Making The Most Of The Pinterest Creator Fund

April 27, 2023
Pinterest Creator Fund

If you are a content creator looking for ways to monetize your work on Pinterest, then you should know about the Pinterest Creator Fund

Launched in 2021, the Pinterest Creator Fund program offers financial support and resources to eligible creators on the platform. 

In today’s article, we will discuss maximizing this opportunity and taking your content creation game to the next level. Moreover, we will cover the following: 

  • What is the Pinterest creator fund?
  • What does the Creator Fund include?
  • Who can apply for the Creator Fund?
  • Why should you apply to the Pinterest Creator Fund?
  • The difference between Pinterest Creator Rewards and Pinterest Creator Fund.
  • What is an Idea Pin?

Let’s get started!

What Is The Pinterest Creator Fund?

The Pinterest Creator Fund is a program that provides educational, community-building, and financial resources to underrepresented creators with large followings on the platform. If you want to learn how to get followers on Pinterest, here is a 10 simple step guide that we wrote for you.

pinterest creator fund

What Does The Creator Fund Include?

The Pinterest Creator Fund is undeniably a great financial opportunity to be paid to learn from Pinterest itself and all the resources it will put at your disposal. Here is what the package includes:

  • Fund members receive a four-week workshop.
  • Hands-on training is provided to help them succeed on Pinterest.
  • Topics covered include making Idea Pins, taking advantage of Pinterest trends, and measuring campaign success.
  • Personalized consulting is offered to boost their Pinterest creative strategies.
  • Each participant receives a financial grant.

How much does the Pinterest Creator Fund pay?

The Pinterest Creator Fund grants $25k to eligible creators to support them in developing content and growing their presence on the platform. The grant of $25k can significantly boost a creator’s presence on Pinterest and their ability to monetize their content.

With $20 million allocated to the fund in 2022, it’s clear that Pinterest invests in helping underrepresented creators succeed on the platform.

Who Can Apply?

Depending on the program, Pinterest may set additional criteria for creators to be eligible for the Pinterest Creator Fund. In the October 2022 program, applicants had to meet the following criteria:

  • Identify as a part of an underrepresented community.
  • Have an active Pinterest account and are based in the U.S.
  • Are 18 years old or above.
  • Have over 1,000 followers on their Pinterest accounts.
  • Don’t benefit from the platform’s other monetization programs.
  • Create content in the area of focus for the current funding cycle.
  • Ready to commit to the required hours for the training and program sessions.

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Why Should You Apply To The Pinterest Creator Fund?

Let’s explore the reasons why you should apply to the Pinterest Creator Fund. Below are the three key reasons that we will analyze further.

Develop Your Marketing Skills

The Pinterest Creator Fund not only provides a financial opportunity but also offers a chance to develop essential skills for impactful content marketing.

By creating inspiring content that drives audience engagement, you can monetize your presence on Pinterest and achieve amazing growth.

Additionally, the program grants access to exclusive resources for improving Pinterest content, expanding reach, and standing out among other creators.

Develop Your Marketing Skills

This article may help you how to manage your time on scheduling Pinterest posts and create a better marketing strategy for your brand.

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Grow Your Account

The Pinterest Creator Fund offers creators a valuable chance to receive financial assistance and enhance their skills on the platform. You can also:

  • Achieve steady growth on Pinterest.
  • Experience an average of 60% increase in followers after completing the program.
  • Get 2.9 times more Idea Pin impressions.
  • Gain 72% more monthly viewers than before.

Benefit Financially

While the grant amount may vary in the future, it currently offers significant help to content creators.
With the program’s assistance, you can improve the impact and results on Pinterest, leading to various ways to monetize your presence.

You should also consider the long-term impact, as participating in the Pinterest Creator Fund can provide a unique opportunity for creators to connect with brands and companies that match their interests and niche.

What’s The Difference Between Pinterest Creator Rewards And Pinterest Creator Fund

The Pinterest Creator Fund is available to both new and experienced creators who want to improve their Pinterest skills and receive financial grants.

In contrast, Pinterest Creator Rewards encourage successful creators for their Idea Pins. The Pinterest Creator Rewards program also enables creators to monetize their content by creating original Pinterest Idea Pins that meet the monthly reward goals.

To be eligible for creator rewards, certain conditions must be met and an invitation will be sent once the requirements have been fulfilled.

The specific details regarding the distribution and timing of access are currently unclear, but it follows a similar pattern to other platforms where access becomes available to all eventually.

The following conditions must be met:

  • Residing in the United States
  • Having a US-based bank account
  • Being over 18 years old
  • Having at least 250 followers
  • Creating at least 3 Idea Pins within the last 30 days
  • Having 150 or more saves on those Idea Pins within the last 30 days.

What Is An Idea Pin

Similar to Instagram, Idea Pins allows creators to share multi-page, dynamic, and immersive stories with their followers.

To make it short, Idea Pins are a series of short video clips, with each clip no longer than 60 seconds.

pinterest creator fund

Each Idea Pin series can have up to 20 frames.

You can also include voiceovers, transitions, and interactive elements such as product tags, linked detail pages, profile tags, stickers, voiceovers, music, or topics to expand your reach and connect with a larger audience.

Idea Pins are a powerful tool for creators to showcase their creativity, build their brand, and engage with their followers on Pinterest.

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Key Takeaways 

The Pinterest Creator Fund is an excellent opportunity for creators to receive financial support and grow their skills. To make the most of this program, here are some key takeaways:

  • The Pinterest Creator Fund grants $25k to eligible creators to support them in developing content and growing their presence on the platform.
  • The program is open to new and experienced creators who want to grow their Pinterest skills and receive financial grants.
  • To apply, creators must meet certain criteria, such as being part of an underrepresented community, having an active Pinterest account, having over 1,000 followers, and creating content in the area of focus for the current funding cycle.
  • Idea Pins are a great way to showcase your brand and can also feature voiceovers, transitions, and interactive elements like linked detail pages, product tags, profile tags, and stickers.

What do you think of today’s topic? Do you have a better idea of what the Pinterest Creator Fund is? Let us know in the comments!

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