How to Add Your Resume to LinkedIn: A Detailed Guide

May 28, 2024
how to add resume to linkedin

There are four main ways to add a resume to a LinkedIn profile, all of which we discussed at length in this article for a good reason. Learning how to add your resume to LinkedIn connects job-seekers to the world’s largest professional network and boosts their chances of finding a match significantly. 

With over 67 million companies using LinkedIn to build their image or look for potential hires, this can be a great tool in your job-hunting strategy.

By creating a professional profile, you make yourself more accessible to potential recruiters and improve your chances of getting hired. If you’re currently on the lookout for a new job or simply want to survey your options, keep reading as we discuss the different ways to add your resume to LinkedIn and offer tips to optimize your online profile.

How to Upload Your Resume to LinkedIn: 4 Easy Ways

You can upload your resume to LinkedIn via the Featured Media section or by adding it directly to your account. You can also do it by uploading it to job ads and, finally, by creating a resume post. Mastering each one of these can be key to succeeding on the platform. 

Since 95% of recruiters now use LinkedIn to look for job candidates, if your resume isn’t on the platform, you will likely miss out on prime job opportunities. Fortunately, uploading your resume to the site is easy.

Let’s go over the four ways to add your resume to LinkedIn.

#1. Uploading Through the Featured Media Option

The first way to add your resume to your LinkedIn profile is via the Featured Media section. This is located just below the About section and allows you to showcase your best articles, publications, related media, and posts on your profile.

To upload your resume, navigate to your profile by clicking Me on the LinkedIn navigation bar and tapping View Profile.

view LinkedIn profile

Then, click on Add profile section, go to Recommended, and select Add featured.

how to add resume to linkedin
how to add resume to linkedin

From there, you can click on the Plus icon at the bottom of the screen and select Add media to upload your resume file from your computer or device.

Uploading your resume

Once you upload your resume to the Featured Media section, it will be one of the first things that people see when they visit your profile.

#2. Adding a Resume to Your LinkedIn Account

Aside from the Featured section, you can also upload your resume directly to your LinkedIn account.

To do so, tap Me in the navigation bar and select Settings & Privacy from the options in the drop-down menu.

Adding resume to LinkedIn account

Then, click on Data privacy on the left sidebar.

how to add resume to linkedin

Scroll down until you see Job seeking preferences and tap Job application settings.

Job application settings

On the next page, you’ll find the option to upload your resume and set some privacy settings.

Resumes and application data

When you add your resume to your LinkedIn profile, it will automatically be included in your job application, making it easier for you to apply to different jobs.

#3. Uploading Directly During Job Applications

If you don’t have your resume added to your LinkedIn profile yet, you can also upload it during your job application.

Uploading Directly During Job Applications

Easy Apply is a feature that allows you to apply for job posts without leaving the platform. This can be especially helpful when applying for multiple jobs, as you can do it with just a few simple clicks.

When you find a job posting with this feature, click on it and tap the blue Easy Apply button. This will prompt a pop-up where you can add your contact information, including your email address and phone number.

When done, tap Next, and you’ll find the option to upload your resume. Keep in mind that LinkedIn only accepts DOC, DOCX, and PDF files.

Uploading your resume section

After uploading your file, tap Next to proceed with your application. Note that this method won’t add your resume to your profile, and it will only be used for this specific application.

That said, there are some benefits to this method, as you can create different resume files for different positions and use the best one for each application. This is also the easiest way to apply for jobs on LinkedIn.

#4. Creating a Resume Post

If you want to reach recruiters and highlight your resume on your profile, the best way to do so is by creating a resume post. Unlike the other methods we discussed, a resume post will appear on your connections’ feeds, where they can comment, share, and even download your resume.

To create a resume post, you can tap on Create a post from your profile or the Start a post bar on the home page.

Creating a resume post
how to add resume to linkedin

You can add some details about your resume or discuss the specifics of your job search, such as what positions you are open to applying for or why you’re looking for a new job. We also recommend adding some relevant hashtags to improve your post’s discoverability.

Adding details and hashtags

When done, tap the Plus icon at the bottom and select Add a document to upload your file. Then, click Post.

how to add resume to linkedin

Aside from uploading your resume, posting other quality content is an important factor for the LinkedIn algorithm and can affect how visible your profile is on the platform. To improve your presence on LinkedIn, consider using a scheduling tool like Publer to schedule your posts or to determine the best times to post on LinkedIn so you can reach your target audience.

Why Upload Your Resume to LinkedIn?

While you can always add your credentials to your LinkedIn profile, there are several benefits to uploading your resume to LinkedIn, such as improved visibility and consistency in your online profiles and a streamlined job application process.

Let’s explore these advantages in detail below.

#1. Enhanced Visibility and Accessibility for Recruiters

Once you’ve established your profile as a popular hub for conversation and meaningful interactions, your content and profile can show up on all feeds, even to people who aren’t in your network.

Aside from gaining new followers, you can leverage this boost in visibility by adding your resume to LinkedIn so potential recruiters who see your posts can get a detailed look at your qualifications when they view your profile. 

Plus, previous colleagues and advisors can give you LinkedIn recommendations to back up the claims in your resume, which can influence hiring decisions.

#2. Simplified Job Applications

As we discussed earlier, LinkedIn has a built-in feature that allows you to apply for jobs directly on the platform—Easy Apply.

Gone are the days when you had to scour different job boards and visit each company’s website just to apply for a job. By adding your resume to LinkedIn, you can simply search for the position or company that you want to apply to and complete your application without leaving the site. Additionally, you can export your LinkedIn contacts to further streamline your job search.

This can significantly streamline your job application process, allowing you to send resumes more efficiently and reach more recruiters in a shorter amount of time.

#3. Improved Consistency Across Professional Profiles

By aligning your LinkedIn profile with your resume, you present a more consistent professional image and ensure that there is no outdated information in your online profile. This also emphasizes your credibility and allows you to make a positive impression on potential recruiters.

Moreover, a study by Hosain and Liu (2020) published in the Asian Journal of Management found that the majority of employers prefer candidates with similar information in their LinkedIn profiles and resumes. So, by adding your resume to LinkedIn, you can showcase your complete work history and increase your chances of getting hired.

4 Tips for Optimizing Your Resume on LinkedIn

Optimize Resume on LinkedIn

With more than 65 million people using LinkedIn for their job search every week, it’s important to know what strategies you can use to optimize your resume and ensure that it stands out from the crowd.

Here are some of our top tips for optimizing your resume on LinkedIn.

#1. Keyword Optimization

Recruiters who are using the platform to look for candidates for a specific position may rely on search results to find potential candidates. Using relevant and industry-specific keywords in your resume and LinkedIn headline will boost your profile’s visibility in search results and help match you with a potential employer.

#2. Tailoring Content

Since you can add different resumes on LinkedIn, consider customizing each one to fit specific job roles. You can highlight any relevant experiences or achievements to help potential recruiters identify how well your profile fits their needs.

By tailoring your content to different industries, you make your profile stand out and increase your chances of getting interviewed.

#3. Privacy Considerations

When you add your resume to LinkedIn, you can control its visibility on the platform to protect your privacy while remaining accessible to the right opportunities.

Your resume’s privacy will change depending on the method you use to upload it. For instance, if you upload your resume through a resume post or the Featured Media options, you can set its visibility to public, connections only, or a LinkedIn group. Meanwhile, resumes that are uploaded during a job application will only be visible to that specific recruiter.

Lastly, resumes that you add to your LinkedIn profile are only visible to you and can be accessed at any time in job application settings.

#4. Downloading Your LinkedIn Profile as a Resume

While we’ve already explained the benefits of adding a resume to LinkedIn, did you know that you can also download your LinkedIn profile as a PDF document to use as a resume? This can be extremely helpful for maintaining your professional branding when applying for jobs outside of LinkedIn.

It’s quite easy to do as well. Simply head over to your profile and tap the More button below your headline. Then, select Save to PDF from the drop-down list. This method will present the information in your resume exactly as you have it on your profile.

how to add resume to linkedin

To customize this information, select Build a resume from the options in the drop-down list instead.

Build a resume feature

Tap on Create from profile, and from there, you can edit your LinkedIn profile summary and other important details like work experience, skills, and educational background.

Editing your LinkedIn profile summary

Once everything is done, click Download as PDF to save your resume.

how to add resume to linkedin

Keep in mind that these changes will only apply to your saved resume and not your actual LinkedIn profile.


Learning how to add your resume to LinkedIn is a great way to improve your chances of landing your dream job. With six new hires on LinkedIn every minute, it’s important to actively put yourself out there if you want to achieve success in your career.

By following these tips, you can optimize your LinkedIn resume to help you reach potential recruiters and gain new job opportunities.

How to Add Resume to LinkedIn FAQ

#1. Can I hide my resume from my current employer?

You can hide your resume from your current employer if you add it to your LinkedIn profile or upload it directly through an application. However, if you upload your resume through Featured Media or as a post, it will be available to the public.

#2. What file formats are supported for resumes on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn supports the following file formats for resumes: DOC, DOCX, and PDF. If your resume is not in one of these file formats, you would need to convert it before uploading it to the platform.

#3. Is it advisable to replace my LinkedIn profile with my resume?

We don’t recommend completely replacing your LinkedIn profile with your resume, as these two complement each other and can help you present a stronger professional profile.

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