Here’s How To Start A Secret Group On Facebook

June 02, 2022
how to start a secret group on facebook

Are you looking for a more private way to connect with friends and family on Facebook? Or maybe you want to create a safe space for like-minded people to share ideas and support each other. Whatever your reason, knowing how to start a secret Facebook group can be a great way to achieve your goal. This article will share our tips for creating and moderating a Secret Facebook Group. 

how to start a secret group on facebook

Benefits Of Facebook Secret Groups

Facebook secret groups offer several benefits that aren’t available with standard Facebook groups. For starters, secret groups are only visible to members of the group, which helps to foster a sense of trust and community among members. Secret groups also offer a more private way for members to communicate with one another, which can be especially helpful for businesses or organizations that need to keep personal information on the DL.

Secret groups can also be a powerful tool for marketing and networking, as they allow you to target your audience more precisely than you could with a public group. And because group members are more likely to trust each other, they are more likely to ask for recommendations for products and services.

How To Start A Secret Group On Facebook

If you’re looking to start a secret Facebook group, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. First, you’ll need to create a regular Facebook group and then change the privacy settings to “Secret.” This will make the group hidden from search engines and anyone who isn’t a group member. 

Once your secret Facebook group is created, you can invite members by sending them a direct link to the group or by adding them as friends on Facebook and then adding them to the group. 

Keep in mind that secret Facebook groups are just like any other group on Facebook, so you’ll still need to moderate content and manage member requests. 

Step 1: Create A Group

On the menu on the left side (for desktops), click Groups. Select Create New Group. If you’re using a mobile, tap the profile icon at the top right, then tap the Groups button on your profile.

Step 2: Fill Out The Form

A short form will pop up on the screen, requesting your group’s name. Fill in all the needed information. A pop-up will prompt you to choose between Create Post or Create Group for mobiles.

Step 3: Select Your Desired Privacy Mode

Choose the Secret Group option. You may not see Secret Group as a specific option. Just select “Private,” and another drop-down will appear. Choose Hidden as the visibility. Your group now has the same settings as a Secret group—private and unsearchable! Now, finalize your group by clicking Create.

Select Your Desired Privacy Mode

Step 4: Customize And Be Creative 

You are now the admin of your group and can personalize your group’s profile. Start by adding a cover photo to give your group a visual identity. Don’t forget to write a description of the group’s purpose. Although its’ not required, you can add location tags to make it look official.

Step 5: Modify And Explore 

Select “More” under the cover photo. Here you can find various options to customize the group, including group types, post approvals, permissions, etc. Get yourself familiar with these options—you will need them later when your group’s active and working. 

How Secret Are Facebook Secret Groups?

Facebook secret groups are secret in the sense that they’re not searchable on the public internet and can only be accessed by people who are invited to join.

However, there is no guarantee of privacy within a secret group. The administrators of a secret group can view all posts and comments within the group, and members of a secret group can share information from the group with people outside of the group.

So, while Facebook secret groups are not as secret as, say, classified government secrets, they are still relatively private and not open to just anyone. And because group administrators have the ability to remove people from a group or make them members of a secret group without the person’s knowledge, it’s essential to be careful about what information you share in groups that are not meant to be public.

How To Moderate A Secret Group On Facebook

There can be a lot of pressure that comes with moderating a secret group on Facebook. You have to keep the group active and engaging, but you also have to make sure everyone feels safe and comfortable. Here are a few tips for how to successfully moderate a secret group on Facebook: 

Be clear about your expectations from the start.

When creating the group, be clear about what kind of behavior is ok and what isn’t. This will help set the tone for the group and make it easier for you to enforce the rules later on. Consider creating a code of conduct or set of guidelines that everyone in the group must agree to before joining.

Be active in the group.

As the moderator, you must be active in the group. This doesn’t mean that you have to be posting all the time, but you should at least be checking in regularly. This will help you spot any problems early on and nip them in the bud before they become more significant issues.

Delegate tasks to other group members.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the task of moderating the group, consider delegating some of the responsibility to other group members. You can create a team of moderators who can help to enforce the rules and keep the group running smoothly.

Be fair and consistent in your moderation.

You must be fair and consistent in your moderation of the group. This means that you should apply the rules equally to everyone, regardless of who they are. If someone breaks the rules, don’t hesitate to take action. But, if you give someone a warning for something, be sure to give everyone else the same heads up.

Take a break if you need to.

Moderating a group can be a lot of work, and it’s ok to take a break if you’re feeling overwhelmed. If you need to step away for a while, consider appointing another group member to act as a moderator in your absence. This way, the group will still have someone to lead it in your absence.

how to start a secret group on facebook

Tips For Keeping Your Facebook Group Private

Now you’ve secured the secrecy of your group, and you know how to moderate it. Let’s recap how to keep your Secret Group on Facebook as private as possible:  

  • Make sure the name of your secret group is not too obvious. I.e., “Private group for talking about very private things in private!”
  • Invite people you know and trust one by one. It’s important to be selective about who you let into your secret group to maintain its privacy.
  • Create a private discussion area where members can chat and share ideas without it being open to the group.
  • Have a clear set of rules for how the group should be used and enforced. This will help to prevent any misunderstandings or conflicts among members.
  • Keep the group private! That means no sharing the link with anyone who doesn’t belong to it.

Happy Moderating!

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