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February 17, 2023
ai powered copywriting

The emergence of AI into mainstream content creation came at an unprecedented pace. Just a few years ago, AI powered content was generic, predictable, and mediocre at best. 

That all changed when tools like GPT-3 and JasperAI came into the scene. With these AI powered copywriting tools, brands can support content marketing efforts at scale. 

But is the content really up to par with the quality of human copywriters? Can Google determine if your content is AI-generated? And, will your site be penalized for AI-generated content?

In this article, we’re going to answer all of that and more! But first, let’s discuss what exactly is AI powered copywriting.

What Is AI Powered Copywriting?

What Is AI Powered Copywriting?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the ability of a program to mimic human action—in this case, copywriting. The way AI learns how to write is through “machine learning” (ML) software. 

Copywriting AI is trained using ML that passes massive amounts (millions of pages) of data through algorithms to find patterns. The AI can then create content based on user prompts. 

You can use the content for a variety of uses from product descriptions to meta tags and even articles consisting of thousands of words. All of this can be done in mere seconds. 

So, will this be the end of human-generated copywriting?

Are Copywriters Going to be Replaced by AI Powered Copywriting?

AI is taking over and humans will eventually be irrelevant in the grander scheme of algorithmic design! But that could be centuries from now—or maybe in the next decade? Who knows! 

What we do know is that relying solely on AI-generated content can only take you so far. Despite the scale and quality of content you can produce, AI content comes with several issues.

Among the most apparent is Google’s ability to detect AI-generated copy. AI plagiarism expert Jon Gillam stated Google will always be at arms against AI-generated content.

Right now, there are a couple of free AI content checkers like CopyLeak that are powered by the same engines that drive AI generation. It’s an all-out war. AI vs AI.

AI can also generate wrong information. Humans still need to fact-check the content AI dishes out. But that’s not the main issue.

The Main Problems With AI Powered Copywriting

ai powered copywriting problems

“AI is smart. It’s so smart it’s dumb”. This probably won’t make sense for AI tools because they have difficulty understanding subtext. In fact, AI has a lot of difficulties producing it.

Think of Sheldon Cooper from the Big Bang Theory. He’s insanely smart, well-spoken, and doesn’t have grammatical lapses. You can ask him anything and he can probably come up with an answer considering how much he does research. 

People love Sheldon Cooper—but like AI, he lacks the following:

  • Understanding of nuance and subtext.
  • Flexibility and creativity when writing.
  • The ability to compose engaging narratives.
  • The capability to adapt to changing preferences.
  • And, most importantly, a personal touch. 

AI is all about pattern recognition, taking examples from millions upon millions of datasets and aggregating them in what it thinks is useful to the end user. The issue is just that. 

It’s going to generalize information. This could lead to uninspired and potentially spammy content. Google doesn’t like spammy content.

But not every AI powered tool is like this. Some just need the right prompts from users.

ai prompts

Remember, a lot of businesses value the human element that comes with their work—so does their audience. This is important if your brand wants to build trust and authenticity.

So, instead of outright replacing copywriters, the more likely scenario is copywriters leveraging AI-copywriting tools to be more productive and efficient. 

The 5 Leading AI Powered Copywriting Tools

With the right resources such as swipe files, strategies, and tools like AI, you can craft well-structured content briefs, generate quality content, and more at a record pace.

If you want to produce content at scale, check out the following tools:


ai powered copywriting publer

Writer’s block happens to the best of us, even at times when you’re just supposed to write a quick post on your socials.

When this happens, you can always repurpose blog post content on social media. But, writer’s block can be a thing of the past thanks to Publer’s AI writing assistant.

Publer streamlines your social media copywriting with ease. You don’t even have to finish a sentence! Publer will do it for you. It can even generate new content from scratch! All of this done in Publer’s intuitive composer. 

Key Features:

  • AI Hashtag Generation
  • AI Photo Generation
  • Automated Social Media Scheduling 
  • Social Media Content Curation
  • Creating Social Media Posts in Bulk

If you need to generate hashtags, you can do so as well. It can also create AI-generated photos perfect for your posts. 

You can even use Publer’s AI assistant to generate platform-specific content. Let’s say you wanted to create a Twitter post. All you have to do is input a prompt, the more specific the better. 

The best part is, it’s one of the most affordable apps out there!

Pricing for Publer starts for free and ramps up to just $21 for their Business plan. There’s also a free 7 day trial for the Professional plan and a 14-day free trial for the Business plan. 


jasper tool

JasperAI has been an industry leader for AI-generated content. With the help of Jasper, your brand can streamline everything from writing blog outlines to actual blogs themselves.

It utilizes GPT-3 to write comprehensive content that comes pretty close to human writing. But much like most AI, you can’t just use what it generates outright. 

You should always do a bit of editing, fact-checking, and personalization to the copy to ensure there aren’t any issues. 

Key Features:

  • Generating blog outlines 
  • Writing long-form content
  • Social media copy, profile bios, and ad copy
  • Google Ads
  • E-commerce copy for product descriptions, landing pages, and more.
  • Tone settings

Jasper can also be used to set the tone of your copy, giving your content a more human feel. You can prompt it to write content that’s funny, casual, excited, sarcastic, and much more.

But it also has a couple of downsides. The most prevalent being repetition of paragraphs when generating long-form content. 

There’s also an issue with Jasper providing specific statistics with no citation or sources. You’d have to find them yourself which can take up more time than intended.

On the plus side, these issues are easily fixed with a little editing and fact checking. At the end of the day, you’ll get quality content that can follow a specific tone for all your needs. 

Pricing for JasperAI comes in two adjustable plans: Boss Mode and Business. It starts off with $49/month for 50,000 words all the way up to 700,000/month for $500. Going over this, you’ll be prompted to contact Jasper’s sales team for a custom business plan.  

Frase AI

If you want to streamline and optimize blog content, then FraseAI might be the tool for you. FraseAI helps your content production workflow by acting as your copywriting assistant.

Users simply need to input the desired keyword or topic and Frase will generate an optimized content editor to get you rolling. This allows you to go from concept to conception in no time!

Key Features:

  • SEO Score Tracker
  • Automatic blog scheduling tool
  • SEO-optimized content editor
  • Content analytics
  • Automated auto-phrasing 

Pricing for FraiseAI starts with a Basic plan for $44.99/month and goes up to $114.99 for their Team plan which includes Google Docs integration and other collaboration tools. But, if you’re just starting out, Fraise offers a Solo plan for $14.99 that allows you to generate 4000 words/month and optimize four articles.


ChatGPT is a free AI copywriting tool. In the right hands, it’s insanely good at generating content. But unlike its premium counterparts, you’ll be starting off with a blank slate.

The glaring issue is that chat GPT produces robotic and generic content. It also repeats ideas in different paragraphs. 

This doesn’t mean that ChatGPT can’t write quality content. It definitely can. You just have to know the right prompts to input.

Here’s an example using a basic prompt asking ChatGPT to write a paragraph on the importance of email marketing. 

chatgpt prompt

Notice how it’s dry and uninspired? Let’s try it again with a couple more prompts. This time, we’re aiming for something specific. 

ai chatgpt response

The second paragraph is definitely better than the first. With a bit of editing, you can see how ChatGPT can help you streamline the content creation process.


Copy.AI and JasperAI have a lot of similarities. They both have features that allow the user to set the content’s tone of voice. But, Copy.AI can also set the language style of your content.

You can use Copy.AI in three easy steps. First, you just have to select what type of copy you need. It could be a headline, an ad, or even a completed article. 

Next, the tool will prompt you to describe the product or topic in a few sentences. You can even upload an image to help out. Afterward, click on “Start” to begin content generation.  


  • Social Media and Google Ads
  • Sales and eCommerce Copy 
  • Blog Content
  • 70+ Content Creation Tools
  • Diverse Language Sets

Unlike other premium competitors, Copy.AI provides its users with unlimited copy. With the help of this tool, you can definitely start creating content at scale fast. 

Pricing for Copy.AI starts at $35/month for their Pro plan but you can also opt for a custom Enterprise plan for a bigger team. 

Key Takeaways

AI powered copywriting can help your business scale content creation like never before. You can also learn how to repurpose blog content to make old works relevant again. 

But if you want to leverage AI to optimize new content, consider the following:

  • AI can boost the productivity and efficiency of writers. 
  • Always edit and proof-read AI-generated content.
  • Be more specific when using prompts.

Streamlining social media content creation has never been easier thanks to Publer and its new AI-content generating tools! Sign up for free today!

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