Digital Marketing: How To Use Facebook Ad Library

April 01, 2022
facebook ad library

It’s no secret digital advertising has become popular. With the luxury to promote your brand, products, and services routinely at a low cost, digital advertising is a marketing breakthrough, and using Facebook Ad Library digitally is one of the best options. 

You can use the Facebook Ad Library to get your hands on reports.

Facebook Ad Library is a repository of data from all ads posted through Facebook’s applications and services. It includes information regarding ad production dates, amalgamations with other pages, and changes in the page’s name. It also provides evidence regarding the location of the page. This article will highlight some benefits of using the Facebook Ad Library, so continue reading.

What Is Facebook Ad Library?

Created in 2019, Facebook Ad Library is an archive that provides everyone access to information on all active advertisements on Facebook’s apps and services. It was created as a retaliatory response to Facebook’s political ad controversy in 2016. 

Facebook Ad Library allows you to follow political trends across Facebook and Instagram to enhance transparency. Not only this, but it also helps marketers to monitor competitors’ advertisements. Consequently, you can gain deeper insights to strategize your marketing campaigns effectively while staying ahead of the competition.

How To Use Facebook Ad Library

Unlike other digital advertising tools, Facebook Ad Library features a user-friendly interface that is simple and easy to use. It is easily accessible by anyone who seeks ad information across Facebook’s apps and services. Facebook Ad Library is all you need, whether for personal needs or running a successful marketing campaign. 

Running a marketing campaign successfully on social media platforms can be daunting. You do not want to mess up your Facebook ads and stay behind your competitors. Therefore, to ensure you prevent any Facebook ads mistakes, Publer is the perfect virtual social media platform for you. It allows you to collaborate and analyze your Facebook ads without any hassle.

Additionally, we have created a step-by-step guide on using Facebook Ad Library for your convenience.

  1. Open Facebook Ad Library
how to use facebook ad library

First thing, you need to access Facebook Ad Library. For this, navigate to facebook.com/ads/library using your browser. Once the webpage is loaded, it will appear as a standard search engine. Be mindful of selecting the correct country from the top-right corner of the webpage.

  1. Choose The Category

If you want to look up an ad, you’ll have to pick a category first. You can either click on the “Issues, Elections or Politics” tab or the “search all” tab if you want to view a commercial ad.

  1. Search For A Brand

Now that you have chosen a category, it’s time to look up the ad you need to find. You can do this by typing in the brand/company running that ad and hitting the “Search” button. Consequently, it will load all the pages with the related text that you have typed. Just click on the page from the list of pages, and it will come up with all the ads that the company is running.

  1. Click On Specific Ads

Lastly, if you want to view detailed information about a specific ad from the pulled-up ad list, click on the “See Ad Details” tab. Upon clicking, it will show the starting date for the ad and the platforms that are hosting that ad. In addition, it will also display whether multiple versions of that specific ad are running.

With the Facebook Ad Library, managing marketing campaigns has never been easier.

facebook ad library guide

Benefits Of Using Facebook Ad Library

Digital advertising on social media platforms can a challenge for brands and businesses. Using the right tools, such as Facebook Ad Library, lets you stay ahead of your competitors. The following are some significant benefits of using the Facebook Ad Library.

Gain Inspiration

Interestingly, Facebook Ad Library offers a perfect platform to find creative and inspiring ideas for your marketing ads. It is tricky to produce new content regularly, especially if you solely manage your account. However, with Facebook Ad Library, you can view your competitor’s ads and adopt ad formats that offer enhanced user feedback.

Source New Clients

Facebook Ad Library is one of the best ways to find new clients. With the luxury to analyze multiple ads across Facebook and Instagram, you can engage and increase your existing target audience. Instagram Reels are yet another effective way of engaging your target audience. By testing ads in Instagram Reels, you can create short video ads of up to 30 seconds and make your content monetizable.

Get Yourself Familiar With Other Industries

A significant benefit of using the Facebook Ad Library is analyzing your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses. You can easily monitor how your competitor is going about their marketing campaigns. You might also adopt a few effective marketing practices that your competitor employs to become more successful.

Monitor Marketing Trends

Keeping an eye on the existing advertising trends is critical if you want to ensure that your marketing campaign succeeds. Therefore, most marketers prefer using Facebook Ad Library to stay ahead of their competitors. 

Since you can conduct a detailed analysis of ads using the Facebook Ad Library, you can learn about current marketing trends to create valuable marketing strategies. Likewise, you can also monitor and identify advertising patterns that you can adopt and implement in the future.

Keep An Eye on Competitors

Producing routinely timed ads is essential to making your marketing campaign successful on Facebook and Instagram. If you post your ad at the wrong times, you may lose your followers’ engagement and other opportunities. 

However, with Facebook Ad Library, you can get a clue from successful advertisers and how they proceed with their marketing campaigns. It includes utilizing past data on Facebook Ad Library to perfectly time and execute your future marketing campaigns.

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Key Takeaways

If you are running a business that uses Facebook ads, Facebook Ad Library is the way forward. It is worth exploring because it is free, simple, easy to use, and offers handfuls of ad information. But wait there’s more— Facebook Ad Library also allows you to:

  • Stay up to date with marketing trends.
  • Monitor your competitor’s marketing strategies.
  • Find new clients.
  • Develop creative and inspiring ads.

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