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Publer Update: Now You Can Use X/ Twitter for FREE!

August 28, 2023
use X/ Twitter for free

Probably, you have heard so many updates from X/ Twitter these past few months. 

But we promise you that this might be one of the best X/ Twitter announcements you have ever read!

Now you can use X/ Twitter for free on Publer as we returned it to our forever free plan! Isn’t that amazing?

Read on to learn more.

It’s Official: You can use X/ Twitter for Free on Publer. What do you need to know?

It all started with an X/ Twitter post from our CEO, Ervin Kalemi.

As the post got 1K likes, we kept the promise! Other than 1K likes, we got so many reactions, reposts and replies.

Some of the commenters were curious to know more information about the Twitter update. Then, some were pleased to discover they could schedule and manage their Tweets for free using Publer.

twitter replies publer

Most of them were positive on returning back X/ Twitter account to our Free plan and we are very proud of that. Seems that X/ Twitter has still the power, even to these many changes happening lately.

twitter comments publer

That’s not all! Our CEO also announced what you can achieve with your Twitter account on Publer’s free plan. Here’s whats coming next (and many more):

  • Simultaneously creating & crossposting threads to X, Mastodon (coming very soon), and Threads App (via push notifications until they release an API).
  • Converting long text into threads with the help of AI.
  • Automatically share your scheduled posts/threads on X as screenshots/carousels on LinkedIn (or any other social network).
  • Automatically reposting high-performing posts and deleting poor-performing posts, including optimizing Twitter video content for the recommended Twitter video length to enhance viewer retention.
  • Engaging with viral posts/creators from your niche either manually or automatically via AI.

If you have any questions or comments about our Twitter update, reply to this post or reach out to our live chat support, anytime.

Reminder: Here’s what you can do with Publer’s free plan

Add to 3 social accounts (Twitter included)
1 workspace
10 pending scheduled posts per account
25 saved drafts
24 hours posts history
Free trials on paid features
Link in bio

Yet, if your business heavily depends on X/ Twitter, the Free plan wont be enough for a strong social media start. In such cases, upgrading to a more comprehensive plan could be wise.

It opens up more features and tools, giving your business the competitive edge it needs to thrive online.

So if you are looking for additional features, we suggest you to upgrade for any of our paid plans: Professional or Business plan. You have a free trial for each.

For instance, in terms of your Twitter account, you can schedule your Twitter threads and even preview them before they go live with both Professional and Business plan. Here is a brief video tutorial demonstrating the process:

Quick note:
In Business plan only, Publer provides tailored hashtag suggestions, a powerful tool to ensure you engage with your target audience more effectively than your competitors.

This feature lets you compose posts with specific hashtags, elevating visibility and fortifying your brand’s online presence.

As a result, you can effortlessly connect with a wider audience and make a real digital impact on your brand.

Plus, you can use our in-depth analytics to track your posts and get the best times to schedule.

Join our 240K freelancers, entrepreneurs and companies who use Publer daily!

Sign up today for Publer’s free plan, or if you are already using Publer do not forget to connect your Twitter account to your free plan.

Happy tweeting!

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