35+ Powerful YouTube Statistics For Marketers in 2022

November 28, 2022
Youtube statistics

YouTube, the free video-sharing website, is now one of the most widely used websites on the Internet. Established in 2005, YouTube now hosts approximately 6 billion hours of video content per month.

Performance of the platform is only accelerating, and there is no indication growth is slowing down. 

This article provides you with a summary of YouTube statistics helpful to marketers who want to increase their visibility on the platform. This data will help you develop online marketing strategies that will attract the ideal customers for your business.

Let’s get started right away with key figures of YouTube for 2022.

35+ YouTube Statistics For Marketers 

It’s no surprise everyone knows YouTube. But do you know everything about the platform? How famous is it? How many people are watching it? Who is watching YouTube? And last, how businesses are using YouTube to grow their activities.

YouTube Statistics: General

First things first, here are some general statistics showing how YouTube has become a major player in online video sharing:

  • More than 2 billion people use YouTube.
  • Every minute, more than 500 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube.
  • Every day, people watch more than one billion hours of videos on YouTube.
  • The most viewed video on YouTube is “Baby Shark Dance,” with 11 billion views, followed by “Despacito,” with 8 billion views.
  • According to a recent study, Awareness formats account for 28% of YouTube advertisers’ conversion aids.
  • YouTube is used by 51% of U.S. and U.K. consumers to research or find products to buy.

YouTube Statistics: Usage

Now that you know a little more about YouTube let’s take a closer look at some figures on how people use the platform and how it can help your business reach new clients.

It’s worth mentioning that YouTube remains a powerful tool for businesses since they can promote their product or services to potential consumers.

  • YouTube is used by viewers four times more often compared to other platforms to learn about a brand, service, or product.
  • According to 70% of viewers, YouTube increases their awareness of new brands.
  • According to viewers, purchasing something they saw on YouTube increases by twice.

youtube statistics

YouTube Statistics: Mobile

Although, in the beginning, YouTube was mainly seen on desktops, the platform has also managed to make itself a key player on mobile devices. 

Here are some facts and figures about YouTube usage on mobile:

  • In 2021, mobile devices accounted for 21.2% of YouTube traffic worldwide.
  • Mobile devices account for more than 70% of YouTube watch time.
  • Worldwide, mobile devices accounted for 63% of YouTube viewing time in the second quarter of 2021.
  • YouTube was the fourth most downloaded iOS app in 2020, following ZOOM, TikTok, and Disney+.
  • 72% of respondents between the ages of 18 and 34 used their smartphones on a weekly basis to watch online video content in December 2021.

YouTube Statistics: Financial

One of the big advantages of the platform is that posting videos is free. Yet YouTube and influencers manage to earn money. And the main reason for this is advertising. 

Now, let’s take a look at how YouTube earns money:

  • In 2021, the annual revenue of YouTube reached $28.8 billion, which is a 30.4% increase from the previous year.
  • In the third quarter of 2022, YouTube’s worldwide advertising revenues totaled 7.07 billion U.S. dollars.

Wondering how influencers earn money on YouTube? Check this out:

YouTube Statistics: Advertising

But YouTube is not only a video-sharing platform. It is also a powerful tool for developing your business. With so many people on the platform, it is essential for businesses to publish content and understand if their content is effective or not.

The numbers don’t lie:

  • For 10% of marketers, the most successful YouTube ad marketing strategy is display ads.
  • After Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter, YouTube was the fifth most popular social media platform for marketers as of 2020.
  • Approximately 55% of marketers use YouTube.
  • 84% of watchers purchased from a brand in the wake of seeing it on YouTube.

YouTube Statistics: Demographics

It is essential to have an understanding of the demographics behind YouTube in order to advance the analysis. Who uses the platform, what kinds of content do they watch the most, and how much time do they spend there?

  • YouTube is more popular among people aged between 25 and 34 years
  • In 2021, 81% of adults in the United States will use YouTube, up 8% from 2019.
  • There are 80 languages available on YouTube.
  • YouTube receives the majority of visitors from India, Indonesia, and the United States.

YouTube Statistics: History

Finally, the platform was not made in a day, and many events have marked the life of YouTube. Here are some dates:

youtube metrics

Key Takeaways

Now that you know more about YouTube, you understand the interest for companies to develop a clear marketing strategy on the platform given the potential.

  • YouTube has a huge audience that is also young.
  • The platform remains a great way for consumers to discover goods and services.
  • YouTube remains a leader in social media.
  • Many companies use the features of YouTube to promote their activities.

Now back at you. Which YouTube statistics have marked you the most? Leave us a note in the comments!

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