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July 12, 2023
Schedule LinkedIn PDFs | Linkedin Documents upload with Publer

Producing fresh content daily has become the most foolproof way for brands and businesses to stay relevant on social media and generate leads in most industries. And that is especially true for LinkedIn.

But it can sometimes become daunting to keep up with views, likes, engagement, and shares…

So what do we do? We keep on creating. We keep publishing post after post, hoping some of our best content ideas could pick up and reach the virality holy grail. But there’s disappointment hidden just around the corner with that strategy, and most of us don’t even see it coming.

There’s a silver lining though…

There is one particular media type that the LinkedIn Algorithm loves to consume.

These types of posts will not only get you more eyeballs but also will make sure people stop scrolling and engage with your content. They are called LinkedIn Documents and they are becoming one of the most used media posts on LinkedIn for many reasons.

What are PDF Carousels? And why are they so effective on LinkedIn?

PDF Carousels are just another way to refer to LinkedIn Documents. These types of posts are usually PDF, PPT, or DOC files that, when posted on LinkedIn, are automatically turned into interactive posts that show you the full content piece through a preview space within LinkedIn.

Through the neat preview space, users can interact with the file as if it was a carousel post.

The most used form of LinkedIn Documents is the PDF file, however, users can also choose to upload their Powerpoint presentation or Word document files.

But why are they so effective?

  1. Better visibility – Your most important information is put on center stage for people to view.
  2. Better Engagement – People interact with the content and spend more time engaging with your post.
  3. Easy to share – Your content is still on a file for your contacts to easily download and share with their networks.
  4. Easy to Repurpose – It is super simple and fast to repurpose old content through LinkedIn Docs and get it in front of a new audience.

Schedule LinkedIn Documents with Publer

Even though a very popular type of post on LinkedIn, PDF Carousels were not supported by third-party apps because of API limitations. That is, until now!

With Publer, you can finally upload, schedule, and post your files on LinkedIn easier than ever.

The new update allows users to create LinkedIn Document posts in two intuitive ways that will make your social media management life much easier!

  • Upload your own PDF, PPT, or DOC files to Publer
  • Upload images as PDF Carousels within Publer

Linkedin Documents | Upload Photos As PDF Carousels Publer

Upload Your Own PDF, PPT, or DOC Files to Publer

Besides popular media types like images, videos, and gifs, with Publer, you can now also upload document files like PDF, PPT, or DOC.

This means that whenever you’re ready to schedule your LinkedIn Documents through Publer, all you have to do is upload, write a description for the post, fix the document name if needed, and then hit schedule!

Upload PDFs on Linkedin with Publer

Convert Your Document Pages Into Images With Publer

Notice that there is a little checkbox just below the media section called “Upload images as PDF Carousels within Publer.” If you have uploaded a document file, the checkbox will be automatically checked, and on the post preview on the right, you will see the LinkedIn Document post.

However, if you decide to uncheck the box, your LinkedIn post will turn into a regular post containing images – which in fact are your document pages converted into images ready to post.

This neat little feature becomes especially handy whenever you want to repurpose your document and post it on other social media channels.

Publer takes your document, converts it into separate images, and gets them ready for you to share on other social media networks as well. The conversion is so intuitive: Just check or uncheck a box, and look for the changes in the post-preview section.

But also, if you want to fix the sequence of your document pages, you can just drag pages around and the changes will be reflected in the document.

Upload Images As PDF Carousels Within Publer

The same little trick can be used the other way around.

If you don’t have a document to upload but you want to start publishing LinkedIn Documents, all you have to do is upload your images and check “Post photos as a PDF Document”.

Publer will automatically convert your images into a PDF file, ready to be named and published.

The same rules apply here as well:

  • Each image becomes a document page if the checkbox is active.
  • You can drag images around according to the sequence you would like them posted.
  • You can add a name to the document for better post accessibility.
  • All changes can be viewed in real-time in our post-preview section.
  • And, if you choose other social channels to post your images to, nothing will change for them.

LinkedIn Document Posts are Now Available to Everyone in Publer

While there were a few lucky Publer users that got to play with the feature ahead of time, now the new Publer Update is available to everyone.

✨ Both on Desktop and the Publer App! ✨

This way, you can continue creating PDF Carousels whenever and wherever you are!

So what are you waiting for? Get started on that LinkedIn Documents strategy!

5 Ways to Use LinkedIn Documents to Your Advantage

Use Canva to Create Stunning Visuals

There is one thing that LinkedIn Influencers know: LinkedIn Docs need to grab attention! That means if you want to share an engaging piece of content try to make it as impressionable as possible.

Canva Integration

Canva can help you with that! After all, you don’t need to be a design genius to use Canva and the Integration we have within Publer will make your work so much easier!

Turn Your Blog Posts Into PDFs

This a really cool trick if you want to repurpose your blog content! Just simply go to your blog article and hit Command/Ctrl + P, or simply right-click on a blank section of your website and hit print.

Linkedin pdf

A dialogue window will show up with a preview of your website turned into a PDF. Take a moment to customize and select “Save as PDF” as the destination.

Repurpose Your Instagram Carousel Images

With the seamless conversion of images to Linkedin PDF within Publer, repurposing your images is a no-brainer. take advantage of the similar ways LinkedIn Documents and IG Carousels work, to rescue your content on multiple channels at once.

Linkedin pdf carousels

Don’t Forget about PowerPoints/Google Slides or Word/Google Docs

They are so incredibly easy to create, and they also are very easy for your audience to download and share with others. Through these documents, you can increase the number of in-depth educational content you put on Linkedin, and position yourself as a true LinkedIn thought leader!

Turn Your Infographics into PDF Posts

Everyone loves infographics! They are so easy to read and understand, and they serve as a very interesting way of grabbing your audience’s attention. Repurpose and share them on LinkedIn as PDFs and enjoy the views/engagement!

DEMO: How to Post Photos as a PDF Carousel on LinkedIn

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