The Most Influential Pinterest Trends of 2022 + Trend Stats

October 13, 2022
pinterest trends

Pinterest is a go-to for many people when they need inspiration or want to learn a new hobby. With a wide range of topics from gardening to painting and interior decoration, there is something for everyone on the app.

But Pinterest isn’t just a place for inspiration; it’s also a place for trends. The app’s trends increase by around 56% every six months, compared to 38% elsewhere.

Every year, the app makers predict topics that will trend across social media apps based on searches, and they are often correct.

For content creators and marketing experts, this is a cheat code. They can grow their page with the right Pinterest metrics by staying ahead of the trends.

This article will share how vital Pinterest trend predictions are and the top ten Pinterest Trends of 2022.

Pinterest Trend Statistics

Pinterest has about 89.9 million American users, 60% of whom are women. 

Unlike other social apps like Facebook, where many want to message their networks, Pinners are on the app for products and inspiration. For example, 4 in 10 Pinterest users research brands and products using the platform. 

Interestingly, 97% of the products on the app are unbranded. So, small business owners flock to Pinterest. 

Besides, Pinterest trends grow fast and last 20% longer than any other app. Some of the top trends on the app are home decor, recipes, style and beauty, fitness, and travel inspiration. More importantly, 85% of the users also use the mobile app, which means they can access and engage with your content on the go. 

Top 10 Pinterest Trends Of 2022

Here are some ideas of the Pinterest trends that you can expect to see on social media.

Emotional Escape Rooms

The past few years have had everyone confronting their emotions more than ever. While you’ve made space for your feelings mentally, have you considered doing the same physically? 

Well, Pinterest says emotional escape rooms are trending in 2022. So you can expect to see people setting up emotional escape rooms in the corners of their homes or music-themed rooms. 

Some are also converting their closets to home-massage, music-themed, and stress detox rooms. 

Period Care 

Take this year to get more mindful and intentional about your period. Pinterest says more and more women are embracing period self-care. 

You should show yourself some love too. Think of downloading menstrual chart apps, investing in menstrual cups, or a period starter kit.

pinterest trends

Night Moves 

Ever thought of taking a nighttime beach trip? Well, now’s the time. The most adventurous things will happen after sundown in 2022, or so Pinterest says. 

Gen Zs are using the quiet of the nighttime to hit their travel bucket list. So, road trip aesthetics searches are 2x higher, and sea night beach searches are 150% up. 

Lake It Til You Make It 

Pinterest says people are designing lake home plans in 2022. Rather than traveling every time just to get the summer vacation house vibe, you can create your own lake home on a budget. 

Besides, traveling has become an almost frustrating activity since the pandemic, so why not get to designing your own lake house till you make it? 

Nail Scapes 

You can reach for the stars in your hands. With nail art and technology reaching new heights, Pinterest says 2022 is the year of galaxy-themed nails. 

Galaxy nail art searches are up by 115%, and ocean desert nail searches are up by 105%. So, why not take the chance to have escapades at your fingertips? 

Rebel Cuts 

More than ever before, 2022 is the year to get creative and daring with your hair. Think of the pandemic breakup hair but cooler. 

Pinterest says shaved head dye designs searches are 12x higher, and mullet is 190% up. So, you can be part of the trend with a short hair mohawk or just get a bob-cut wig. 

Rebel Cuts 


Pearls have always been in fashion, but the Pinterest report says to expect even more. Pearlcore, as the fashionable call it, is taking over every fashion item. 

You can expect to see pearled necklaces, earrings, scarves, dresses, and shoes. 

You can go all out with a pearl dress or keep it simple with a pearl necklace or headband. 

Tea Party Aesthetic

Pinterest says more and more people are searching for tea party ideas and tea party aesthetics. 

More people are embracing self-care holistically, and elegant afternoon tea or a cuppa with loved ones is just right. 

You don’t have to go all Brits out; you can elevate your girls’ hangouts and family dates by making it a tea party. 

You can make what you want from this trend with a beautiful bouquet, mid-fancy cups and kettle, and a pretty cake stand. 

Biophilic Offices

More people are becoming plant parents and uplifting their office spaces with a plant or two. Biophilic means bringing the outdoors indoors, and since many people now work from home, they have become increasingly popular. 

People are turning to plant solutions to connect with nature and the climate. Besides, plants have a way of uplifting office spaces and making them more bearable. 

So, you can participate in this trend by buying either an artificial or live plant of your own. Then place it in a bright corner of your office space and watch it all come alive. 

Going Goth

Many people are reviving the dark look. Look around; you’ll find people in homogenous, dark, and antique clothes, jewelry, and makeup. Gothic is definitely in style, but it’s also spilling over to homes and properties. 

Pinterest says to expect people to use gothic furniture and working gothic designs in their home interior. 

You may see an increased number of gothic Christmas trees, goth home decorations, and walls. 

goth home decorations

Key Takeaways 

You can’t ignore trends if you want to grow your page and make money on Pinterest. Planning helpful and engaging content around these 2022 trends will set you up for success.

To get the most out of Pinterest, be sure to:

  • Visit Pinterest Trends to search and compare keywords frequently. 
  • Use the most relevant keywords from other pins and boards. 
  • Use Pinterest ads to push out your top trendy content. 

Not sure what to post to your Pinterest board? Check out Publer’s social media holiday calendar for inspiration! 

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