How To Choose The Perfect Instagram Color Palette

April 05, 2022
instagram color palette

In recent years, Instagram has surfaced as the perfect platform for marketing and social interaction, especially among young people. There are more than one billion users on Instagram, and several of them are making money as bloggers and influencers. Creating exciting and visually appealing content that grabs an audience is a key requirement. A colorful and vibrant Instagram profile helps a lot in gaining more popularity and a loyal following. 

Choosing a color palette or theme for your Instagram may seem daunting. If you are a blogger, it must match your personality and content. If it’s for a business the talent needs to reflect the brand, its vision, and purpose.

In this post, you’ll learn everything there is to know about picking the ideal color palette for Instagram, as well as some helpful tips and techniques.

Is It Necessary To Have A Uniform Instagram Colour Palette?

This is a nuanced question that cannot be answered with a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no.’ People are drawn to aesthetically beautiful images and a smooth color gradient. For instance, if you use a pastel color scheme for your Instagram profile, all of your photos must be included in the gradient in order to appear more visually appealing.

cool instagram color palettes

Tips For Creating A Beautiful Instagram Color Palette

So whether you want to start your career in blogging or you just love to post pictures, here’s how to keep your feed aesthetically en-vouge with the help of a well-planned Instagram color palette.

Include Your Brand Color

Many people may feel that using a bright and vivacious color palette on such a visual platform as Instagram is the best option. Though, it’s important to consider how it reflects your brand’s message.

If you have a sophisticated and stylish brand, a rainbow color scheme is probably not the best option. You must select a palette that mirrors your company’s identity. An unusual or disorganized color palette can make your brand forgettable, and followers may choose to turn to other brands.

A straightforward example of a business using a color palette to represent their brand is this one from @thepinklabelsalon

It makes total sense that a salon brand with pink in its title would go for an amazingly monochrome pink palette.  

pink instagram color palette

Find A Theme

On Instagram, people like, comment, and follow if they like something at first glance; otherwise, they do not. 

Finding a theme for your Instagram feed is a crucial step.  One trick is to incorporate a certain vibe into your brand intentionally by transforming your Instagram profile into a visual representation of your brand. 

For example, if you choose to have an outdoorsy theme, all your pictures must have a factor related to the outdoors. This way, people will start associating your brand with that theme. 

Use “Color Theory” 

Color theory helps you make your profile unique and visually attractive to the customers. There are three main color palettes, and they are created by the combinations of primary, secondary, and tertiary colors. There are apps that help you find the perfect color palette by color theory, such as Adobe or Canva

To start it’s good to familiarize yourself with these theory-based color palettes:

  • Monochrome

Most high-end brands prefer a monochromatic color palette as it looks very classy and chic. This means you choose one color that perfectly represents your brand and only use that one color or its different shades and hues throughout your profile. A black and white palette also falls into the category of monochrome. This color palette is perfect if you want people to identify your company with a singular mood or shade.

black and white instagram
  • Neutrals or Pastels

Both of these color, or “lack of” color palettes are best for representing calm, healthy lifestyles, and positivity through your brand. Thanks to current fashion trends these two muted palettes are undeniably (…*cough*, cliché, I mean..) mainstream. Pastels will give your profile a more feminine and youthful look, while neutrals will tilt more towards a mature and positive approach.

neutral instagram color palette
  • Analogous or Complementary

An analogous color palette means that you only incorporate colors in your pictures that are similar to each other, such as blue and purple or red and pink. This gives a rather fun and unique look to your brand’s profile. 

A complementary color palette refers to choosing colors opposite each other but goes well together. For example, yellow and white or black and red. Go with this scheme to make your profile sophisticated while staying vibrant.

food blog

Use Presets To Make Photos Cohesive

To make all your photos look consistent and uniform on your profile, use similar presets while editing and rendering your pictures. Pictures taken in different lighting and uploaded without setting the presets can make your profile look clustered and inconsistent. 

Use Publer To Schedule Posts And Preview Your Palette

Publer’s is a superhero scheduling feature and convenient editing tools also help streamline your aesthetic. You can preview your posts ahead of time to see how it looks with your overall theme, and easily edit or delete posts that don’t quite fit with just a few clicks.

Transition Themes And Palettes Gradually

Choosing a particular color palette or a theme does not mean that you can never try something new. Try switching up the themes and the palettes seasonally or when showcasing a product launch. 

Transitions should be gradual to make it simpler for the consumer to distinguish between various items and seasonal promotions. The only suggestion is these modifications be made on a regular basis after specific timeframes. An irregular pattern will produce an unorganized and confusing Instagram feed.

Mix Moods Equally

Spice up your Instagram feed and make it unique from others by mixing color palettes that represent various emotions pensive and reflective with a contrasting vibe like excited and cheerful. Mixing moods is a good way to keep your content fun and fresh. You may also mix things up by strategically alternating to create a seamless whole.

Key Takeaways

After streamlining your color palette, theme, and aesthetic,  it’s time to sit back and watch your Instagram feed grab more traffic! 

Keep these key points in your mind as your feed evolves:

  • Choose the color palette that represents your brand perfectly
  • Schedule and preview before posting
  • Be gradual and consistent with changes
  • Make sure to incorporate seasonal themes and moods

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