TweetDeck is No Longer Free to Use!

August 22, 2023
TweetDeck no longer free

After renaming from Twitter to X, another update as of August 15: TweetDeck is no longer free to use.

For both brand and personal accounts, TweetDeck is now a paid service.

Read on to learn more about:

  • How much does it cost, monthly and annually
  • Why has TweetDeck changed to a paid version
  • TweetDeck alternative you need to consider

How Much Do You Have to Pay?

The dashboard, which allows people to manage multiple feeds and searches, is now only accessible to verified Twitter users.

Earlier this month, TweetDeck was renamed X Pro as part of Twitter’s rebrand to X. The site now automatically redirects non-paying users to the X Premium subscription page.

X Twitter design

As a result, X Pro users will now need to pay €9.60/month or €100.80/year for platform access. If you’re wondering why you’ve suddenly been cut off from using TweetDeck, here’s what you need to know.

So if you go to TweetDeck, it will appear this:

TweetDeck is No Longer Free to Use

You can also see the listed features written in the image above, such as:

  • Prioritized rankings in conversations and search
  • See approximately twice as many posts between ads in your “For You” and “Following” timelines.
  • Add bold and italic text in your posts
  • Post longer videos and 1080p video uploads

Why Has TweetDeck Changed to Paid Plan?

TweetDeck’s free access has ended as Twitter seeks to monetize its service after a drop in ad revenue.

Twitter bought the dashboard in 2011 for about $50 million when it gained popularity among power users. It stayed free while Twitter was unprofitable.

Since Elon Musk took over a challenging acquisition, he has cut jobs and added more subscription-based features. While the plan may seem drastic, the entrepreneur’s goal is to make Twitter profitable as quickly as possible.

Back in July, Twitter revealed that access to the service would be limited to verified users within 30 days. Now, the dashboard is linked to an X (Twitter) Premium subscription, which is the updated version of Twitter Blue. This subscription provides users with benefits like verification, increased visibility, and the option to edit tweets.

TweetDeck Alternative: Use Publer for FREE!

Now that Tweetdeck is no longer free, you might look for a better alternative (and more features.)

For businesses leveraging X (Twitter) as part of their online strategy, it’s likely they’re also active on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

However, TweetDeck’s limitation lies in its exclusive focus on Twitter, but your business requires a comprehensive global solution.

Opting for a tool like Publer can greatly impact your marketing effort.

The benefit? It empowers you to oversee your online presence across all your social media platforms.

Plus, we recently returned X (Twitter) back to our Forever Free Plan. You can add one X (Twitter) account. Furthermore, the free plan includes:

  • 3 social accounts (including Twitter)
  • 1 workspace
  • 10 pending scheduled posts per account
  • 25 saved drafts
  • 24 hours posts history
  • Free trials on paid features
  • Link in Bio for Instagram

For further details, check our Plans & Pricing.

Whether it’s content creation, post scheduling, or in-depth analytics, Publer provides a diverse range of features to efficiently manage your social media presence. You can use Publer not only to schedule your Tweets but also to collaborate with your team, manage, and use the features such as calendar view, etc.

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We have two plans that suit you!

The professional plan is perfect for those freelancers who just started out, influencers, and entrepreneurs looking for an affordable and easy-to-use tool to elevate their social media presence.

While the business plan has more features, like collaboration with a bigger team or analyzing your social media in one platform.

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