How to Use Instagram Geotags to Gain More Local Followers

November 11, 2022
instagram geotags

As Instagram continues to grow rapidly, brands could easily get carried away by the numbers. Yes, expanding reach and engagement across the globe is quite an achievement, but the question is: does it convert to actual leads?

If you’re looking to get more followers on Instagram, one often overlooked feature that can help is geotagging. Geotagging your posts with relevant locations can help you reach the right people and grow your brand.

If you’re not already using Instagram geotags in your content strategy, you’re missing out! This article will tell you everything you need to know about how they work and why they’re so important.

What Is Are Instagram Geotags and What Are The Benefits?

When you post a Story or photo on Instagram, you can choose to add a geotag. This geotag will include the location’s latitude and longitude coordinates. You can access this feature through the tagged location on your mobile device.

To use this feature, ensure that your location is set to public.

Don’t worry about creating a geotag for your business from Facebook — it’s automatic as long as you’ve linked it to your Instagram account.

Here’s how you can create an Instagram geotag:

  • When creating a post, click on the Location icon and type in the desired location.
  • Click Add and fill out the location’s exact address. 
  • Tap Save Custom Place to add the location. 
  • If you want to tag a different location, go to the Create Custom Place section and position the icon on the correct address on the Map Location.

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Is creating a geotag worth the effort? Absolutely! Here are some of the benefits geotags have to offer:

  • Instagram geotags can boost your search ranking and post visibility.
  • Geotagging your posts can help them get higher engagement than those without it.
  • Instagram geotags help your local followers find your physical store.
  • Geotagging provides you with more user-generated content whenever followers tag your location.

How to Use Instagram Geotag Features

There’s more to geotagging than you might think! It has features you can enjoy and use to your advantage. Plus, it makes location-based content an easy way to hook users within your community.

Using Instagram geotag features

If you’re running a campaign, here are a few things to take note of:

Create the Location

If you’re unsure about the geotag for your store location, creating it yourself is a great option! Here’s a quick guide on how to do it.

  • Go to your Instagram settings and look for the “Create the Location” section. Don’t forget to change your privacy settings so Instagram can track your location. 
  • Create a new post, click “Check In,” and type in your business name. If your business name is in use, unleash your creativity with a unique name to outrank your duplicates.  
  • Start setting up your brand details and search on Instagram to see the results.
  • After adding your location, select a business category. Take your time to choose the best option for your business. 
  • Finally, do a quick search on your business name. When you find it, you should be able to see a page that allows you to claim your location.

Use Stickers in Stories

If you’re looking to up your Instagram game, why not try using Stories to boost your geotag content? By using digital stickers to tag your location on posted photos or videos, you can add a little extra something to your posts. Just go to the “Location” sticker and pick any available design you like.

Use Location-Specific Hashtags

Hashtags are a great way to make your posts more engaging and increase your reach. You can use popular hashtags like #instagood, #tbt, or #photooftheday to get more eyes on your posts. Or, you can create location-specific hashtags to target a specific audience.

For example, if you’re a business in Los Angeles, you could use the hashtag #LA to get more exposure. You can even use the hashtag sticker on Instagram Stories to tag your location.

Tips to Getting the Most Out of Instagram Geotags

Tips for using Instagram geotags

If you’re looking for marketing inspiration on a budget, Instagram geotags are a great resource. You can take advantage of them by following these simple tips:

Collab with influencers near you

Geotags can help you connect with local influencers and get sponsored on Instagram. Here’s how to find them: 

  1. Check Instagram Search and look for influencers checking into famous places and attractions near you.
  2. Find out if they’re a good fit for your brand by looking at the quality of their posts. 
  3. Get in touch with them and make a proposal for a collaboration that will benefit both of you.

User-generated content is key!

Geotags can help you expand your reach and build trust with users more authentically. Users who generously use your geotags are doing you a favor, so reward them as a ‘thank you.’ You can offer them discounts or vouchers for their next purchase to keep them coming back for more.

Host an Instagram contest using geotags

Host a giveaway or photo contest and make geotagging part of your main rules. Users will likely pin your location to their posts, which can also help advertise your event by letting you appear in more searches.

Key Takeaways 

If you own a brick-and-mortar store, you’re missing out if you’re not using Instagram geotags. Geotagging is a great way to increase your presence on the platform, reach your local audience, and convert leads into customers.

Plus, it’s a great money-saving strategy if you’re looking to make money on Instagram without spending a lot on promotions.

Instagram geotags can be helpful for your business in a lot of ways:

  • Reach audiences locally to gain the right traction
  • Increase your visibility in search results
  • Allow users to see organic content with geotagged posts from other users
  • Create potential partnerships with influencers and content creators 
  • Customize your geotags to stay ahead of your competitors
  • Promote your business for free

 So get out there and start geotagging!

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