can still try it for FREE up to 5 times. Keep in mind that ONLY Publer Aurum supports Multi-Photo posts, Albums, and Videos.

With Publer Argentum you can still (auto) schedule in bulk up to 500 individual photos as well as import and schedule links from RSS feeds, and CSV files.

If I Don’t Specify The Time, How Does Publer Know When To Schedule My Post

First, he finds the nearest time slot (if any) from the current time based on the configuration you provided (type of post and/or label). Then he checks if there are any scheduled posts at that time. For Pages, Publer will look for a scheduled post by any of the Admins that use Publer. For Profiles, Groups and Events, Publer will look for a scheduled post by you. There are times when different admins may want to post something to the same Group/Event at the same time. If there is something already scheduled at that time, Publer will use the next time slot. Again, he will check if there’s already a scheduled post at that time. If so, he will use the next time slot and so on until he finds a time slot that has no scheduled posts and that has not exceeded the daily post limit.

Does It Work With AutoSharing

Currently no. But you always have the option to AutoShare individual scheduled posts. This way you can schedule in bulk and then set AutoShares for each scheduled post.

What About AutoDelete?

The AutoDelete option will be applied to each post in the multi-post form. So if you set the AutoDelete to after 1 day, each post that was scheduled in bulk will be automatically deleted 24 hours after is was published.

Why Can’t I Select Multiple Accounts When Scheduling In Bulk?

Because each Social Account has its own predefined time slots and labels, it would really cause Publer a headache. No worries. Once you’re done bulk scheduling for an account, you can select another one without having to re-create your posts.

If you have further questions, don’t hesitate to contact us or leave a comment below. Schedule your first post with Publer or share this Blog Post with your friends
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