6 AI Article Spinners & Rewriting Tools To Boost Productivity

March 05, 2023
ai article spinners

Publishing updated, relevant, and valuable content helps you rank in search engines. The challenge is producing quality content at scale. 

If you don’t have the infrastructure to support consistent content campaigns, competitors can get an edge on you. That’s where an AI article spinner comes in!

So, if you want to boost productivity and streamline content creation at scale, stick around! In this article, we’ll be tackling:

  • The basics of AI article spinners.
  • When to use them.
  • And, the best article spinner tools you can get your hands on.

What Is An AI Article Spinner?

ai article spinners definition

AI article spinners take content in, understand the context (as best as possible), and produce a re-rewritten output. As the name implies, they “spin” the content of an existing article. 

Remember in high school when you’d copy your friend’s homework and change certain bits so you wouldn’t get caught? Spinners are like that in a way—but definitely more advanced. 

Used properly, AI spinners can help improve quality, not just rewriting. 

When Is It Appropriate To Spin An Article?

Spinners do a great job of avoiding “copyright”. But, we don’t want to just copy from other writers and let AI article spinners rewrite their sentences.

This can result in uninspired writing from a bot, no brand voice, and just outright wacky sentences. Instead, we want to use it to boost productivity and enhance creativity when we’re:

Working at Volume

Search engines like Google value fresh, consistent, and quality content. Doing this manually is doable, especially with a good content team. 

But, if you’re a small business or you’re working alone, you might not have the time to do content at scale. Remember, you won’t just be writing content for articles. 

You also have to consistently write content for your social media, product descriptions, and so much more. Having an AI to assist you with all this can help get some weight off your shoulders. 

Improving Content That Already Exists

You can bring life to old content, update them, and make them relevant again using AI article spinners. In just mere seconds, your articles can become more engaging and concise. 

There could even be sentences written that you wouldn’t have thought of. This helps bring a new and fresh perspective that could ultimately improve your future writing. 

Boosting SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) involves several factors that you have to consider. But at its core, content that shows expertise, authority, and trust is valued higher. 

Plus, when you’re consistently uploading content, this becomes a signal that your site provides fresh content.

The 6 Best AI Article Spinner Tools

Now that we have a baseline understanding of what AI article spinners are and when to use them, here are the top tools you can find on the market. 

Some of these tools are free and others are premium with free features or have free trials. These tools have a wide variety of use cases, so no matter the niche, check out the following:


ai article spinners Publer

Publer is an all-in-one social media management tool.

If you’re in a rut, Publer’s AI assistant can finish the sentence for you. It can even generate hashtags for the headline you’re trying to write along with AI-generate photos. 

Pricing for Publer offers a lot of flexibility for small businesses all the way to enterprises. You can get Free, Professional ($12.00/month), or Business ($21.00/month) plans. 


WordAI is one of the smartest AI spinner tools in the market. It uses a “Turing Spinner” (named after the Turing Test) to produce rewritten content based on context—not just changing words into synonyms.

Pricing for WordAI however, is as premium as it gets. It starts at $57.00/month. But if you choose the Yearly plan, it gets cut down to $27.00/month. 


ai article spinners Jasper

Jasper is one of the biggest names when it comes to AI content generation and for good reason. It gives the users the option to choose the tone of the output so you don’t have to worry about brand voice. 

There are also over 52 different templates you can choose from to help you improve your content. Jasper also includes useful tools such as Content Improver, Text Summarize, and Sentence Expander. 

Pricing for JasperAI starts at $49.00/month. 


Quillbot is a free AI article spinner with seven different output options. But users can only use its Standard and Fluency options for the free version. 

With the Premium version, you can use:

  • Formal: Presents the content in a professional tone.
  • Simple: Simplifies content in a way that’s easier to understand for most people. 
  • Creative: Rewrites content in a more engaging manner/changes ideas completely.
  • Expand: Expounds on a sentence.
  • Shorten: Cuts words in a sentence to provide a clearer message. 

Pricing for Quillbot starts at $9.95/month. There are options for annual or semi-annual payments that cuts costs down to $6.66 – $4.17/month. 


ChatGPT is one of the most popular text-based AI content generators out there. It’s free and acts like a chatbot, generating responses based on user prompts from a simple text box. 

All you have to do to use it is sign-up and you’re all set! The output from ChatGPT can range from generic and robotic to engaging and creative. It’s all up to how the user enters prompts. 

You can even use it to add to your initial idea. Let’s try an example prompt:

ai article spinners chatgpt

Chimp Rewriter

Chimp is a content rewriter that requires a download. You can use Chimp to generate different versions of your articles in different languages. 

It also includes a built-in grammar checker to streamline your editing process. And, it can format text and export the output to a blog CMS after spinning. 

But, one issue is that if you’re using a Mac, you need to run a virtual machine as the software is only supported in windows. 

Pricing for Chimp starts at $15.00/month and provides a 14-day free trial. 

Key Takeaways

AI article spinners can help you produce content at scale. It can revamp your content, make it more engaging, and relevant. But before spending time and resources on them, consider the following:

  • Don’t just copy and paste content into AI article spinners.
  • Always edit the output of your article spinners to ensure consistent tone and brand voice.
  • There are free trials for most AI article spinners so you can decide on which one is best.
  • AI article spinners can help boost the productivity and creativity of writers.

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