How to Create Story Pins and View Pinterest Insights

September 28, 2020
pinterest story pins

What are Story Pins?

Talking about changes in the 2020s is the new normal. Pinterest is one of the social networks that’s being updated almost every month for a better Pin display and user experience.

We’ve written about Pinterest ability to grow other social networks by the proper use of Rich Pins and also new Shopping Features. Well, we’re in the era of Stories, and the Pinterest team has already done their homework.

As we already know, Stories are one of the main digital marketing strategies to help boost awareness. Also, they help reach people faster, find new potential customers, and display updates, news, tips, or quotes in a time frame of 24 hours. Stories allow users to take action and share feedback fast and easy. No wonder why the Top social networks are taking good care and investing in flexible tools on Stories.

Finally, Pinterest has officially launched its beta version of Pin Stories!

What are Story Pins?
Courtesy of Pinterest

Fun, free, and useful tips/facts about the latest Pinterest updates:

  • Story Pins are easily created via the Pinterest camera
  • Users can quickly save Story Pins to their desired board, just like Pins on feed
  • Users can find different Story Pins based on their searches
  • Story Pins will not disappear after 24 hours! Instead, creators can simply tag their Story Pins on the platform with some relevant text
  • Just like on Facebook or LinkedIn posts, users can react to different Pins with some positive reactions like: ‘Love’, ‘Good idea’, Thanks ‘Wow’, ‘Haha’.

Pin reactions

Pinterest has also updated its Pin Stats display and every creator can easily check Pin’s performance once it’s shared. Everyone can view in detail exactly what they want. This is how they create a decent marketing plan about the future of their Pins.

Pin Stats display

At the moment, we on Publer can create and schedule Pins from the platform by making sure they look at their finest. How?

We’re always taking care of a great watermark. We add and edit through watermarks via the Publer’s watermarking tools. After carefully previewing them, we want to make sure we schedule them at a relevant time – a time where the majority of our users/followers are active.

To do so, we carefully check Pins insights on the Analytics dashboard. We find which is the best time to post on Pinterest. Most of our Pinterest followers are located in the US. So, the best-performing Pins are the ones we share at 9 PM.

Honestly, we recycle our Pins. That’s because Pin content’s lifespan is 4 months and we really want our Pinterest visitors to check every Pin we share. 

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