How To Avoid An Instagram Shadowban and How To Fix It

January 13, 2023
Instagram Shadowban

Are you someone who’s trying to build a social media following or business on Instagram?

Or are you someone who’s already done that, but now you see a fall in engagements? Or an influencer very interested in how Instagram works.

With over 2 billion users on Instagram daily, it is no surprise that the platform depends on bots and algorithms to take care of the content shared on the platform.

Today we shed light on Instagram shadowbans, what shadowban is, what causes it, and how to avoid it.

By the end of this article, you will know how to identify whether or not you are shadowbanned on Instagram and how to get rid of that.

What is an Instagram Shadowban and does it really exist?

Let’s get one thing straight: Instagram shadowban means reducing the number of interactions and engagements with an account’s posts by lowering its overall discoverability on the platform.

But how does Instagram shadowban work?

Shadowban starts by reducing the discoverability of the account. The way to discover accounts on Instagram is through the Explore page. Once there, you can search for different accounts, hashtags, posts, and anything. In other words, your account will not appear in the search which will decrease your visibility and damage your brand.

How to Avoid Getting Shadowbanned on Instagram

Let’s explore what causes an Instagram shadowban and how to avoid it. Still, it is unclear how Instagram determines what content gets restricted on the platform, but these six actions can increase your likelihood of being shadowbanned.

How to Avoid Getting Shadowbanned on Instagram

Avoid Buying Followers or Using Bots

It’s no surprise to anyone, but on Instagram, the more followers you have, the more popular you are. However, you may be disappointed if you believe that purchasing followers will increase your visibility. Instagram strictly prohibits the purchase of followers and has developed many tools to detect it. However, if buying followers is forbidden, you can always sponsor influencers to increase your visibility.

Another point is the use of bots. Automatic applications used to boost visibility can cause a shadowban. Thus, we advise you to remove all applications that use bots. To find out if you have any bot services or unapproved apps linked to your account, go to your Instagram settings, tap on security, then apps and websites.

Stay Away From Unauthorized Third-Party Apps

The App Store and Google Play offer many Instagram-related apps you can associate with your account. This can increase your productivity, but it also risks receiving shadowban, so try to use official partner apps whenever possible.

Be Careful of Banned Hashtags or Borderline Content

Then check the hashtags and search on Instagram. If the top section of your post looks like nothing else, it’s probably banned. Instagram may even leave a short message on your hashtag page explaining that your post has been hidden for not following our community guidelines.

Be Mindful Not to Interact Like a Bot

You need to work hard on yourself to build followers. You should work on adopting strategies focused on connecting with the right audience. Using bots is a spam tactic and can result in a shadowban.

Don’t Violate Terms of Service or Push the Limits

Next is violating Instagram’s community guidelines for posting inappropriate content. This includes posts with violence, misinformation, etc. So read the community guidelines one more time; otherwise, you might lose followers and get fewer views if you violate them.

Be Mindful Not to Interact Like a Bot on IG

Try Not to Get Mass Reported

Another reason to shadowban is that your content has been widely reported. This is usually due to content that does not conform to community guidelines or that has offended your followers. Even without mass reporting, Instagram’s algorithm may also consider your content as borderline. 

How to Get Out of an Instagram Shadowban

You want to know how to get rid of it, so here are four things you can do.

instagram on mobile

Stop or Delete Any Activity You Suspect Are the Reason

Remove any of the suspicious activity listed before to get out of a shadowban. So you have to delete any application that would automate engagement. Plus, check if your hashtags are correct, and see if your activity is bot-like. 

Take a Short Break

If you’re a shadowban victim, take a break on Instagram. In fact, some users claim that a 48-hour break on the platform will lift the shadowban. So don’t post or comment on anything during this time. You can also use this time to clean up some suspicious applications.

Cut Off Any Shady Apps or Services

While the temptation is great, don’t risk using the many apps that promise to boost your visibility. Only use apps that are approved by Instagram and can access the social network’s API. This means that these apps are official Instagram partners. So remember to delete any app that has not been certified by Instagram.

Contact Instagram Support

Contacting Instagram support is an additional option for resolving this issue. Go to the account status tool or the report an issue option in your settings to notify Instagram of the problem.

Additionally, here’s a helpful tip: Do not explicitly state that you are a shadowban. Simply mention that your activity is impacted and that your followers no longer have access to your posts.

Key Takeaways 

Shadowban can decrease your views and activity on your account, but that doesn’t mean you can not avoid it. Let’s list one more time shortly how:

  • Avoid buying followers or using bots
  • Stay away from unauthorized third-party apps
  • Don’t interact like a bot
  • Don’t violate terms of service
  • Try not to get mass reported
  • Be careful of banned hashtags

Now back at you. Was this article helpful? Tell us in the comments.

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