Pinterest for Small Business: Benefits of Using Pinterest

August 26, 2020
Pinterest for Small Business

Is Pinterest helping small businesses, and if yes, HOW?

Pinterest has recently claimed that over 400 million users are currently using the platform daily. As amazing as it sounds!

There are many brands that own a Pinterest account to showcase their main tips and tricks, new features, services, products, etc. Why Pinterest?

Many people stop and stare at Pinterest’s rich pins that help them get a better understanding of almost everything they’re searching for. Pins are easily saved and shared and it is highly recommended to create extremely attractive visual ones.

How is Pinterest Helping Small Businesses
Photo by Morning Brew on Unsplash

Top tricks to use on Pinterest:

Many blog writers are focusing on describing the best image sizes/dimensions as it’s one of the most important things to do on Pinterest. Pinterest’s display doesn’t recommend square or landscape images. Its interface is wide and tall enough to display infographics and other portrait images.

Social media managers and blog article writers know what best benefits the brand they’re working for. Pinterest Newsroom always shares the top trending topics so all users can get inspired and share similar Pins to become part of those.

Phone mockup showing a pinterest pin
Photo by Morning Brew on Unsplash

Each brand’s niche is different and this is why the Pins content is different too. When people search for a specific word (tip, service, tool, etc.) Pinterest automatically redirects them to a page that showcases all related photos/videos. To take care of the keywords means you can easily reach more people (Pinterest is age-friendly) and increase sales. You can find keywords on titles, descriptions (profile, caption, boards).

Pinterest is helping small businesses reach their targets by allowing everyone to share their latest work and also, grow other social networks easily.

People can easily grow their website visitors on Pinterest by sharing the proper posts linked to the right URLs.

Also, Pinterest helps feature and promote new services/products you’re working on or have already launched.

Pinterest is also very useful if you want to grow other social networks, by sharing similar posts and attaching a link to the right URL of the other social network post.

All users on Pinterest can collect enough information for market research, study, or simply inspiration for future events/posts.

Pinterest, if managed with awareness and a correct strategic approach, allows you to improve your brand awareness, increase the visibility of your content, support website traffic, and – possibly – directly and indirectly increase sales.

So to answer the question at the beginning of this article: “Is Pinterest helping small businesses?”, “YES, it is!” and now you know how. Use all of the above knowledge to help your own business flourish through it!

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