15 Pinterest Statistics Every Pinterest Marketer Should Know

April 27, 2023
Pinterest Statistics

If you are looking for a new way to reach potential customers and drive traffic to your website—look no further than Pinterest!

As one of the fastest-growing social media platforms, Pinterest offers unique opportunities for marketers to showcase their products and services to an engaged audience. 

But to make the most of this platform, it’s essential to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and statistics. 

In this article, we’ll explore 15 key Pinterest statistics that every marketer should know, from the demographics of Pinterest users to the most popular types of content. 

Let’s dive in and discover the power of Pinterest!

Why Should You Get To Know Pinterest Statistics?

First of all, knowing Pinterest statistics can be valuable for businesses and individuals who want to leverage the platform to drive traffic, increase brand visibility, and improve sales.

This statistical data will give you a deeper insight into who uses the platform, how people use it, and what kind of content is popular. You can then adapt your strategy to reach your target audience and achieve your goals more effectively.

With these information in mind, you’ll be well-equipped to craft a successful Pinterest strategy that drives real results for your business. 

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The General Pinterest Statistics

In this section, we will explore some of the general statistics related to Pinterest, such as the number of users, demographics, and website traffic.

Pinterest Holds the 14th Position Among Social Networks

As of January 2023, Pinterest holds the 14th position among social networks worldwide, surpassing Twitter, Reddit, and Quora, but trailing behind Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat in terms of active users.

Pinterest Statistics

Currently, the Platform Boasts 445 Million Monthly Active Users.

In September 2022, Pinterest reported 445 million monthly active users (MAU), up by 2 million from the previous quarter, but slightly down from the platform’s peak of 478 million MAUs in March 2021.

The company has experienced a compound annual growth rate of 11% in global user growth over the past three years.

Nearly Half of US Users (45%) Have an Annual Income Above $100k on Pinterest

Pinterest’s user base is ideal for social commerce since almost 50% of its users have an annual income of over $100,000. This makes them more likely to make purchases while browsing the platform for products.

The Usage Pinterest Statistics

Next, we will explore some of the key usage statistics for Pinterest that might interest you!

85% of Weekly Pinterest Users Have Made Purchases from Pins

An impressive 85% of weekly Pinterest users have made purchases based on pins they saw from brands on the platform, indicating a strong shopping culture. To increase the likelihood of purchases, businesses can create boards featuring their products, thereby increasing exposure to potential customers.

85% of Pinterest Users Utilize the Platform to Initiate New Projects

Each time users plan to start a new project, 85% of them turn to Pinterest for DIY inspiration, product ideas, or instructions. Brands can leverage this information to their benefit by creating and sharing pins that cater to users’ project needs.

84.6 Million Users are Located in the US

For US-based businesses, Pinterest is a promising choice, with 84.6 million of the platform’s 450 million monthly active users located in the US (18.8%). 

The next four most popular countries for Pinterest are:

  • Brazil, with 28.05 million users.
  • Mexico has 19.45 million users.
  • Germany has 15.88 million users.
  • France has 10.65 million users.

The Demographic Pinterest Statistics

Understanding the demographics of Pinterest users is crucial for businesses and marketers looking to target specific audiences. See below some of the key demographic statistics of Pinterest users to help you tailor your marketing strategy to the right audience.

The Demographic Pinterest Statistics

Women Make up 76.2% of Pinterest Users

The majority of Pinterest users are women. Men account for 17.2% of users, while 6.6% are either unspecified or identify as another gender.

The Primary Audience Segment on Pinterest is Women Between the Ages of 25-34

Millennial women between the ages of 25-34 make up the largest demographic on Pinterest, representing 28.5% of the platform’s global audience. The second-largest group is women aged 18-24, accounting for over 18% of users.

Pinterest Has 23 Million Gen Z Users

As per the projections made in 2020, Pinterest was expected to have approximately 23 million Gen Z users in the current year, representing about 5% of its total user base. This indicates an increase from 16.4 million in 2020, which suggests that more Gen Z users are joining the platform.

The Marketing Pinterest Statistics

Learn some of the most important marketing statistics of Pinterest and how it can help you leverage and improve your business’ marketing strategies.

Pinterest Records More Than 5 Billion Monthly Searches

Pinterest is more than just a social media platform; it functions as a visual search engine, as evidenced by the staggering 5 billion monthly searches conducted on the platform. To increase the visibility of your content, optimizing your Pinterest SEO is crucial.

Pinterest Ads Generate 2.3x More Efficient Cost per Conversion for Brands

Pinterest ads provide a more efficient cost per conversion compared to other social media platforms, resulting in 2.3 times better ad performance.

Pinterest Provides 32% Better Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) Compared to Other Platforms

Promote your brand on Pinterest and get a 32% higher return on ad spend (ROAS) compared to other digital platforms. This is particularly the case for businesses in the food, health, and beauty industries.

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The Traffic Pinterest Statistics

Learn how many people use the platform and where they come from. We will take a closer look at some of the most important traffic Pinterest statistics.

Pinterest Receives 945.3 Million Monthly Visits

In May 2022, Pinterest received almost 1 billion monthly website visits, establishing itself as one of the most widely visited websites globally. This indicates that the platform’s users visit the site more than twice on average per month.

Scrolling Pinterest

97% of Searches are Unbranded

Most searches on Pinterest are unbranded, with users looking for items like “outdoor furniture” or “home decor” instead of specific brands. Pinners are open to discovering new brands and products, rather than being loyal to a single brand.

Pins on Pinterest Have a Longer Lifespan

Unlike other social media platforms, where posts typically have a short lifespan of only minutes or hours, Pinterest pins can have a lifespan of up to a year or even more. This extended lifespan results in an excellent organic return on investment.

Key Takeaways 

Here is a short overview of the most important statistics, including general data, demographics, usage insights, marketing, and traffic Pinterest statistics:

  • Pinterest’s user base is ideal for social commerce since almost 50% of its users have an annual income of over $100,000.
  • More Gen Z users are joining the platform.
  • Pinterest ads provide a more efficient cost per conversion compared to other social media platforms.
  • Most searches on Pinterest are unbranded.

Out of the 15 Pinterest statistics we provided, which one do you find most surprising? Did you know any of these beforehand? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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