Here’s How To Make Money On Pinterest

April 24, 2023
How to make money on Pinterest

Pinterest is undoubtedly one of the best platforms for users to look for inspiration and for companies to showcase their products. If you are a blogger or influencer, Pinterest can help drive website traffic and increase revenue.

Indeed, the platform has a real potential to grab customers’ attention during the research phase if you are an e-commerce or product-based business.

In today’s article, we will cover the following: 

  • Is it possible to make money on Pinterest?
  • A guide on how to make money on Pinterest.
  • 5 easy ways how to make money on Pinterest.
  • Schedule and manage Pinterest posts with Publer in 6 easy steps.

Let’s get started.

Is It Possible To Make Money On Pinterest?

If you are a blogger, influencer, or e-commerce business, there are many ways to make money on Pinterest, and which strategies work best depends on your business and strategy.

One of the best ways to make money on Pinterest is to promote your products by posting Pins. Then, when users click on your Pins, they get redirected to your website, increasing your chances of getting new buyers.

how to make money on pinterest

Once they are on the site, you can redirect them to sign up for an email list, buy a product, or create another call to action. It depends on your marketing goals.

How To Make Money On Pinterest: Step By Step

Now that we know the theory let’s put it into practice. Here is a detailed step-by-step guide on how to make money with Pinterest.

Create A Blog On Your Own Website

The first step is to start a self-hosted blog to attract potential customers from Pinterest. Many web hosting companies offer pre-built websites if you don’t have a website for your business yet. So start your blog today!

creating a blog on your own webiste

Write And Create Unique, Relevant, Expert Content

Your blog site is ready, and now you have to write your first articles. To attract users from Pinterest, write interesting content related to your niche. One of the most common mistakes is to write spam articles that follow the general trends of the platform.

Pro Tip: Focus only on your niche and choose topics that you enjoy talking about. Your readers will find useful and quality information and will be more likely to buy products from your website.

Create Your Pinterest Business Account

Sign up for a Pinterest business account for free. By doing so, you can start monetizing Pinterest and view in-depth analytics.

If you want to know more, we wrote a guide about the Pinterest Business account.

Develop Your Boards and Pins

Now you can start creating boards and Pins for your Pinterest account. For beginners, we recommend using Canva to create Pins which is free and easy to use.

Pro Tip: Include relevant keywords in your personal board and Pin descriptions.

Ways You Can Make Money On Pinterest

Take a look at the different ways to make money on Pinterest.

Send Traffic To Your eCommerce

Our first tip is to pin your product pages directly to Pinterest. This is one of the easiest ways to increase your sales for your online business to generate significant traffic. Keep in mind to associate your Pins with keywords that your ideal customers are searching for maximum results.

Also, before sharing products on Pinterest, make sure Rich Pins are enabled. This will sync the latest information from your site to all Pins created from your site.

Sell On Pinterest

Creating Product Pins for your products effectively increases sales. Product Pins allow the online retailer to list products on Pinterest so customers can purchase without leaving the platform.

The first thing to do to set up a Product Pin is to apply to become a certified retailer on Pinterest.

Send Traffic To Your Blog

If you are generating advertising revenue through your blog, you can easily increase traffic to your website through Pinterest. In fact, managing and ranking keywords is much easier on Pinterest than on Google.

Pinterest users love discovering new ideas and products. If you create useful content that matches the keywords your potential audience is looking for, you may get some of that search traffic through Pinterest.

Here are some tips to increase your web traffic through Pinterest.

  • Create multiple Pins for each blog post with optimized titles, descriptions, and images that match the keywords people are searching for.
  • Use Pinterest trends to find keywords that are trending among Pinterest users.
  • Create an article-rich Pin from your website to include the blog post title, description, and author information on the Pin. 

Build Affiliate Partnerships

Affiliate marketing isn’t just for blogs. You can also connect with Pins using a direct affiliate link. If you share your affiliate link on Pinterest, you will earn a commission when someone makes a purchase.

how to make money on pinterest with affiliate partnerships

Pro Tip: Follow relevant affiliate marketing guidelines. Pinterest may block you if it sees you are spamming the platform. We recommend reviewing Pinterest’s affiliate policies and local regulations, such as the US Recommended Policy.

Use The Creator Fund

The Pinterest Creator Fund is a program that provides financial and educational support to select Pinterest creators from an underrepresented group to help them create content on Pinterest. 

If you don’t qualify for the Creator Fund, the next step is to see if Creator Rewards is right for you.

Creator Rewards offers a program that allows creators to earn money by creating original Idea Pins based on Pinterest prompts.

How To Use Publer To Schedule Pins Perfectly

  1. Add title and description: You can actually use your original content and generate content with AI Assist to complete your content or create a new one.
  2. Add alt text: It’s great for SEO. Your Pin will appear in Google Images as well.
  3. Add a link to your Pin: Direct users to your website.
  4. Design with Pro Tools in Publer: Publer has both Canva and Crello integrations by default to help you create beautiful Pins.
  5. Easy planning: With the CSV bulk upload option, you can schedule up to 500 posts at once.
  6. Watermark and preview before planning.
  7. Schedule or Publish!

Read More: How To Schedule Pinterest Posts: Everything You Need To Know

Key Takeaways 

In today’s article, you learned that it is possible to earn money through Pinterest. Here is a summary of the ways you can make money with Pinterest.

  • Create a blog on your own website.
  • Write and create unique, relevant, expert content.
  • Create your Pinterest Business Account.
  • Send traffic to your eCommerce.
  • Create Product Pins.
  • Build affiliate partnerships.
  • Use the Creator Fund or Creator Rewards.

Now that you know how to make money on Pinterest, let us know which strategy you will use first. 

We would like to know. Write a comment below.

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