How To Get Followers on Pinterest in 10 Simple Steps 

October 13, 2022
how to get followers on pinterest

Pinterest is one of the fastest-growing platforms after TikTok, which is not surprising given that the app has reached 454 million monthly active users with 240 billion saved pins. Users go to Pinterest to pin content relevant to specific brands they are looking for, so it is a great way to connect with current followers and find new ones.

Knowing how to get followers on Pinterest is an easy way to increase brand awareness and drive more traffic to your website. You can use Pinterest to target a younger audience and take advantage of its sales presence to boost your business.

This article will show you how to grow your following in 10 simple steps.

Why should you build a following on Pinterest? 

If you want to grow your social media following, you can’t go wrong with Pinterest. Pins can stay relevant for months at a time, so your content will have a long shelf life.

Pinterest is an excellent platform for expanding your reach. It can:

  • Help increase website traffic
  • Expand content to a wider audience
  • Build rapport with other bloggers and brands within your niche
  • Establish personal branding
  • Offer free marketing for your brand

How to Get Followers On Pinterest 

How To Get Followers on Pinterest

When you increase your followers on Pinterest, there are many benefits for your brand. Here are 10 simple steps to get started:

Post Consistently 

Keeping an active account is key to gaining followers on Pinterest. Re-pin engaging content, like and comment on other people’s pins, and follow other users you find interesting.

You can find new pins to re-pin by checking out the Explore and Trending pages. Another way to get new followers is to explore the “Boards to follow” page and follow boards that match your interests.

To succeed on Pinterest, you need to be active and engage with your audience. Tools like Publer can help you structure your content and schedule your pins so you can focus on what’s important.

A/B Test Your Pins 

A/B testing your pins is a great way to see what content your target audience resonates with the most. By doing this, you can refine your marketing strategy moving forward.

Here’s how to test your pins:

  • Create at least 2-4 pins for a specific post
  • Draft different headlines for your pins
  • Upload a variety of thumbnail images for your pins
  • Provide alternate post copy in the description
  • Experiment with style and theme 

When trying to figure out what content performs well on Pinterest, focusing on one variable at a time is essential. That way, you can accurately compare the performance of each post and make informed decisions about your future strategy.

Luckily, Pinterest Analytics makes it easy to track the performance of your content and see which pieces resonate with your audience.

Delete Pins That Don’t Perform 

Pinterest analytics is a powerful way to monitor your content’s performance and ensure it works well for you. If your content isn’t performing, the most effective thing to do is delete it completely.

This includes duplicates, old pins that don’t fit your current branding, and pins that just don’t work.

Keep An Eye On Competitors 

See how your content stacks up against your competitors, and find out what keywords they’re using to reach their followers. Search for relevant keywords that match your niche and click the “People” tab once it gives you results.

Create A Cohesive Brand Appearance

If you’re looking to make your Pinterest presence more engaging, start with the basics: a great profile photo, an eye-catching Pinterest theme, and professional-looking board covers. Remember that your profile picture and content should reflect your brand and what it’s all about. With a little effort, you can create a Pinterest page that will stand out.

brand appearance

It takes a lot of trial and error to make content that resonates with users. To help your pins stand out: 

  • Use online photo editing apps to resize images and fit the Pinterest format
  • Create multiple pins for each post to widen your reach and maximize exposure
  • Choose at least 1-3 standard fonts for your content
  • Use still-life images to get more repins
  • Insert a call to action
  • Create templates with white spaces
  • Match the theme with your branding

Focus On A Unique Audience

Boost engagement on Pinterest by focusing on building a unique target audience. Understand your audience’s needs and what they’re looking for, so you can create content that is relevant and helpful to them. This will help you expand your reach to users who are interested in what you offer.

Post Original Content 

When people are looking for inspiration or ideas, they come to Pinterest. If you can create original content aligned with your brand message, you can get more sales, and your brand will become more recognizable to users.

Use Keywords In Your Descriptions 

Make your brand more discoverable on Pinterest by improving your SEO ranking. People usually find brands through hashtags and searches, so include relevant keywords in your descriptions and images. Give followers a quick overview of your brand with a brief description.

Use Trends To Plan Your Content 

You can stay ahead of the curve with your Pinterest marketing strategy by checking out Pinterest Trends and Predicts. These features let you see what’s trending in your niche so you can prepare your content accordingly. This way, you can ensure you’re always ahead of the competition and give your potential customers the most relevant content possible.

Add A Follow Button To Your Newsletter Or Site

Make sure to include a follow button for your Pinterest account on your newsletter and website. Your existing subscribers and visitors will likely follow you since they’re already interested in your business. It also helps them move forward in the buyer’s journey to determine if your business is right for them.

Key Takeaways 

If you’re looking to grow your Pinterest following, you’ll need to familiarize yourself with a few key metrics and best practices. Once you have a handle on that, you’ll be able to get more engagement on your content in no time.

Like other social media channels, Pinterest is dynamic and ever-changing. Look for new trends to stay on top of things.

It’s a powerful platfom that helps you:

  • Engage with more users who want your content
  • Get more leads for your business
  • Establish your brand identity on the platform
  • Reach a broader audience

Want more tips on growing your social media following? Let us know what you’re working on in the comments below!

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