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Social Media Holiday Calendar October 2023: 150+ Dates to Celebrate

September 20, 2023
social media holiday calendar

Just like that, October comes in golden hues. And, we’ve got the perfect schedule for you to rock your social channels: Our monthly social media holiday calendar 2023.

We are beyond excited about the new holidays approaching! And let’s be honest: October has some really fun days on its calendar.

We don’t want to sound repetitive but how amazing is it to have some trending hashtags on social media days to celebrate your own victories?

New updates, new employees, a wonderful webinar coming up, and so many other marketing plans you’ve prepared.

How to access all major Social Media Holidays

Each month, we carefully select the best-fitting social media holidays that can benefit any business, brand, or niche. To make it easier for you, not only do we create articles and .pdf files like this, but we also upload everything to your own Publer account!

Inside your Calendar view, you will find each day marked with its respective holidays!

What major holidays are in October?

Halloween – October 31st

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Are you ready for Halloween? If you think it’s too early to start taking care of that, Google Trends and Keyword research don’t think so. People have been searching for Halloween-related keywords since July!

Embrace the enchantment of Halloween on October 31st. Encourage your audience to prioritize the magic of imagination and creativity. Share tips for crafting the perfect costume, decorating your space with spooky delights, and planning a memorable Halloween night. Encourage followers to engage in discussions about their favorite Halloween traditions and share their eerie encounters from past celebrations.

Fun Fact: Halloween’s origins can be traced back to ancient Celtic festivals, where people believed that costumes and rituals could ward off evil spirits. Today, it’s a beloved holiday celebrated with a blend of fun and spooky traditions.

International Coffee Day – October 1st

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Wake up and smell the coffee on International Coffee Day! Celebrate the world’s favorite caffeinated beverage by sharing coffee facts, brewing tips, or highlighting your favorite local coffee shops. Engage your followers with a coffee-themed contest, where they can share their unique coffee recipes or cozy coffee moments. Consider partnering with coffee-related businesses for giveaways or exclusive discounts.

Fun Fact: International Coffee Day recognizes the hard work of coffee growers, traders, and baristas, and promotes fair trade practices.

World Habitat Day – October 2nd

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On World Habitat Day, underscore your commitment to sustainable living spaces. Share tips for eco-friendly home practices, energy conservation, or support for affordable housing initiatives. Encourage your audience to participate in local community projects aimed at improving living conditions or organize a virtual discussion on housing challenges and solutions.

Fun Fact: World Habitat Day aims to raise awareness about the need for adequate housing worldwide and supports sustainable urban development.

World Mental Health Day – October 10th

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Prioritize mental well-being on World Mental Health Day. Share resources for mental health support, self-care techniques, or personal stories of resilience. Encourage open conversations about mental health challenges and the importance of seeking help when needed. Consider collaborating with mental health organizations to provide valuable insights and support for your audience.

Fun Fact: World Mental Health Day raises global awareness about mental health issues and advocates for better mental health care.

Global Handwashing Day – October 15th

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On Global Handwashing Day, emphasize the importance of proper hand hygiene. Share informative posts about handwashing techniques and hygiene-related facts, or collaborate with health experts for expert insights. Encourage your audience to share their handwashing routines or participate in a handwashing challenge to promote this essential health practice.

Fun Fact: Global Handwashing Day aims to raise awareness about the benefits of handwashing in preventing diseases and saving lives.

National Pumpkin Day – October 26th

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Get in the autumn spirit on National Pumpkin Day! Showcase creative pumpkin carving ideas, share pumpkin recipes, or organize a virtual pumpkin decorating contest. Engage your audience by asking about their favorite pumpkin-inspired dishes or hosting a fall-themed giveaway. Collaborate with local farms or artisans to promote pumpkin-related products.

Fun Fact: National Pumpkin Day celebrates the versatility and charm of this beloved autumn gourd.

As October unfolds, these holidays offer unique opportunities to engage your audience, share valuable insights, and create memorable experiences. Embrace the spirit of each holiday and connect with your followers on a deeper level. Let your creativity flow and make October a month to remember on social media.

social media holiday calendar
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How can Publer help

In case you’re wondering, here’s how Publer can be a great asset when it comes to all social media holidays in October 2023:

  • Find free templates and design wonderful illustrations using elements, special text fonts, your branded colors, etc. – with Crello and Canva within Publer. You’re literally one click away from preparing wonderful and thumb-stopping designs. (PS: You can use the Pro plan features on Crello within Publer, anytime and at no extra costs).
  • Besides the unique hashtag each holiday has, you can generate some other trending hashtags that relate to the text, link, or visuals you’re using on the editor.
  • Keep the visuals and posting schedules organized by using color-coded labels so you can easily manage the workflow.
  • Preview the Instagram Feed before posting anything about the holidays and make it aesthetic and calm for the eye.
  • Attach all links to your Link in Bio and allow everyone to easily find your webinars, updates, on-sale products, etc.

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