How to Repurpose Blog Post Content Into Multiple Social Media Posts

July 12, 2021
How to Repurpose Blog Post Content Into Multiple Social Media Posts

Written by: Parker Casio

As more and more businesses try to succeed online, competition in the digital marketplace is rapidly increasing. 

Content marketing is an important aspect of the digital marketing world, but constantly producing high-quality, relevant content can be time-consuming or extremely costly.

If you have been diligently digitally marketing your business, chances are, you have already invested a ton of time and resources into your company’s blog. It is time to turn those old blog posts into brand new social media content.

repurposing blog content

What is Repurposing a Blog All About?

Repurposing a blog or content recycling is the process of reusing blogs and other elements to reach a wider audience. 

The best thing about repurposing is that you don’t have to start anything from scratch. You already have your resources, so all you have to do is customize.

Why Repurpose Blog Post Content?

Repurposed content saves you a lot of time and energy. In addition, it lets you reach people from different channels, without spending too much of your time. 

Another thing is that not everyone would consume your content in its original form. Therefore, customizing, to make them more appealing to people with different learning styles, is a must. 

When you repurpose a blog, your marketing confidence and career acceleration will improve. As mentioned earlier, writing a blog takes too much of your time. Hence you might not be realizing that you are missing some important tasks you need to do. 

But by recycling your blog and customizing them into pieces of content, you’ll be confident that you are still be reaching potential customers even if you won’t write a new blog for the moment.

How to Repurpose Blog Post Content To Multiple Social Media Content

As promised, we will teach you how to repurpose a blog into pieces of content that you can post on multiple channels. But before anything else, you have to make sure that you have an SEO-ready blog.

Well, that’s the first step! If you have it and you’re ready, keep scrolling down.

Repurpose Blog Post Content Into Infographics

We can’t disagree that some people really hate reading long blog posts. Well, some would like it but it wouldn’t be easy for them to understand. So if you don’t like to lose potential customers, turning your blog into infographics is a smart move!

An infographic can be a complete summary of your blog post. Aside from it is short, it is also easier to understand. This is because our brain processes visuals faster than text. So when infographics are used in the right way– to present data and visually tell stories, they are highly effective. 

Infographics can be posted on different social media channels. Whether your goal is to reach a wider audience or create higher engagement, start by repurposing a blog into infographics.

Check out the benefits of using infographics:

Repurpose Blog Post Content Into Instagram Carousels

Sharing your blog on different social media channels is pretty easy. But if you want to create more engagement, you have to be really creative. Instagram is one of the most powerful social media platforms that can boost your business growth easily. But for that to happen, creativity must be your priority.

To showcase your blog on Instagram, making multi-image posts or carousel is pretty effective. Doing so can put more context even in a single post and it also allows you to give additional tips and share additional information. What’s best is that you can even encourage people to respond in your CTA and garner more interest in your topic.

One important thing to take note of if you want to create multiple images based on your blog post is the quality of the images. Creating quality images for each key point in your blog post is powerful because it can give your audience insightful information, leading to the curiosity that can drive them to open your blog post.

Take note that grouping images on Instagram allow you to tell a story. Hence, planning accordingly before publishing your album is a must, so the readers will be able to fully understand the story you want to tell.

Repurpose Blog Post Content Into a YouTube Video

Writing a blog post, even how great it is, will not be enough to boost your growth. From time to time, you will need to customize them to reach a wider audience composed of people with different cognitive learning abilities. And if you are wondering what’s the most effective way to upgrade your blog posts– it’s making videos.

YouTube is not just used for entertainment, it is also a great environment for learning. That’s why millions of people are using this second-largest platform, next to Google, whenever they need to learn something. 

Therefore posting your videos on YouTube can give you greater opportunities. 

It can let you reach a wider audience, and also give you an extra source of income.

For example:

I made an article on my blog: Top 15 Best Graphic Design Tools and Software To Try – Then I repurpose the blog post to be a Youtube video.

repurposing a blog post to a youtube video

Repurpose a Blog Into High-value Quora Answers

Another great way to recycle your blog is to turn it into sets of high-value information and post them in Quora. Quora is a question-and-answer platform that empowers people to share knowledge and ask questions. People come to this platform to ask questions, read about something they need, and just answer questions. So basically, Quora is a social media platform.

To make your blog more useful and reach more targeted potential customers, recycle it into Quora answers. That way, people will be more aware of your brand and people will see that you can actually help them.

Create a Presentation Out Of Your Blog

Though rarely mentioned, presentations are relevant in creating social engagement. It is a powerful method because it increases your level of traffic without spending too much time. But what’s best is that you can reach a more targeted audience– people who are more likely to convert. When you repurpose a blog into a deck of slides, you will make it easier for your audience to get the information they need more engagingly.

And if you don’t know how to start, we can recommend a very popular site to power up your presentations– SlideShare. SlideShare is a slide-sharing service brought to us by LinkedIn. It can let you share your deck on any social media platform! How’s that for a wider reach?

Host a Webinar

Another great way to create more engagement is by repurposing your blog into an educational webinar. What’s great about this method is that you will directly see people who are more likely to convert into buying customers. If people will see the importance of your topic and if it’s related to the challenges they are facing, they are more likely to participate in your webinar.

Nowadays, more and more businesses see the power of live streaming and hosting engaging webinars to nurture their clients. So if you do not want to be in the last line, plan out and engage in your community through webinars. In addition, your webinar can also be converted and uploaded to Youtube to create more traction.

Update Your Old Blog Posts

Let’s say you already have tons of blogs and you realize that no one’s reading them anymore. That’s a reality! But that doesn’t mean you have to stop there. As the digital landscape continuously changes, the information that people need will change as well. Hence, you will need to update and revise your old blog post to align with the current trends.

Just letting your blogs rot in vain is such a waste of your resources. Thus you have to recycle, align them in the current situation, and let your audience know you are constantly updating. Social media is a powerful platform for all these updates and revisions. If done, you can always repurpose them into pieces of content, and that gives you an endless content plan!

Do Some Throwback Posts

If your content has a history, share it. In other words, you have to repurpose your blog into a throwback post.

Understandably, not all blogs can be updated. Yet, people will still need the information, so you can always use them as throwback posts. For sure people will love it! Well, who doesn’t love a throwback post?

For businesses, a throwback post is a great method to create engagement. And to reach a wider audience, using hashtags or branded hashtags is a great tactic too! Besides, a throwback post does not necessarily mean you will need to reshare your blog. It can be a repurposed content such as texts, infographics, or even videos. The purpose of the post is to tell a story from the past. So if you are going to adhere to that rule, your content should work.

Repurpose Your Blog Post Into an eBook

If you are thinking that eBooks are now uncommon, you might be wrong! Turning your content into an eBook can be highly effective, especially if you are going to post them on social media. The reason is that most people would love a downloadable format just so they will be able to get back to it when they need information.

Turn Your Blog Into Insightful Twitter Posts

Twitter is also a great place to generate substantial traffic and visibility to your blog. But like Instagram, you have to be innovative. And one way of being innovative to leverage your Twitter is to tweet your repurposed content such as images or videos, ebooks, and more. You can also pull out knowledgeable texts from your blog post and turn them into tweets. But don’t forget to add the link to your blog post. And with Twitter, hashtags are really popular, so adding one to your tweets is also vital.


To stand out among your competitors, you have tons of strategies to choose from. So if you are frustrated by seeing very little traction and conversion out of your blog content, maybe it’s time for you to strategize.

Content optimization is really effective as it lets your brand reach greater heights. And though repurposing a blog into multiple social media content will truly work, it still needs consistency. It also needs faith and dedication because not all the time, people will see the importance of your content. Hence, it is vital to know your audience well and study their behavior. Remember, writing a blog or creating repurposed content is easy, but having content that will attract more leads, is another story.

How to Repurpose Blog Post Content Into Multiple Social Media Posts

Parker Casio Patty

Parker Casio Patty is a Digital Marketer and Growth Specialist who helps small and mid-sized enterprises grow their brand and build an audience online. Parker is the Founder and Head of Growth at DRBRAND Agency. His agency is trusted by more than 400 businesses.

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