Pinterest Marketing Strategy Do’s and Don’ts to Follow

19 Dos and Don'ts for your Pinterest Marketing Strategy in 2022

Every social platform is roughly supporting remote working, online shopping, and quality content. And, the same goes for Pinterest. This is why we’ve carefully curated a Pinterest marketing strategy for success.

We love spending about 10 minutes per day preparing new content and saving tons of other’s Pins to our boards.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, artist, freelancer, social media manager, etc. – it honestly doesn’t matter. Pinterest is the best place to promote your work, find inspiration, do some research, etc.

Top facts and stats you should know about Pinterest:

  • 85% of Pinners use the mobile app.
  • 50% of U.S. Pinners frequently shop on Pinterest.
  • Pinterest has 478 million monthly active users. (70% of them are female)
  • 90% of weekly Pinners make purchase decisions on Pinterest.

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Do’s for your Pinterest Marketing Strategy

  • Share all your blog posts, Instagram posts, and Reels, TikToks, etc. Automate RSS feeds or manually share them.
  • Follow others, too. Support local or similar pinners.
  • Treat your Pinterest profile as if it were your Google My Business account. Take care of the keywords, because Pinterest is a search engine!
  • Pin regularly and use multiple images for the same links!

  • Analyze content regularly. Check the demographics and help your content reach the right audience.
  • Do a deep competitor and trends research and add descriptions to all your boards, Pins, and profile.
  • Add ‘Pin It’ buttons all over your website.
  • Save time and schedule Pinterest Pins. Learn more.
  • Join multiple relevant community boards and be active.
  • Encourage your customers/followers to find and follow you on Pinterest.
  • Add a relevant profile picture, cover thumbnail, and take good care of each board cover.

Photo by lilzidesigns on Unsplash

Don’ts for your Pinterest Marketing Strategy

  • Don’t save irrelevant Pins. Keep an aesthetic and useful feed.
  • Don’t forget about competitors. Do weekly research of what they’re working on.
  • Don’t post visuals of which you don’t have the credits.
  • Don’t forget about Rich Pins. Allow pinners to shop easily.
  • Don’t post low-quality images/videos. This will definitely make pinners leave your profile.
  • Don’t add your affiliate links directly. Send pinners to your website or YouTube video, instead.
  • Don’t share shortened links along with your Pins (such as
  • Don’t treat Pinterest the same as other social netoworks. Invest more in branding!

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